Chen Ming witnessed the battle between Ling Xian and Mo Yun, knowing that Ling Xian still had the lesser immortal art as a trump card. He figured nothing wrong would happen.

“I find it entirely appropriate. Seniors shouldn’t involve themselves in a fight between juniors.”

Mo Tian laughed, “I’m relieved to hear that.”

The two sat peacefully, watching how the Saber Energy on Mo Yun’s Demonic Blood Saber thickened, illuminating the trial area with a flash of bloody brilliance.

Ling Xian stood alert, “Something is definitely strange about this saber, it’s far stronger than a spiritual weapon. I have no choice but to use it.”

Ling Xian extended his index finger and along with it, his berserk spiritual power gathered at its tip.

Mo Tian’s expression changed, sensing the power behind it, “This is… the aura of an immortal art!”

The cultivator experts witnessing this fight also felt it, “It’s not a true immortal art, but it can use its power!”

“Using an immortal art’s power is already amazing enough!”

“How is this possible?”

Mo Tian bolted upward, but Chen Ming’s hand touched his shoulder, “Sect Leader Mo, we, as seniors, need to witness a juniors’ fight from afar, not involve ourselves.”

Mo Tian shot a furious glare his way, waved his sleeve, but still sat down.

Mo Yun also sensed the pressure coming from that finger, and bellowed, “Impossible! You can’t defeat me, Torrent of Blood!”

Mo Yun slashed, launching a zhang-long Saber Energy wave straight at Ling Xian. Ling Xian’s berserk spiritual energy took the form of a blue finger, clashing with the Saber Energy wave, “Lesser Finger From Beyond!”

The blue finger poked a hole through the attack, moving unchecked towards Mo Yun’s chest. It left behind a gruesome wound, making Mo Yun dazed when he inspected it, “This is impossible, how can you defeat me?”

Ling Xian’s murderous desire rose sharply, charging towards the blood puking Mo Yun!

The result couldn’t be clearer, but what needed to be resolved next was the result of a life and death battle!

“Ding! Ling Xian’s revenge mission is complete. Reward: 1200 merits.”

Finally finished. The time has come for me to step into the domain of Archfiends.

That wasn’t important right now, but the lottery tickets were!

“Use the lottery tickets from Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao’s breakthroughs to Dao Initiation realm!”

Chen Ming didn’t fully understand Zhuo Qingyao’s realm, but the system lady said he had a draw at the lottery.

“Ding! Drawing commencing… drawing finished. You got Illustrious Casket and 20,000 spiritual knowledge! Please inspect your reward.”

Illustrious Casket, an immortal ranked cultivation method, deciding life and death with but a thought. A wave of the hand gave death, a lay on hand bestowed life. Illustrious Casket had two chapters, the Illustrious Chapter and the Casket Chapter. The first saved lives, while the second reaped them.

Cultivating it would give one’s spiritual power the dual attributes of life and death. Wouldn’t it mean death, since they’re incompatible?

There might not be a second person in this world, besides Chen Ming, who could cultivate this Illustrious Casket.

Good or bad, it was still an immortal ranked cultivation method. Seems that Ling Xian’s Luck Aura rubbed off on him.

Speaking of spiritual knowledge, that was what he lacked the most. With an extra 20,000 in the account, he was happy all over!

Chen Ming spoke in his mind, “Comprehend Jade Water Core Sutra and Nirvana Astral Wind to the 1st stage of Dao Initiation realm!”

With plenty of merits and spiritual knowledge, he could go on a shopping spree!

“Ding! 1150 merits were consumed, comprehension complete!”

Two more Dao Palaces appeared in Chen Ming’s body, one for each cultivation method.

Chen Ming followed with, “Upgrade Jade Water Core Sutra and Nirvana Astral Wind to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm!”

“Ding! 12840 spiritual knowledge were used, upgrade complete!”

Chen Ming eyed his danger value.

Danger value: 330.

Danger rating: very dangerous.

‘You are very dangerous to cultivators.’

His danger value was bumped by 31 points, which meant his might rose to an extreme degree. But what mattered the most was that he now had an Archfiend’s power.

He was wondering if killing Mo Tian would complete his advancement mission.

Ling Xian faced the heavily wounded Mo Yun, but Mo Tian’s patience ran out. If he waited any longer, his son would die at the hands of Ling Xian. He slapped his armrest and jumped to his feet, roaring at Chen Ming, “Wandering Crow, are you ignoring the fact that Ling Xian wants to kill Mo Yun?”

Chen Ming didn’t cower, bolting upwards, “So?”

There was an uproar below. The guardian elders of these youngsters finally realized that matters took a dangerous turn. A Kings’ battle was about to erupt.

A Kings’ battle was rated as devastating as a kingdom destroying war. It wasn’t worth staying here any longer.

“What’s going on?”

“Is a Kings’ battle going to happen?”

“Or better yet, a kingslayer fight?”

“That can’t be it! A King only appears once every few hundreds of years. They treasure life above all else.”

“Whether or not it’s going to be a kingslayer battle, we won’t be able to resist the power of their clashes!”

“Why can’t it be a kingslayer battle? The Six Kings Alliance has been waging such a war for several months!”

Mo Tian bellowed, “Wandering Crow, you forget where you are. This is Flying Immortal Sect; this King and Hua Yang have hundreds of Flying Immortal Sect disciples along with tens of Dao Initiation realm cultivators. Do you think you and Archfiend Black Tiger will have it easy leaving this place?”

The spectating cultivators approved, “Yeah, this is Flying Immortal Sect! You can’t take us all on with only you and Archfiend Black Tiger!”

“They shouldn’t be thinking of attacking this place!”

“They came alone, and might not be Sect Leader Mo and Sect Leader Hua’s match!

Chen Ming laughed, “You think you’re the only ones with an army? Where are Six Kings Alliance’s men?”

Fiend banners rose from the crowd, bringing with it a wave of fiend energy that swept the masses. Two Fiend General made their way here, leading tens of Great Fiends. The bear brothers also shed their disguises.

“From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Black Tiger’s subordinate, Fiend General Tiger Fang, is awaiting orders!”

“From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Black Tiger’s subordinate, Fiend General Tiger Claw, is awaiting orders!”

“From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Wandering Crow’s subordinate, Fiend General Eldest Bear, is awaiting orders!”

“From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Wandering Crow’s subordinate, Fiend General Second Bear, is awaiting orders!”

Chen Ming released a fiendish energy of boundless and tyrannical might, his ice-cold eyes landing on the cultivators below, “If you don’t want to die, scram!”

The cultivators from the kingdoms in Southern Border wavered between humans and fiends. They couldn’t just slaughter all these humans by themselves just based on Myriad Mountains’ overwhelming power. The best would be to display their power, to make them cower in fear. Or at least stand and watch from the sidelines, not getting involved in their fight.