The river water never found peace as the two clashed without stop. It reached a point when the water touched the heavens, creating clouds and then rain.

Chen Ming charged at Mo Tian and that simple exchange revealed his advantage. Chen Ming wasn’t one to let this chance slide! The Lustrous King Sword’s sword images formed a great net, trapping Mo Tian within.

Mo Tian knew how even a simple attack was a struggle for him, that he wasn’t Chen Ming’s match. He cleaved the net with his saber then yelled, “Hua Yang, activate the Flying Immortal Sect’s guarding array already!”

Hua Yang fished an array disk from his chest, “Alright, let me give you a taste of Flying Immortal Sect’s guarding array!”

The witnessing cultivators changed expressions. How could a sect with a King have a common guarding array?

“The two Archfiends came with the fiend army, but this is the Flying Immortal Sect!”

“Flying Immortal Sect has the guarding array. The two Archfiends have no choice but to withstand the pressure of the guarding array!”

“The two of them will lose!”

“Eh? Didn’t he say he activated the array? Why didn’t it start yet?”

A roar came from Hua Yang’s mouth, “Have a taste of the Yin Yang Array’s power. Yin and yang as extremes, borrow the power of the world, guarding array activate!”

Chen Ming and Black Tiger watched Hua Yang with interest; Black Tiger laughed, “Didn’t you want to activate the array? Come on, do it, let me see if it’s so awesome!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Maybe the array is too old, decrepit, and completely useless.”

Black Tiger said, “How can this be?! The guarding array is a sect’s final defense, Hua Yang must know of its importance. He couldn’t have skimmed from its funds and went to enjoy the pleasure houses, right? My guess is that his chant ain’t loud enough. ”

Chen Ming was with him on this, “He needs to put more heart in it!”

Hua Yang’s face pinked, his voice growing louder, reading with more care, “Yin and yang as extremes, borrow the power of the world, guarding array activate for me!”

Yet the array showed no sign of hearing him. Black Tiger smiled and said in a mystifying tone, “Geezer Hua Yang, you’re so old, aren’t you ashamed of stuffing your pockets with the guarding array’s money and then going to the pleasure houses?”

Chen Ming added, “How much could pleasure house ladies take? Looks like geezer Hua Yang’s stamina isn’t bad, doing it a hundred times in one night!”

Black Tiger laughed, “A hundred times! Then isn’t he a quick shot?”

Hua Yang’s rage grew until it harmed his heart, his face shifting between red and white. How could an upstanding and honorable man like him not understand this was all those two’s doing, “What the hell did you just do!”

A blue pearl appeared in Black Tiger, pure and clear, with ripples along its surface, “Were you looking for this?”

Hua Yang gazed upon the Eluding Pearl, understanding everything, “Impossible, you’ve been here for only three days. There’s no way you would have known unless a traitor told you!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Let me enlighten you on what a true array master can do. Is that Yin Yang Array even an array?”

Chen Ming waved the Lustrous King Sword as his left hand formed gestures, “The first takes the form of a heavy sword, carrying the profoundness of the earth and the stability of a mountain. Go!”

The earth element increased in density, creating a barrier with Flying Immortal Sect within it.

Lustrous King Sword flew out of Chen Ming’s hand then landed in the Flying Immortal Sect’s eastern corner.

Another sword landed in Chen Ming’s hand, Fire Cloud Sword, “The second takes the form of a blazing fire, burning towards the heaven, carrying the fire’s swiftness. Go!”

The Fire Cloud Sword flew toward the Flying Immortal Sect’s Southern corner, creating a red cloud inside the barrier.

Chen Ming took out the Fiend Killing Sword, the one given to him by the Drifting Wind Sect’s Sect Leader. And since it was now his, he erased the other’s imprint to make it official, “The third takes the form of a tempest, dancing in the storm and being one with the wind. Go!”

Fiend Killing Sword fell in the Flying Immortal Sect’s Western corner, engulfing the area in crushing storms, ravaging it.

Chen Ming’s final sword was the Fiend Executioner, a gift from the Chilling Ice Sect’s Sect Leader, now put to good use in the Four Elements Array, “The fourth takes the form of perfection, carrying the virtues of water and the calmness of the sea. Go!”

The Fiend Executioner landed in the Flying Immortal Sect’s Northern corner, covering it in a layer of ice crystals, yet didn’t clash with the wind and fire in the sky.

Chen Ming jumped down from the sky and into the middle of the array, “East carries the thick earth, South burns like fire, West blows like the wind, and the North carries the deep glaciers. Within the endless variation of the four elements, Four Elements Array, activate!”

A stained and transparent array disc appeared in Chen Ming’s hand. He then threw it inside the earth, and the elemental fluctuations in the surroundings changed in a flash!

The spiritual energy in the sect’s vicinity rushed towards the Four Elements Array, beginning to devour it without a stop!

Chen Ming might have thrown a few swords with his mind, but it only took a few breaths. He gazed towards the two Human Kings, all smiles, “Foolish geezers, not knowing the meaning of an array. I’ll have you know, wherever this King goes, an array follows!”

Hua Yang and Mo Tian felt a pressure cutting their power by more than forty percent.

Not to mention the firestorm sweeping across the sky, while on the ground there were countless ice spears pointing straight at them.

Hua Yang said, “So you’re an array master, no wonder you saw through my guarding array!”

Black Tiger was amazed. He knew Chen Ming’s knowledge of arrays was deep, but he didn’t know it reached the point of becoming an array master. A single man created an array in a flash. If Chen Ming used the array on him, then he wouldn’t be his match.

The surrounding cultivators stared blankly, “I-is this how a King attacks?”

“This is undoubtedly too shocking!”

“If this array covered my sect, then all would be destroyed in an instant!”

“Thank god we left the battle area earlier, or we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to keep our lives!”

“I fear this is a King’s true attacking method. What they did before was just a warm-up!”

Ling Xian looked at the panicked Mo Yun and Hua Qingting, not knowing which path was best to follow as the formation swept them off their feet. In one moment, fire was coming their way, and in another, an ice spear rose to stab them.

Ling Xian roared, “Adulterous couple, just where do you think you’re running! There’s no escape now!”

Tiger Fang, Tiger Claw, and the bear brothers exchanged a smile. Under the cover of the array, Chen Ming made sure not to target them. They could go wherever they wanted. The previous unfavorable situation now took a sudden turn.

Eldest Bear wiped the blood from his mouth, “It’s time to counterattack boys, kill!”