Under the united and overbearing forces of cultivators, the Black Saber Sect was no more. All kingdoms’ sects started capturing the rest of the Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect stragglers. The entire Southern Border was thus united, coming under Six Kings Alliance’s authority.

As for Black Saber Sect’s spoils, the allied army agreed unanimously to hand them over to Chen Ming’s subordinates. There were hundreds of thousands of spirit stones, spiritual weapons of all sorts, pills, and so on. They knew that these items weren’t theirs since Chen Ming and Black Tiger were the ones killing the Kings.

Spoils of war and whatnot were all Six Kings Alliance’s. What they wanted were the two destroyed sects’ territories. Whoever got their hands on them, their chance to flourish would increase.

Chen Ming did some thinking, The two best areas will be left to Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect. They were quite quick to pick on his intentions.

“Ding! Black Saber Sect and Flying Immortal Sect destruction: 99%. End the mission?”

Chen Ming agreed, who knew how long it would take to grab the last fleeing shrimps.

“Ding! Mission complete. Reward: 4,950 spiritual knowledge, 990 fame.”

“Ding! Triggered a fame related mission. You beheaded two King ranks, your might spreading to every corner, overwhelming the masses. Please make a public declaration of your claim on the kingdoms of the Southern Border. Reward: 3000 fame, Control Aura.”

Eh? There’s also a mission like this, with 3,000 fame and an aura as a reward?

Truth be told, it never hurt to have more auras, and the chances to get them are oh so few.

Also, declaring his claim over the Southern Border brought him the benefit of raising Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao’s cultivation higher and higher. They wanted to be kings, but that meant having a territory first, to feed their cultivation. Chen Ming didn’t care about Dao Sense realm pills as it was easy for him to get ahold of, but Dao Initiation realm pills weren’t.

It was time to let the Southern Border’s kingdoms raise

Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao for a change.

As for his father and grandfather, Chen Ming thought about letting them live peacefully in Yan Empire, to live their life to the fullest.

His grandfather had no talent for cultivation, while his father’s talent was low. When compared to his two disciples the difference was enormous. He would give them some life-extending pills to have a long and happy life.

The day of their passing would be quite painful for him to bear.

Chen Ming sent for the Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect’s Sect Leaders to arrange a gathering for all the monarchs and sect leaders of the Southern Border. As the time drew nearer, he sat in his temporary imperial residence and called for Ling Xian. Walking alongside Ling Xian, he arrived outside the residence and overlooked the land, then spoke to his disciple, “What do you think of this land?”

Ling Xian said, “Truly beautiful!”

“If I ask you to lead the Southern Border, will you accept?”

Chen Ming had no intention of overseeing the Southern Border, he still had the cannon fodder title hanging over his head. To live, he needed to let the whole world hear his name!

With these two rotten disciples, eating pills like rice, won’t they squeeze him dry? How would he live then!

Ling Xian sank into his thoughts. There was a gap between him and Zhuo Qingyao, and leading the Southern Border presented a chance, the chance to grow stronger. The tribute from the kingdoms would have to pass through his hands first, taking what was rightfully his, was but a matter of fact. Ling Xian said, “My clan was only a city lord, by I am convinced I can accomplish this task!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Good, after declaring my Overlord status over the Southern Border, I will appoint you as the General Manager. It won’t cause you any problems as you can just hand over any matter to Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect to take care of. Your only task is to redirect the resources you need for yourself and your senior sister.”

Ling Xian cupped his hands, “Disciple understands.”

At the Six Kings Alliance.

Black Tiger jumped from his cloud and entered the Archfiend hall. The others were eager for his explanation, “I heard that Black Saber Sect and Flying Immortal Sect were under Archfiend Azure Lion, how is the situation over there?”

Black Tiger noticed how the final battle has yet to begin, “Me and bro Wandering killed two Human Kings, showcasing our power! ”

White Fox’s three tails swayed, “Good, I didn’t expect you and junior brother Wandering to have such strength!”

Black Tiger smiled, “I don’t believe you know yet, but

bro Wandering, no, it should be bro Chen Ming. He used the name Wandering Crow to deceive Archfiend Azure Lion. His true name is Chen Ming, Yan Empire Regent’s Price, but he can train in a fiend cultivation method and reached the rank of King. Bro Chen Ming has some understanding of the Dao of array, he even became an array master. He set up a Four Elements Array all on his own that helped me face against two Human Kings alone while having the advantage! ”

Old Turtle smiled, “An array master! Then why hasn’t brother Chen Ming returned yet? With the help of his array, even if Archfiend Azure Lion is more powerful, we will have the chance to kill him, to eliminate this great burden from our hearts!”

Black Tiger said, “Bro Chen Ming was hurt from the battle, while Southern Border had some minor issues left. So I left him to handle them while recuperating. When he returns, the final battle will begin!”

Black Python said, “Good good good! Azure Lion’s cultivation method is too wicked. We didn’t care when he ate children, but now he became a huge headache. It’s great, now that we have a way to eradicate him!”

Fire Swallow slapped the table, “We just need to wait for brother Chen Ming’s return. This will mark the end of the road for Azure Lion!”

Chen Ming handled Southern Border’s matters, screened the spoils, then fished out from among the pile of trashy scriptures the Illustrious Casket. He reckons not even Black Saber Sect’s Sect Leader knew of it being at the immortal rank. The requirements to train in it were comparable to those from the Nine Nines Mysteries Art.

After tucking it in his ring, Chen Ming heard Ling Xian, “Master, everything is ready. Please come out, Master, and receive the monarchs and Sect Leaders!”

Chen Ming nodded, draped his black-feathered robe and left the palace. Outside, all the important figures looked up at Chen Ming, their eyes filled with veneration. The Yan Empire was already aware of this affair, but his grandfather and father were unable to help him at this point, so they sent for Li Changgeng from the Endless Swords Sect to participate in their stead.

Looking at Chen Ming, Li Changgeng knew that there was an unbreachable gap between them, Chen Ming was actually an Archfiend, and he even killed two Human Kings!

Chen Ming sat on the highest seat while all the people swore their allegiance.

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Rise, not long from now, I will go and behead Archfiend Azure Lion. From this moment forward, Southern Border’s kingdoms belong to the administration office of the General Manager of the Six Kings Alliance’s. Ling Xian will be appointed as the General Manager while Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect will be the Southern Border’s administrators. As for the rest, they will be arranged by the administrator’s office!”

The crowd kneeled again, “We have heard Archfiend’s order!”

“Ding! Mission complete. Reward: 3,000 fame, Control Aura.”

‘Control Aura

Description: you have become the master of a region, taking the first step as a ruler.

Effect: when commanding an army, your presence will raise their morale.’

Not as great as I’d hoped. But it’s not all bad, after all, I’m not a Main Character.