Black Tiger was crystal clear on the fact that Chen Ming’s Four Elements Array didn’t restrict him. He had exquisite control over its power.

If an average cultivator had set it up, first he needed four cultivators with one of the four elements, and secondly, their cultivations had to be closely related. They also needed to be well-coordinated, and even more importantly, they needed to be familiar with the array. This posed a grave hurdle for cultivators, to the point that almost no one could accomplish it.

But Chen Ming laid out an array all on his own. They were all aware of how easy he controlled it, that he needn’t worry if a mishap would occur.

Black Tiger said, “Bro Wandering, let the array affect me also. Let me have a try at its might!”

By trying out the array’s power, Chen Ming knew that Black Tiger wanted to see how he’d cope with it.

Black Tiger began to feel how his power was reduced by forty percent. Thirty percent came from the array’s effect, while ten percent from a strange energy within the array, sweeping between the Kings.

Chen Ming now knew how formidable Kingslayer Aura was. It didn’t simply increase the array’s power, it also granted his array an extra sharp energy, cutting away at his enemies’ power.

Towards spiritual power, it encumbered the others’ flow while making his into a sharp sword.

This was the difference between the properties of spiritual power.

Black Tiger nodded with a smile, “Bro Wandering’s understanding of arrays astonishes me to no end! I can feel its power!”

Chen Ming removed the suppression on him, as Black Tiger brandished his black iron heavy mace, laughing all the while, “King rank? Is there anything impressive about it? Let us proceed with today’s king slaying battle, I alone am enough for the two of you!”

The audience retreated again, from fear of the Four Elements Array. “It changed to a king slaying battle!”

“The outcome of this battle will decide the Southern Border’s Overlord!”

“The winner will be the Overlord!”

“It will also affect Pitfall Mountain’s war. If Hua Yang and Mo Tian win, the Six Kings Alliance collapses, and if Wandering Crow and Black Tiger win, Pitfall Mountain’s power will be greatly diminished!”

“We must not leave this place, there’s too much at stake. We need to know the winner and inform the sect!”

“A step ahead means forever in the lead. We can’t make rash decisions on this!”

Black Tiger jumped on his fiend cloud and flew at Hua Yang, yet his first strike already made Hua Yang spew blood!

Hua Yang yelled in fury, “This array’s power is without measure. It restrains our movements and our strength. We need to break it!”

Mo Tian said, “He sent those swords when he prepared the array. They must be the cores, we need to find a way to destroy them!”

Black Tiger grew furious, “I don’t recall asking for my permission first!”

It could be said that Black Tiger could deal with the two Kings alone. The others didn’t even get the chance to retaliate, while Black Tiger still had the time to chat, all because of Chen Ming’s Four Elements Array. How could he let them ruin destroy it?

Black Tiger took full advantage of his position and the heavy mace in his hand, akin to an imposing mountain, struck again, with enough power to crush rocks and tore mountains.

Chen Ming listened to Mo Tian’s rambling. He looked like an old dog, when in fact, he was the old dog.

Even his thinking was amusing. Breaking the array’s swords?


No one will ever guess where the is core, because I am the core!

Chen Ming walked towards the center of the array, increasing his control along the way, over the fire, wind, and ice, while killing the nearby Dao Initiation realm cultivators. He began to feel the array as he stood in its center. He was coming to understand an important fact, that he was the supreme ruler of this area.

Everything around him followed his whims, even without his urging. He became one with the world!

It was a stage beyond the Sword Heart, the One With the World stage.

Regarding the sword Dao, this stage was called Unity, between a man and his sword. Despite not having the same name, it was still the One With the World stage.

Standing inside the array, Chen Ming experienced this new-found feeling, turning everything in the surroundings to his control!

Chen Ming glanced at Ling Xian, how he already half-killed Mo Yun. Ling Xian took a blade from a Great Fiend’s waist and when he was about to strike, Mo Yun yelled, “Save me, father!”

Mo Tian’s eyes burst with savagery, “I’m coming!”

Chen Ming gave a cold laugh, “Shouldn’t you be asking for my permission first?”

A firestorm took the shape of a dragon and rushed over, making Mo Tian retreat step after step. Meanwhile, Black Tiger’s mace bashed his face, blood flowing from nose and mouth.

Mo Tian watched Chen Ming with vicious eyes, “Wandering Crow, if I ever leave this place, I will tear you into a thousand pieces!”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes at him, laughing hard, “These words of yours have no meaning. I am a man who does everything to the end, leaving nothing behind to come back and haunt me!”

Ling Xian didn’t even hesitate, “I’ve waited so long to kill you!” His blade fell, straight at Mo Yun’s heart. Mo Yun grabbed the blade, trying to prevent it from skewering him. His weary and wounded body failed him in mustering the strength, and blood flowed like a stream from his mouth, forming a wide pool at his feet.

Hua Qingting was afraid now. She crawled before Ling Xian and grabbed his leg, “Ling Xian, I never hurt you. It was all Mo Yun, only Mo Yun!”

Ling Xian laughed coldly, “You think I’d believe that? I clearly remember the wound you left me, the humiliation, and then you went as far as calling me a dog, even giving me a bone?”

Ling Xian struck again but hesitated. He saw that Chen Ming arrived next to him and asked, “Master, what should I do?”

Chen Ming glanced at Hua Qingting, so young, yet so vicious and fickle, “What she likes is your strength, your glory. If you don’t kill her today, her time will come. It’s all a question of when.”

Ling Xian nodded and cupped his hands, “Disciple understands!”

That’s right! What she likes is my strength and glory, vanities. When may cultivation falters, that will be the moment she kills me. Only Master believes in me, still there to support me when that moment comes. And despite coming out battered after each sparring with senior sister, she still showed care, letting me recover for two days.

Ling Xian’s blade landed and Hua Qingting left this world, and so did his feeling for her.