Chen Ming felt helpless, I told you but you wouldn’t listen.

Despite their wounds, the five Archfiends had not time to worry about these matters. This was a king slaying battle, if he didn’t die then they would.

Happiness bubbled in their hearts when they saw how he guessed wrong again, “Brother Chen Ming’s mastery of arrays makes the other gasp in amazement. We can’t afford to miss this, we have to continue to wear down Azure Lion’s strength!”

The Archfiends flocked him again, unsure how long was Chen Ming going to be able to control the array when there were only two swords left.

Azure Lion understood this, “Five trashes dare to fight me, I’ll just have to get rid of you first. He is just an array master, how can he stop me?”

Azure Lion couldn’t afford to choose wrong the third time, so his aim fell on White Fox. With his entire focus changed on her, White Fox didn’t resist for long, even with the other four’s assistance. The strikes from the Fiend Converging Banner slammed her into the ground.

Azure Lion planned on finishing her, but the others’ attacks came. He bears the brunt of their assault with his body, and despite the blood flowing from his mouth, they couldn’t stop his advance. He was one step away from eliminating the powerless White Fox.

Just as he reached her, icicles sprouted from the ground and hoisted her body, then guiding White Fox behind Chen Ming, to safety.

A black fire erupted from Azure Lion’s eyes, “Chen Ming, I’ll never let you go. When I devour you, I will take my time savoring you!”

Chen Ming looked behind and saw that White Fox could no longer maintain her original form, “How are you feeling?”

White Fox took a deep breath, “I’m not dead yet, but I’m powerless to help.”

An Archfiends’ fight was savage and vicious. In a moment of inattention, Azure Lion caught Black Python, then bombarded his body with many fists. He grabbed Black Python tighter, focusing all his strength to try and tear him in two.

How could Black Tiger let him? His mace landed on Azure Lion’s back a dozen times, forcing him to spit blood again and again.

Azure Lion bellowed, “Die!”

Black Python’s body got torn in two, then dumped on the ground.

It was fortunate his body was that of an Archfiend. As long as his head stayed on his shoulder and his heart beating inside his chest, he would live. Chen Ming controlled the icicles, also saving Black Python. He then took out a spiritual herb for him to help his recovery. Black Python then used the last ounce of his spiritual power to connect his lower body.

There were now only three Archfiends left to fight, but Azure Lion’s situation was no longer optimistic, his body riddled with wounds.

Chen Ming sighed, “Divine Palace is too incredible!”

Black Python coughed some blood, “A normal Divine Palace might not have Azure Lion’s strength. He devoted himself to cultivating and even had a better cultivation method than ours! It gives him constant power, far above that of any ordinary early stage Divine Palace cultivator.”

Black Tiger saw the ripped in half Black Python and the powerless White Fox. They could no longer retreat, it was either he died or they died, “Azure Lion, here comes my mace!”

Azure Lion retaliated with the Fiend Converging Banner, sending him backward. He stomped the ground, shattered countless ice spear, then jumped with his fist aimed at Fire Swallow!

Fire Swallow’s open mouth launched hundreds of Tree Flames, yet Azure Lion simply charged through the firewall, as it burned his body black. His fist finally landed on Fire Swallow snapping many bones.

The fight continued like this, giving Chen Ming the feeling that he would soon have a hard time keeping his mind focus on controlling the array. He removed the Blood Saber Coffin from his ring.

A hand held the Demonic Blood Saber and another, the Blood Saber Coffin.

If the situation asked for it, he would have to join the fight.

Azure Lion’s wounds weren’t mild, but up against three Archfiends, his power rolled in waves with each hit, striking like lightning, and quaking the earth.

Black Tiger’s mace smashed on his waist, evoking a roar from Azure Lion. The roar continued as Azure Lion seized Black Tiger’s mace, then stabbed him with the Fiend Converging Banner in his chest, leaving behind a ghastly hole, deep enough to see his organs.

Fire Swallow was also on the receiving end, the target of dozens of fists, leaving barely any bone intact, as it hit the ground like a pile of meat.

Azure Lion fell from the sky, right on Old Turtle’s tortoiseshell. Under the constant bombardment from the Fiend Converging Banner, despite sporting amazing defense, cracks spread along its surface.

White Wolf shouted in joy, “Ha-ha-ha, not even six Archfiends are a match for Sir Archfiend Azure Lion. After this war, he will become a Grand Archfiend!”

Gorilla’s body was riddled with wounds, but that didn’t stop his slaughter, “Archfiend Azure Lion is invincible!”

The pounding of the two legs shattered the shield to pieces, then Azure Lion shifted his eyes towards Chen Ming, “Why bother breaking your array when the only one left is you. Who is there to block me now? Who is there to protect you?”

White Fox watched Chen Ming, “Don’t care about us, the strong prey on the weak, that is the fiend’s rule. Leave then come back later to exact revenge on Azure Lion! ”

Chen Ming shook his head.

Black Tiger said, “Don’t be stupid, Chen Ming. Loosing is loosing, but death is final. You have the chance to escape with your life. Azure Lion’s wounds will prevent him from chasing after you! What good will Demonic Blood Saber do?”

Chen Ming gazed upon Blood Saber Coffin, “Comprehend Demonic Blood Saber manual to Saber Heart rank. Direct comprehension!”

“Used 312 merits, comprehension complete!”

Archfiend Azure Lion looked at the Demonic Blood Saber in his hand, “Eh? A demon saber, and one that chose its owner at that. That’s a good item!”

Chen Ming nodded, “It is indeed good!”

Azure Lion looked at Chen Ming’s posture, laughing, “You aren’t thinking of fighting me with that Demonic Blood Saber, right? From what I know, you’re a sword cultivator, with mastery in arrays. But not once have I heard of you practicing saber arts. You won’t be able to fully exhibit Demonic Blood Saber’s power!”

Chen Ming smiled, “That was then and this is now. It just so happens that I am on the path of slowly comprehending the three thousand Grand Daos!”

As he finished, Saber Energy surrounded him, hundreds of them at his beck and call. He was now at the Saber Heart rank!