Chen Ming blocked the Demonic Blood Saber with the spiritual sword in his right hand while he pointed with his left hand!

A finger extended and the wind rustled!

A huge blueish finger shot from Chen Ming’s left hand and struck Mo Tian in the chest. The explosion catapulted him into the Flying Immortal Sect’s entrance gate, breaking it into rubble. The dismembered Mo Tian gasped desperatly for air, knowing it to be his last.

Blood flowed constantly from his mouth, his organs torn from that one finger. His only reason for being alive was thanks to his King ranked body.

Mo Tian struggled to claw his way up, but the incoming sword, Chen Ming’s sword, passed through his neck. The head fell, with bitter resentment and unwillingness still lingering in his eyes.

Chen Ming walked next to Mo Tian’s body, “Finally dead!”

Chen Ming opened his hand and the Demonic Blood Saber flew to him, yet the boundless demonic energy showed no intention to mutiny and harm him.

Chen Ming smiled as he caressed the blade, “What an excelent blade!”

“Ding! You killed Mo Yun. Reward: 1,000 spiritual knowledge, 100 fame.”

“Ding! You killed Mo Tian, completing the realm advancement mission. Reward: realm seal released. You can now cultivate to the 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm!”

“Ding! You killed Mo Tian, Black Saber Sect’s destruction increased by 30%.”

“Ding! You killed Mo Tian. Reward: lottery ticket. This ticket cannot be withheld. You got Blood Saber Coffin.”

A blood-red coffin landed near Mo Tian’s body. Six-foot-long, two-foot-wide, with the Demonic Blood Saber method inscribed on its surface. This was Demonic Blood Saber’s sheath, yet also its coffin.

Chen Ming stretched his hand, stashing the coffin in his ring, then walked towards Hua Yang with the Demonic Blood Saber.

Hua Yang knew he lost, he lost completely.

The audience had front row seats at Chen Ming’s killing, “Mo Tian is dead! This is the first time in the last hundreds of years of Southern Border’s history that someone killed a King.”

“A king slaying battle, Archfiend Wandering Crow is akin to a demon god!”

“He can also use the Demonic Blood Saber without a backlash!”

“From today, Six Kings Alliance will become the Overlord throughout the Southern Border!”

Chen Ming, with the Demonic Blood Saber in hand, flew at Hua Yang, attacking in tandem with Black Tiger. Black Tiger sensed Chen Ming’s wounded state and chose to increase the viciousness of his blow, to end it as quickly as possible.

With Black Tiger pinning him down and the added suppression from the Four Elements Array, Hua Yang resistance was merely a front. Chen Ming pierced his back with the Demonic Blood Saber, who began sucking the blood out of Hua Yang. He wanted to get away from it but how could Black Tiger let him?

Ten breaths later, what was left of Hua Yang was a dried corpse, as Demonic Blood Saber sucked it of its last drop of blood.

With Hua Yang’s defeat, there was no one to contest Chen Ming and Black Tiger’s power.

“Ding! You killed Hua Yang. Reward: 1,000 spiritual knowledge, 100 fame.”

“Ding! You killed Hua Yang, Flying Immortal Sect’s destruction increased by 30%.”

“Ding! You killed Hua Yang. Reward: lottery ticket. This ticket cannot be withheld. You got the Heavenly Flaming Star.

The reward from killing a King was different, as the first kill was related to the completion of his mission.

Black Tiger looked at Chen Ming, their friendship strengthened through this king slaying battle. But unlike before, this was the first friendship born from slaying a King in hundreds of years in Southern Border. He was concerned, “Bro Wandering, are you alright!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Nothing to worry about, just an average wound.”

Black Tiger had only admiration for how he got the Demonic Blood Saber, he couldn’t use it anyway, “Congratulations bro Wandering. With Demonic Blood Saber, your strength will greatly increase!”

Chen Ming said, “I wonder how the war against Pitfall Mountain is going. We need to quickly join the battle, or to at least bring some balance to the war!”

Black Tiger said, “Then I’ll let bro Wandering deal with the rest here. Use this time to recover, while I’ll leave first to help surround Pitfall Mountain. When bro Wandering returns, we will begin another king slaying battle, signaling the dawn of the Six Kings Alliance’s era of prosperity!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Alright, you go first, elder brother Black Tiger. I’ll join you when I have recovered!”

Black Tiger was worried about the war as there were now four people fighting against Archfiend Azure Lion, instead of the original five. He stepped on his fiend cloud and yelled, “Men, while this King is away, you are to listen to Archfiend Wandering Crow’s orders!”

Then he sped towards Pitfall Mountain.

Chen Ming gazed at the Flying Immortal Sect, sending his voice throughout, “Fiends, pull out of Flying Immortal Sect!”

Chen Ming was in charge now, and with the added words from Black Tiger, no fiend had the gall to object. Chen Wang stood before Flying Immortal Sect, operating the Four Elements Array to its peak. Between the ravaging firestorm and the frozen earth, fire and water ground the Flying Immortal Sect to dust, eliciting mournful howls from within.

The audience chose this moment to approach the sect, witnessing the miserable state the array was bringing it to. They were clear that Flying Immortal Sect wouldn’t survive past today. With the decisive move of killing to King ranks, the Six Kings Alliance consolidated their position.

“Hurry and send a message to the sect, that the Six Kings Alliance killed two Kings!”

“We need to send it faster! From now on, the whole Southern Border belongs to the Six Kings Alliance!”

“Don’t forget to warn our kingdom’s monarch. Any who offends Yan Empire will be put to death, no exceptions! It would be great if we can work under the Regent. They say that Archfiend Wandering Crow is the Regent’s Prince!”

Two hours later, there was not even a blade of grass left untouched on the Flying Immortal Sect’s mountain. Chen Ming sent the bear brothers to fetch the spoils of war, as he searched through the crowd. His eyes landed on the Chilling Ice Sect Drifting Wind Sect’s Sect Leaders. The Drifting Wind Sect’s Sect Leader noticed Chen Ming’s eyes and, after a moment of consideration, drew a spiritual sword he picked who knew when from within the sect, “Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect rebelled, offending Southern Border’s Overlord. Wipe them out!”

Chilling Ice Sect’s Sect Leader reacted instantly. Flying Immortal Sect was destroyed but not the Black Saber Sect. This was a meritorious service for the Six Kings Alliance. He had no constraints now, weren’t they under Pitfall Mountain’s rule before? They were merely changing one ruler for another, and the Six Kings Alliance wasn’t as ruthless as eating children the way Pitfall Mountain did. It was great to have someone watching your back, “The Flying Immortal Sect is now exterminated, but Black Saber Sect still exists. To such evil sects that dare start a war, the only reward is destruction!”

How could the other cultivators not understand, as they gave approving nods one after the other, “We will form an allied force and destroy Black Saber Sect!”

The crowd went on and on with their support, that Black Saber Sect’s crimes were unforgivable, of uncontested evil, “Even if Sir Archfiend is showing mercy, we will not let this traitorous Black Saber Sect live any moment longer!”

Chen Ming nodded, pleased, “With everyone understanding the seriousness of this matter, once the Black Saber Sect is no more, come at the Six Kings Alliance and the Kings will receive you. They will judge your service!”