Such valiant warriors! They ate Zhuo Qingyao’s dark cooking and still lived to tell the tale.

Mo Yun effortlessly dealt with his opponent, advancing into the final match, of him and Ling Xian.

There were many interesting things in this trial, as the audience never stopped discussing among them, “I heard that Ling Xian was engaged with Hua Qingting, but she seems closer to Mo Yun now!”

“Isn’t this a love rivals’ fight?”

“What love rivals’ fight! They say that Mo Yun almost killed Ling Xian when he was crippled!”

“Then this fight is getting better and better, even blood might be spilled.”

“There are four King ranked cultivators presiding, it shouldn’t come to that, right?”

While waiting for Mo Yun and Ling Xian’s turn, the Sect Leader from the Flying Immortal Sect turned to Chen Ming, “Fellow Daoist Wandering Crow, fellow Daoist Black Tiger, something requires my attention. I will be taking my leave.”

The Archfiends nodded, then Black Tiger scooched closer to Chen Ming, “Won’t it be a problem if the old guy leaves?”

Chen Ming gazed in the direction the Sect Leader took, knowing that he went to activate the array. He spoke into Black Tiger’s ear, “Hua Yang went to activate the guarding array. He wants to trap us and then kill us. It seems that these Human Kings dare to move against us. It might have something to do with their connection with Archfiend Azure Lion. Brother Black Tiger, I can’t leave while Ling Xian is still fighting. Go to the cave inside the waterfall then take the pearl from within. Once the Eluding Pearl is removed, the array would be rendered useless.”

An evil smiled crept on Black Tiger’s face, “No worries, just leave it to me.”

Black Tiger made some excuse and also left, leaving Chen Ming and Mo Tian behind.

Mo Tian then called Mo Yun over to hand him a dark-red heavy saber, “Yun’er, we’ve already allied with Archfiend Azure Lion and if we get rid of these two, we will then join forces to finish off the rest of the Six Kings Alliance, becoming the Overlord over all Southern Border. We wanted to initiate the attack sooner, but Ling Xian’s talent is too frightening, even having a King’s air. If we don’t remove him, we won’t have any rest. Take this Demonic Blood Saber and run it through him. When you kill Ling Xian, we will kill the Archfiends!”

Mo Yun nodded, gazing at Ling Xian, Is Dao Canon amazing? Is an Archfiend so great? By the end of the day, you’ll all be corpses!

Chen Ming stared intently at the Demonic Blood Saber. This was a heavy saber, with a dark-red blade, five-foot-long, and with a trace of demonic intent within it.

“Ding! Due to your Kingslayer Aura, you gained the sealed Demonic Blood Saber’s approval.”

Eh? Did I earn its approval? Is this saber picking its owner?

Isn’t that the same as saying that it has a saber soul, a demonic sword that can kill gods?

Only an aloof Sovereign is worthy of wielding such saber. Might as well call it a godly weapon!

How did the Black Saber Sect get ahold of this treasure? But besides Chen Ming, no one knew the true worth of this godly weapon. Since it was sealed, then the Black Saber Sect didn’t even know of its secret.

Seems that Kingslayer Aura also has this kind of use, not bat at all.

As for being unable to play with it, he-he. With three thousand Grand Daos, if I, Immortal Master Chen Ming, don’t know something, then in the next second I’m an expert.

Ling Xian and Mo Yun faced each other on the stage. Mo Yun began, “There’s nothing amazing about beating up a girl. Now that you’re facing me, I shall teach you the true meaning of despair!”

The wrath in Ling Xian’s eyes reached its peak, “You, who sent others to kill me?”

Mo Yun held nothing back, laughing maniacally, “So what if I did?”

Ling Xian gnashed his teeth, “Good, since you admit it, die!”

A lightning serpent flickering and coiled around Ling Xian, yet Mo Yun’s reaction was a burst of ridiculing laughter, “Others aren’t afraid of you and neither am I. Have a taste of my saber, Endless Blood Sea!”

Spreading from Mo Yun’s body, Saber Energy enveloped the Demonic Blood Saber, then a three-foot-long energy blade rushed at Ling Xian. On the other side, Ling Xian waved his hands, “Mountain Fist Art, Avalanche Fist!”

With the lightning serpent wrapped around his fist, this strike shattered the energy blade to pieces!

The aftermath even sent pieces of the arena flying!

Thunder child Ling Xian with lightning twisting around him, sent punch after punch, each holding enough power to collapse the stage, as pieces of it blew in all directions!

Mo Yun waved the heavy saber, launching Saber Energy – tyrannical and unyielding. The dark-red Saber Energy then wrapped around his body, to suppress the invading lightning!

The two clashed with deadly attacks, each to end the other’s life. On the stage, the bluestones rattled, while dust filled the air, as each shockwave blew out chaotically! It even forced the weaker youngsters to retreat, in fear of suffering from stray attack!

Ling Xian waved his hand, sending again the lightning serpent howling at Mo Yun, “So you learned how to use Saber Energy!”

Mo Yun roared, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, what, you scared? You won’t have such an easy defeat!”

Ling Xian looked as if he heard the biggest joke, “Scared? This tiny Saber Energy is a child’s toy when compared to senior sister’s!”

Ling Xian had a hellish training, all for this trial. Once recovered, he would go each day to spar with Zhuo Qingyao. Mo Yun used the Saber Energy wave one attack at a time, while Zhuo Qingyao flicked her wrist and dozens of Sword Energy waves flew his way. As for his Master, well he didn’t even begin to imagine the extent of Master’s power.

Mo Yun ruthlessly said, “Since you talk big, show me what little skill you have!”

Mo Yun brandished his saber, sending it towards Ling Xian while leaving a deep crevice in its wake, “Execution!”

The saber sent bluestones flying randomly and then rose up into the sky, sending a furious dark-red Saber Energy wave at Ling Xian.

Lightning twisted around Ling Xian’s arms as he moved them in a circle, forming a wall of lightning. The Saber Energy clashed against the wall, with force of the explosion pushing him backward but he fought against it. Ling Xian gazed at the Demonic Blood Saber, “Something’s strange about this saber.”

Mo Yun said, “You actually withstood it. Then let me present you with the strongest saber strike, ending your life!”

Countless fine red threads converged on the Demonic Blood Saber, causing its blade to shine. The ones whose eyes landed on this brilliance couldn’t help feeling afraid.

Meanwhile, Mo Tian sat next to Chen Ming, all smiles, “Juniors like to be noisy, an Archfiend like you couldn’t possibly deign it worthy to intervene.”