Next on the agenda was to deal with the battle for Pitfall Mountain, and Chen Ming found this the right time to upgrade his strength. He now had spiritual knowledge to spare, thirty thousand in total, while his merits got used up in a flash, barely six hundred left.

He didn’t need to increase the Fire Crow Art to the 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm, as it would create a too great of a gap with the other Dao Palaces.

It baffled him how Dragon Form Art advanced a stage, needing one more upgrade before forming a Dao Seed. This didn’t use merits, it was all plain old cultivation.

Now that the realm seal was gone, Chen Ming spent, in one move, close to ten thousand spiritual knowledge, to upgrade Dragon Form Art, Fire Crow Art, Nirvana Astral Wind, and Jade Water Core Sutra to the 7th stage of Dao Initiation realm, finally shedding his Fiend General rank.

With the added power increase and the support of Four Elements Array, his danger value rose to 360, making him a brand new Archfiend.

When it came to combat ability, none of the Archfiends from the Six Kings Alliance were his match.

Let’s not forget he also had the King Slayer Aura, which transformed his spiritual power, something that his danger value didn’t take into account.

He couldn’t postpone the battle with Archfiend Azure Lion endlessly. Azure Lion was unwilling for now to leave Pitfall Mountain, but if he left, then he would lay low in the Myriad Mountains, devouring Great Fiends and Archfiends alike until he reached the Grand Archfiend rank. At that point, a catastrophe was sure to fall on his head!

His mind set, Chen Ming informed Ling Xian of his parting and rushed towards Pitfall Mountain.

He saw there, the battlefield filled with fiends’ remains, bones scattered, and obvious traces of conflagration. Chen Ming jumped from his fiend cloud and landed in the Six Kings Alliance’s headquarters. At his coming, the Great Fiends bowed one after the other. He killed two King rank cultivators, after all, gaining a greater influence than that of the other five Archfiends.

The others didn’t care, which only help to further confirm Chen Ming’s strength, that he was one of them. With Chen Ming’s rise, the Six Kings Alliance would also thrive.

It looked like a Grand Archfiend was about to appear, something that usually happened only in large Archfiends alliances. When a Grand Archfiend emerged, the rest of the Archfiend would swear loyalty, further increasing their standing.

They were even looking forward to Chen Ming becoming a Grand Archfiend, a true position of power in the Myriad Mountains.

Chen Ming didn’t announce his coming and charged into the commanding tent. The other five knew of his arrival, having waited for him for a long time. Black Tiger said, “Bro Chen Ming, how’s your wound?”

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Thank you elder brother Black Tiger for your concern. I’ve recovered.”

Chen Ming looked at the rest of the Archfiends, eyes flashing, denoting the activation of the Control Aura, “The time has come for us to launch the final assault!”

Black Python downed his wine glass, “We’ve been waiting for brother Chen Ming to say that! The waiting is over!”

White Fox walked beside Chen Ming, her subtle fragrance invading his nose, “With the support of little brother Chen Ming’s array, we will surely kill Archfiend Azure Lion!”

The thought of letting Archfiend Azure Lion off never crossed Chen Ming’s mind, “Nothing must go wrong in this battle. We need to make sure he is dead, or the consequences would be devastating!”

Old Turtle said, “Naturally, if he escapes we will never find peace.”

The matters regarding the final battle were quickly handled and orders were soon given. The Fiend Generals passed down the orders to the troops, “Tomorrow is the final day for Pitfall Mountain, a day of its destruction!”

The entire fiend army mobilized, the Archfiends’ generals, more than a thousand Great Fiends and countless fiends. This was a war between King ranks, comprising of seven Archfiends. Their battle would surely change Pitfall Mountain’s landscape!

The number of Archfiends watching the war between Pitfall Mountain and the Six Kings Alliance increased with each passing moment, “No matter who lives or dies, the power of the winner will rise!”

There were some Archfiends who wanted to help Archfiend Azure Lion, but Six Kings Alliance’s killing of two King ranks intimidated them. It forced them to lay down their banners, forever removing this thought from their minds, “The two sides are close in power. Let’s go watch from the sidelines!”

“Rumor has it that a new Archfiend appeared not long ago, Chen Ming, overturning the initial outcome of this war and bringing balance with his power. He even killed two King ranks, and if the Six Kings Alliance will live on, then he will soon have a Grand Archfiend’s power!”

“A few hundred years from now, another Grand Archfiend will emerge!”

“Azure Lion has lofty ambitions, and yet suffered at the hands of Chen Ming. The outcome of this battle could swing either way, he is Azure Lion after all! The most ruthless Azure Lion of his generation!”

As the great battle was about to commence, when Chen Ming and the five Archfiends settled any final matters, he received the mission, “D rank mission: delayed revenge. Objective: destroy Pitfall Mountain. Pitfall Mountain killed your two brothers, three uncles and many other of your kin. Only blood can wash away blood, wipe out Pitfall Mountain.

Killing Archfiend Azure Lion: completion rate increased by 30%.

Killing Fiend General Gorilla: completion rate increased by 5%.

Killing Fiend General White Wolf: completion rate increased by 5%.


As everyone had a busy night from all the preparations, the second day arrived quickly. Over twenty Fiend Generals led the fiend army to assault Pitfall Mountain. With terrain advantage on their side, it was unclear who would be the winner. It all came down to who’s side Archfiend won, bringing a close to this endless war.

On the Pitfall Mountain’s side, Fiend General White Wolf’s saw the unending army of the Six Kings Alliance. It spread far and wide, with no end in sight. The black mass of fiends marched closer and closer like an unstoppable tide, “Eh? Is the Six Kings Alliance intending to end this war?”

Fiend General White Wolf knew that today was going to be a long and hard day, “Chen Ming must have returned, giving them hope that Six Kings Alliance is a match for Sir Azure Lion. Go and report, Six Kings Alliance is throwing everything!”

Archfiend Azure Lion climbed the walls, his eyes surveying the enemy’s rear, “Since the final battle is here, will those six gutless rats dare to show up?”

Behind the Six Kings Alliance’s great army, the six Archfiends jumped on their fiend cloud, watching Archfiend Azure Lion from afar. On the brink of battle, Azure Lion laughed at them, “Gutless rats, since six needed to fight me, shows how worthless you all are!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Azure Lion, why bother saying this now? By this time tomorrow, you’d already be burried!”

Azure Lion’s eyes grew bloodshot and gave him a glared, “Chen Ming! If it weren’t for you, those five worthless pieces of trash would be no match for me. If I don’t devour you, nothing will quench this endless hatred of mine!”

Chen Ming had the Control Aura, to boost morale. He took out the Demonic Blood Saber, its demonic energy reaching the sky, waved it at Pitfall Mountain and ordered, “Today, a King shall fall!”