After helping Ling Xian remove his anguish, Chen Ming refocused on the King battle. He was quite curious to find out if killing either Hua Yang or Mo Tian would complete his stage advancement mission. When the mission ended, he would then be allowed to step into the domain of Archfiends.

With it, his chances of winning against Archfiend Azure Lion would also rise. Azure Lion wasn’t someone like Hua Yang or Mo Tian, he was a prospective Grand Archfiend!

With his mind set, Chen Ming fished out a spiritual sword from his storage ring then went to clash with Mo Tian.

Black Tiger wasn’t quite pleased with him joining the fray. It was hard to find the chance to fight against two Kings at the same time, looming over them and enjoying it, “Bro Wandering, watch from the side, for now, see how elder brother deals with these geezers!”

Chen Ming said, “Hua Yang already notified Pitfall Mountain, and their Fiend Generals have begun fighting. While the other Archfiends are waiting for our fight to end. Elder brother Black Tiger, you should be clear on the extent of Azure Lion’s power!”

Black Tiger knew his intention, and said begrudgingly, “Got too excited there and forgot the order of business. Let’s quickly deal with these two fools and join the battle for Pitfall Mountain!”

Black Tiger went on the offensive, his hits ruthless, each aiming to take Hua Yang’s life.

Chen Ming concentrated on his fight with Mo Tian. He used Lustrous King Sword Art to its peak, turning each strike into a deadly one. With the added suppression from the array, Mo Tian received hit after hit, spewing blood time and time again, as more wounds appeared on his body.

Chen Ming swept his sword, the tip pointing at the heavens, Overlord’s Rule!

This strike of his turned out to be his strongest move, wreaking havoc in its wake.

In a normal situation, Mo Tian wouldn’t even care about Chen Ming’s attack, but it now had the power to end his life. Mo Tian’s eyes grew bloodshot, “You made me do this. Since you won’t let me live, then everyone will die!”

Mo Tian’s left hand swiped the saber’s blade. Blood began to flow along the Demonic Blood Saber, dyeing it red and causing it to release strands of demonic energy, “You thought that that was the extent of Demonic Blood Saber’s powers? Ha-ha-ha, not even close. Demonic Blood Saber’s seal, open!”

Black Tiger and Hua Yang faced the sky, “Damn, that’s demonic energy!”

Hua Yang and Mo Tian were on friendly terms, but he never imagined this saber was actually a demon saber!

This no longer mattered, as surviving came first!

Hua Yang laughed hard, “Ha-ha-ha, the time for counterattack is at hand, die!”

Mo Tian’s eyes were blood red, while strand after strand of demonic energy gathered around him. The demonic energy surged as if a demon king descended!

He stuck the Demonic Blood Saber into the ground, making it unleash a wave of demonic energy and transforming it into demonic earth.

Chen Ming found it intriguing, But I have this Demonic Blood Saber’s approval. Since Mo Tian went ahead and released its seal, didn’t it mean he is giving me a god ranked weapon?

Chen Ming extended his arm and bellowed, “Demonic Blood Saber, to me!”

Mo Tian sensed how the Demonic Blood Saber wanted to fly out of his hand towards Chen Ming’s. He knew of its temper, that it only recognized this world most wicked, most ruthless men, especially those that had demonic natures. Even more so when he used it for so long. Mo Tian fury reached the heavens as he raved, “This is impossible! Why is the Demonic Blood Saber accepting you!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Nothing’s impossible. The impossible isn’t impossible since I haven’t done it yet.”

Mo Tian let a wicked smile sneak on his face, “I toiled for three hundred years on this blade, yet it didn’t submit to me. But it took one look at you and it already bows at your feet?”

“No matter, I only released its seal. This saber cannot leave my control. Once I kill you, I will make it understand who its master really is!”

Mo Tian lifted the saber, causing a hurricane in its wake, while in the heavens above, black clouds gathered, then cast a bloody light on the Demonic Blood Saber’s blade.

The boundless demonic energy reached everywhere, dyeing all it touched black.

The audience was struck dumb, “Demonic energy, that’s a demon saber!”

“I can’t believe Sect Leader Mo is using this kind of saber, an actual demon saber!”

“They say weapons at this rank all had their own tempers, it’s even more so in the case of the demon saber. If you don’t have its approval and still use it, you will receive its backlash!”

“Backlash! So it’s a legendary weapon!”

“But a backlash of this degree will greatly injure Sect Leader Mo. At the two Archfiends won’t be able to handle the demon saber’s power!”

Black Tiger showed a trace of nervousness. He wanted to prevent the attack from reaching completion but Hua Yang just laughed, “Archfiend Black Tiger, didn’t you say you wanted to kill me?”

Hua Yang wasn’t his match but, at a crucial time like this, he had to block Black Tiger no matter what.

A mace blow from Black Tiger sent Hua Yang into retreating while spitting blood, “Get lost!”

Hua Yang’s hands had blood flowing from between his fingers, but he still didn’t let Black Tiger leave, “Archfiend Black Tiger, we’re not done with our fight!”

The battle changed constantly, yet the audience didn’t dare get close to the energy waves, “What a desperate fight!”

“What is Archfiend Wandering Crow thinking!? If it was me instead, I would be long gone by now!”

Black Tiger struck while Hua Yang spat blood. But the old man looked as if he lost it, giving it his all to stop Black Tiger from leaving!

Mo Tian’s strike descended, creating a five-zhang long bloody blade energy, wanting to tear the earth asunder.

Chen Ming faced him with his spiritual sword. He channeled the array’s power into it but it still threw him ten steps back.

Mo Tian let a sudden howl of pain. Strands of demonic energy sucked at his blood, giving him the full taste of a demon saber’s backlash.

Mo Tian smiled, “I might not have complete control of the Demonic Blood Saber in its current state, but it’s enough to kill you. Take my strongest attack, Torrent of Blood!”

Bloody energy flew in each direction for ten zhang, even causing a rain of blood! This was incomparable to the Torrent of Blood Mo Yun unleashed!

Chen Ming readied himself by choosing to confront it with his strongest move, Overlord’s Rule. The weapons clashed and the Demonic Blood Saber left a nick on the spiritual sword. If he didn’t have the Four Elements Array strengthening it then this sword would have broken by now!

Demonic Blood Saber struck Chen Ming’s shoulder, giving him a not so light wound while also causing him to spit a mouthful of blood!

Mo Tian pressed forward, his saber bearing down on Chen Ming’s shoulder, while the other did his best to defend with his spiritual sword. His feet left a deep trail as Mo Tian pushed Chen Ming for over ten zhang. He only stopped when he crashed into a cliff, spider web cracks quickly spreading from the point of impact.

Mo Tian smiled, “You have nowhere to retreat.”

Chen Ming lifted his head and grinned, “Do I need to keep retreating?” Mo Tian found Chen Ming’s left hand’s finger pointing at him, “That’s, an immortal art’s power…”