The old revenge clashed with the new hatred. It could be said that Chen Ming and Azure Lion were each other’s archenemy.

The earth began to quake under the assault of the fiend army. A three-zhang-tall figure, akin to a giant, crushed all in its path, leaving scattered limbs in its wake. Draped over it was a layer of sharp spikes, that with a shake, dozens flew from it, skewering its enemies to the ground while leaving a pool of blood. From beneath the ground burst a calf-sized rat, gorging on an azure lion until only the bones remained.

Raging flames, rending storms, devastating waves, crushing rocks, all appeared throughout the battlefield. The heap of corpses piled up on the front line, stretching for miles on end.

Fresh blood flowed without stop, leaving the battlefield in the form of a small creek. It then entered a large river, dying its waters red.

Azure Lion felt the battle bellow was beneath him. Even in a cruel battle such as this. it still posed no threat to an Archfiend.

Chen Ming and the rest didn’t wait for long, their purpose was to kill Archfiend Azure Lion after all.

Old Turtle took to the front, leaving a storm behind. He had the best defense among Archfiends as he moved to block Archfiend Azure Lion.

A shield appeared in Old Turtle’s hand, his weapon.

Azure Lion’s power grew from three months ago, as he wielded a large blue banner. This was his weapon, the Fiend Converging Banner, “Archfiend Old Turtle, you really think this rotten tortoiseshell can withstand my blows? I’ll crush it to dust and show you the difference between us!”

Spiritual power exploded with Azure Lion at its center, shuddering the ground as it spread. Dao Comprehending realm was different from Dao Initiation realm. The later had nine stages, while the former three: Dao Seed, Divine Palace, and Consciousness!

Despite having only three stages, the gap between them couldn’t be measured. At this stage, one already began to touch the concept of


The Dao Seed was the key to opening the Divine Palace. Once opened, a cultivator’s spiritual would be renewed, increasing greatly. Even if one wouldn’t painstakingly work on renewing his spiritual power, the Divine Palace would draw the surrounding spiritual energy then refine it into spiritual power.

Old Turtle sensed Azure Lion’s wave of spiritual power, “You’re actually at the early stage of Divine Palace!”(1)

Azure Lion burst out in a loud laughter, “You’re smart. If it weren’t for Chen Ming, I would have been at the middle stage of Divine Palace!”

Chen Ming finally understood what Mo Tian meant by a newly promoted Archfiend. His current strength should be around the middle stage Dao Seed.

Among the present Archfiends, only Old Turtle was at the late stage Dao Seed, yet still found it hard to bear the full brunt of Azure Lion’s attacks.

Azure Lion waved the banner and sent a wave of black flames right at Old Turtle, who lifted his shield to block them but the resulted explosion sent him flying.

Chen Ming looked at him, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Chen Ming nodded inwardly, So long as he can withstand it.


The fight between the seven Archfiends has officially started. The surrounding fiends took the initiative to flee from the area, giving them a ten li space of the battlefield.

Old Turtle and the other four Archfiends attacked Azure Lion, with Old Turtle’s shield in front. White Fox wielded her whip like a snake trying to bind Azure Lion’s movements. This proved useless since Azure Lion was surrounded by spiritual power, deflecting her attacks.

Black Tiger struck with his heavy mace from behind, “Mountain Crusher!”

Fire Swallow’s wings flapped wildly and a huge fire cloud appeared in the sky bringing down a burning rain. It feels on Azure Lion yet each droplet fizzled as it touched his spiritual power.

Black Python held a sharp dagger, akin to a snake’s fang. His body changed into black smoke that came to envelop Azure Lion, lying in wait for the moment when he dropped his guard.

Chen Ming saw that there was a tank, a warrior, a mage, an assassin, and what was lacking were buffs.

Four swords revolved around Chen Ming, “The first takes the form of a heavy sword, carrying the profoundness of the earth, and the stability of a mountain. Go! The second takes the form of a blazing fire, burning towards the heaven, carrying fire’s swiftness. Go! The third takes the form of a tempest, dancing in the wind and becoming the wind. Go! The fourth takes the form of perfection everywhere, carrying the virtues of water and the calmness of the sea. Go! East carries the thick earth, South burns like fire, West blows like the wind, and the North carries the deep glaciers. Within the endless variation of the four elements, Four Elements Array, activate!”

The swords flew to the four corners, with Azure Lion at its center. The area changed immediately, as ice spears grew from the ground and flew at Azure Lion. They weren’t enough to harm him but they helped restrain his movements. Azure Lion’s spiritual power trembled and the spears on his body shattered!

Above, the raging fire accompanied a tempest as it hit Azure Lion, intending to refine his body under their might!

Azure Lion sensed the pressure this formation had on his power, reducing it by almost twenty percent. He was at the early stage of Divine Palace yet the suppression was this formidable. This proved that the Four Elements Array wasn’t simple to deal with.

Azure Lion kept calm despite all this since he wasn’t in any mortal danger. He waved the Fiend Converging Banner around and a lion made of black flames collided with Black Tiger’s chest until he spat blood.

“Trash is still trash, even if there’s six of you!”

A sudden dagger struck his back, spilling his blood, yet it only made his anger burn hotter. The lion’s roar echoed throughout the battlefield, then a huge lion claw reached inside the black smoke and grabbed the slow Black Python’s neck. Azure Lion brandished his flag, intending to running it through Black Python’s body.

Black Python knew what the result would entail and shouted, “Molting!”

Black Python’s body flowed like water, turning once again into black smoke and disappeared. Azure Lion was left with a black snakeskin in his hand.

“Snakeskin? You escaped once, why not try and see if it works a second time?”

Black Python said, “It seems like his power dropped. Let’s end him quickly! ”

Fire Swallow nodded and a fire seed flew out of her hand. That was her Dao Seed, spewing endless flames. It was an incredible fire, one that could only come int being at the moment of his breakthrough to Archfiend rank. This was the Tree Flame, of the same rank as Sword Energy, yet their difference laid in the hundreds of Tree Flames that flew at Azure Lion!

(1) From what I understand, Dao Seed starts in Dao Initiation realm and ends in Dao Comprehension realm. Could be wrong.