Qingshan City.

The Regent’s banners fluttered as ten thousand Flying Tiger Army soldiers in armor raised a dust cloud while marching on the plains. The ground shook with the armored cavalry’s passing. General Wang was in front of the army and looked at the distant Qingshan City, “According to our information, the city lord enslaved the Prince’s head disciple’s brother!”

The vice-general standing behind General Wang stated, “General Wang, Prince told us to prevent any information from leaking. But we are experts in killing and don’t know a thing about preventing rumors!”

A trembling caravan popped up in front of the army. Seeing the fiendish Flying Tiger Army, the caravan leader’s heart jumped, No way! I only took some liberties with a woman yesterday! Did they had to send the ten thousand Flying Tiger Army to arrest me?

General Wang saddled on a fierce tiger, rode towards the caravan leader and inquired, “You want to do business in Qingshan City?”

Caravan leader nodded, “Y-ye, yes.”

The general questioned further, “Then did you know that Zhuo Qingyao became the disciple of Regent’s Prince?”

Caravan’s leader was scared shitless and shook his head, “No!”

The general nodded happily, “Very good, since you don’t know you may enter Qingshan City.”

Caravan’s leader was overwhelmed as he led the caravan inside the city.

General Wang looked at the vice-general next to him and smiled, “See, they don’t know and you let them go. Even if they do, they still won’t understand it!”

Vice-general nodded, enlightened, “Subordinate understands. I will follow your example and block any who knows!”

In three days, the entire Qingshan City, was buzzing with rumors, “Did you know? A lass called Zhuo Qingyao got lucky and became Regent Prince’s disciple!”

“Who is this Zhuo Qingyao, to have such luck?!”

“Exactly! Prince is the next in line to become Endless Swords Sect’s Sect Leader and Regent’s most favored grandson. I heard that Regent intends to pass on the title of King to His Highness!”

“I heard that Prince sent the ten thousand Flying Tiger Army to announce his disciple to the entire Yan Empire! You can see how much he dots on his disciple!”


Qingshan City, city lord’s residence.

The city lord held a wine glass and enjoyed looking at a painting. The caravan leader behind him said, “Yes Lord, the Flying Tiger Army’s General Wang asked me if I knew if Zhuo Qingyao became Prince’s disciple.”

The city lord blurted, “Do you know how someone like me who had no fame reached my position?”

“I do not.”

The city lord gave a brilliant smile, “Because I know the intentions of my superiors. From where I’m standing, Prince’s intention couldn’t be clearer. My city’s name has one character missing from young miss Zhuo Qingyao’s name, which is unthinkable. Prince must have sent the army to celebrate his new disciple. I will abide by his intention and have decided that, from this moment on, Qingshan City will change its name to Qingyao City!”

It filled the caravan leader with admiration, “City Lord is wise!”

City lord drank the glass in one gulp and, filled with zeal, shouted at a servant boy, “Xiao Zhuozi, more wine for this Lord!”

Xiao Zhuozi seemed to be ten years old. He was pouring wine while he wondered where his big sister escaped to. This pair of siblings lost their parents when they were young. They didn’t even have names and always called each other sister and brother, while others didn’t even care about two beggars’ names.


In these three days, Zhuo Qingyao advanced to the 4th stage of Dao Sense realm. Her speed slowed noticeably from before. From Chen Ming’s analysis, he discovered that her speed wasn’t because of a cheat, but due to her 81 broken meridians now fused with her body. While others trained to temper ten meridians, she cultivated to temper the entire body. Her incredible speed the previous days was, on one part, because of accumulated cultivation over the years, which had a miraculous effect after receiving a proper cultivation method. The other part due to using spirit stones.

And Chen Ming, with just a single disciple position, if he wanted to increase his power, he had to first focus all his energy on Zhuo Qingyao.

Zhuo Qingyao jumped and bounced over to Chen Ming to ask, “Master, why do I feel like my speed has slowed down?”

Old Fang almost puked three liters of blood. Aunty, you broke through the 4th stage from the 3rd in just a day, and you want to go on like this forever? Others need many years to advance a single step and yet you’re so good that you only a day is needed. If this speed was slow, then others would have no choice but to bury themselves to save the world the shame of having them.

Old Fang expected Chen Ming to give her proper guidance.

Then came Chen Ming’s lazy response, “If you think your speed dropped, then it means you’re not hated enough!”

Zhuo Qingyao: …

Old Fang: …

Humph, don’t make me laugh. What Main Character can cultivate in peace on a mountain? What is a Main Character’s number one ability? That’s making trouble, of course. You know what they say, a Main Character that doesn’t know how to court disaster isn’t a genius.

If the Main Character wasn’t hounded day in day out, how could he breakthrough in mid-battle?

This was a common occurrence for the Main Character!

Except for one problem. Why weren’t any ruffians and mini-bosses bashing their way in yet?

The confused Zhuo Qingyao went back to cultivating, while Chen Ming asked Old Fang, “About that thing with the Destiny Sword Body, if he resents Qingyao, why haven’t I seen him coming up the Lustrous King Peak looking for a fight?”

“Prince is profound, with an unparalleled sword skill. No ordinary person would dare come to make a scene at the Lustrous King Peak!”

Chen Ming face-palmed, “Old Fang, you’re absolutely right. Being too strong is also a problem, apparently!”

Chen Ming sprung up, “Old Fang, make the arrangements. We are going out!”

At the foot of Lustrous King Peak, there was a notice board: This Prince will return home and to bring back the Fairy Sword. No guards are left as they will protect this Prince and the servants are taken as I need attending. In the next half a month, there would be only one person on Lustrous King Peak, Qingyao. I assure you there won’t be a second person!

At the foot of the mountain, Chen Ming pretended to be heartbroken from parting with Zhuo Qingyao and shouted towards Endless Swords Sect, “Qingyao, Master needs to leave for a while and I most certainly won’t return in the next half of month. Take care and cultivate hard!”

Chen Ming thought his yell didn’t carry out to all the Endless Swords Sect and so, he went on doing it for no less than a dozen times to be on the safe side. “Qingyao, with Master gone, you’ll be alone on this mountain!”

“If others come up in this period, Master won’t be able to keep you safe. You’re not their match with your current cultivation.”

“They might bully you with numbers, or secretly poison you, like the shapeless powder that has neither taste nor smell you can’t defend against, so you must be wary!”


Zhuo Qingyao was disturbed as she looked at her irrational Master, “Qingyao will be here, Master!”

Chen Ming sent some instructions behind him and, escorted with great fanfare, left the mountain.

Two hours in his journey, Chen Ming asked Old Fang, “Did you spread the message?”

“I made certain that even a dog knows of our departure. I also said that Prince didn’t like young miss Zhuo Qingyao. If someone were to defeat her, then Prince would be interested in him!”

Chen Ming was completely satisfied and patted Old Fang on the shoulder, “You did well.”

Old Fang gave a silent prayer to Zhuo Qingyao, How could Chen Ming mistreat his disciple and spread such things? He was even afraid that others didn’t know how to deal with Zhuo Qingyao, and even yelled about poison!

Chen Ming stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Do you think the one silently protecting Qingyao is enough?”

Old Fang nodded.

Chen Ming wasn’t convinced. As the saying went, a master was like a father. Even such a father, that mistreated his daughter still wouldn’t go too far, and had many worries, “Forget it, I will go watch over her. Don’t forget to bring back the Fairy Sword!”

Chen Ming unveiled his cultivation, used spiritual power to protect himself, and quietly returned to the Lustrous King Peak.