With the fiend army’s presence, its banners fluttering, and along with the four intimidating Fiend General, the cultivators fetched their sect’s disciples and left the area.

“By no means is this a normal Sword Trial. This was a planned king slaying battle!”

“We haven’t seen a King rank battle in hundreds of years!”

“Let’s watch from afar without approaching.”

“Not approach? How will our future be if we don’t know the outcome of this battle? Who will be the winner, who will be the Overlord of the Southern Border’s kingdoms? ”

“Won’t we get killed? This is a King rank battle!”

“When the battle nears its end we will know for sure.”

At some point, Lustrous King Sword appeared in Chen Ming’s hand, “Ding! Triggered the E difficulty mission: Southern Border’s Overlord battle. Description: Southern Border has been left in pieces for hundreds of years, unity succeeds division and division follows unity. The time has come for the decisive battle! Objective: destroy Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect. Reward: 5000 spiritual knowledge, 1000 fame.”

A thousand fame! Fame is such good stuff!

This will be my first battle as an Archfiend!

The Sect Leader from the Black Saber Sect sneered, “Wandering Crow, you seriously think there’s only us two Kings? We’ve already informed Archfiend Azure Lion of you and Black Tiger’s visit. The Pitfall Mountain’s battle must be underway by now! If you kneel before me, you might still get the chance to live!”

Chen Ming only said, “Ling Xian, kill! If you let Mo Yun and Hua Qingting live, your Master will arrange it so you’ll have to face your senior sister each and every day, to overcome your weakness!”

Ling Xian’s face paled in a blink, Facing senior sister each day is too vicious!. He then charged with power and finesse towards Mo Yun, “Mo Yun, today’s the day you die!”

Black Saber Sect’s Sect Leader said, “Men, protect Mo Yun. Wandering Crow, show me how great a newly promoted Archfiend is!”

A great rumbling sound rose from outside the sect. A mountain peak was toppled, lifting a cloud of dust and shaking the ground. Black Tiger’s angry roars were heard from afar, frightening the local fauna, “Old fool Hua Yang, die!”

Hua Yang’s golden halo shined like the sun, his spiritual power billowing like a storm, “See how I’ll get rid of you, Archfiend Black Tiger!”

The two clashed, each strike causing thunderous explosions, shaking the eardrums of the audience, “Is this a King’s power?”

“This destructive power is unheard of!”

“It’s not safe here, we need to go quickly, ten li further at the least!”

Mo Tian stretched his hand catching the Demonic Blood Saber flying at him, then covered it in hundreds of Saber Energies as they danced wildly!

Chen Ming laughed, “Is the Saber Heart stage so great? We’re all Kings here, any of us can do it!”

The Sword Heart moved and countless Sword Energies flashed into existence, rotating like a great maelstrom, turning to dust anything that stood in their path!

Chen Ming and Mo Tian’s hair fluttered from the magnitude of their respective weapons. As the energies clashed, screeching sounds echoed around them with each passing moment!

While the King battle was underway, Ling Xian didn’t miss this chance and made some signs, “All fiends, on me, destroy Flying Immortal Sect!”

He, with the bear brothers in tow, went hunting for some Mo Yun, “Adulterous couple, today I’ll slaughter you!”

Mo Tian advanced while unleashing his Saber Energy towards Chen Ming. The saber came hacking and Chen Ming used the Lustrous King Sword to clash against it, only to be forced to retreat three steps!

Mo Tian laughed, “Just a common Archfiend, and you still want to fight me? Die!”

Chen Ming was now aware of the limits of his strength. His power was lacking when it was solely based on the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, but not by much.

Mo Tian slashed again, the Demonic Blood Saber’s blade flickering a red light!

Chen Ming’s lips curled into a smile, “Activate King Slayer Aura and Killing Intent Aura!”

From Chen Ming, boundless killing intent erupted, the red glow enveloping him. Meanwhile, another power came from within, imposing and relentless, the King Slayer Aura. He struck with his sword and the clash with Mo Tian’s Demonic Blood Saber generated an explosion, then crushed Mo Tian’s Saber Energy. Now he was the one retreating three steps!

Mo Tian showed astonishment. Chen Ming’s attack contained something peculiar to break through his King power, and it even went through his Saber Energy, “Even with that strange power, it’s still not enough. Let’s see how long you last!”

Chen Ming was also amazed. King Slayer Aura also had this effect!

The two clashed, again and again, scattering Saber Energy and Saber Energy throughout the sect, turning it into a war-torn area, filled with holes and destruction!

Fiend Generals and the cultivators who saw this made sure they far away from their clash.

Black Tiger glanced at Chen Ming and Mo Tian’s fight, amazed and happy to find that Chen Ming gained the upper hand. They knew for a while now that Wandering Crow was a mere 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm. Even so, they still treated him as a fellow Archfiend, but in their heart they doubted him, thinking he only had a devastating magical art. Black Tiger was now assured that Chen Ming’s status wasn’t empty and that he didn’t become one just recently either.

He was worried that he would be hard-pressed by Mo Tian, but as matters stood, he no longer had any misgivings, “Geezer Hua Yang, have a taste of my mace!”

The mace landed on Hua Yang’s sword and caused his hand to go numb, Ugh, why did this Black Tiger use all his power? “So you weren’t serious, Black Tiger? Heavenly Flaming Star, die!”

There were sword and saber images in front of Chen Ming and Mo Tian, but what the spectating cultivators saw, was only the destruction. They couldn’t see what attacks they launched.

“A King’s battle is too terrifying. We can’t even see what moves they make!”

“We can only see the sword and saber images, they must be the result of their strikes!”

Mo Tian and Chen Ming’s struggle crushed the ground around them. The only place left untouched was where they stood. They suddenly skipped over the river, clashing many times between each jump. When they intersected, havoc was unleashed upon the water flow, with maelstroms, waves, and explosions everywhere!

When a tsunami came their way, the Saber energy and Sword Energy would shatter it with ease!