Chen Ming looked above Azure Lion. Danger value: 208 (560 maximum).

Azure Lion’s danger value dropped, but there was also a mention of him having a maximum of 560. If his current danger value was 208 then there was no point to mention his peak state. Thus, even if it was as low as 208, his combat strength wasn’t limited to just this. The battle never got easier.

Chen Ming didn’t interfere until now, despite having the strength to. He wanted to give Azure Lion the impression that he wouldn’t intervene, or that he was weak. This was the only way Azure Lion would have focused solely on the five Archfiends, without leaving himself a way out. That was how he managed to change Azure Lion’s view on him.

Chen Ming rested Demonic Blood Saber on his shoulder, speaking to Azure Lion on a flat tone, “You have the right to keep talking, anything you say will become your dying words.”

Azure Lion noticed something was amiss, seeing how Demonic Blood Saber was surrounded by Saber Energy, “You surprise me, your strength has earned my respect. If we look at it from a different point, you and I have the chance to become Grand Archfiends. As long as we work together, we can go wherever we want in Myriad Mountains. As for those five, is there a need to get so attached to worthless toys? ”

The five Archfiends were all waiting for Chen Ming. He still had a choice. He wasn’t just amazingly talented, that was something it fitted only youngsters, they were all Archfiends, after all.

A worthy description for someone like Chen Ming would bee deep and unfathomable. He formed a Sword Heart and was also a human, yet he could cultivate a fiend method to the King rank. His array reached the domain of gods, setting it up all by himself and now, wielding Demonic Blood Saber, he also exhibited the Saber Heart.

If it were them, Azure Lion’s proposal would have moved them. His words were correct, as long as they joined hands, they had the chance to reach the Grand Archfiend rank.

Against a pair of promising Grand Archfiends at the fringe of the Myriad Mountains, no one would stand in their way.

Chen Ming smiled, sweeping his saber, “Sorry, I have no intention of accepting your proposal.”

Chen Ming dragged the saber with one hand as he ran towards Azure Lion. Demonic Blood Saber’s demonic energy extended, becoming a black cloud inside the formation. Saber Energy fluttered wildly as Chen Ming chopped at Azure Lion’s chest. Hundreds Saber Energy waves flew as Azure Lion wielded Fiend Converging Banner, launching black flames to resist the attack.

“Explain yourself!”

Chen Ming’s attacks gradually lessened, “You want an explanation? Fine, I’ll tell you. I had three uncles and two brothers, and they found their end in your belly.”

Azure Lion’s was shocked, showing a wary expression, “You were scheming for revenge all this time, to give the death blow from amidst the darkness. Now that the chance presented itself, show me if you have enough skill to follow through in your revenge!”

Chen Ming said, “If you want to see, then I’ll show you. This will be your final act!”

Standing in the Four Elements Array, with Demonic Blood Saber in his hand and with a Saber Heart, Chen Ming became the sole monarch of the area. He was aware of this sensation, aware of how he was One With the World.

The saber fell and formed a ten-zhang-long energy wave condensed from hundreds of Saber Energy, carrying with it the entire power of the array.

Azure Lion’s Fiend Converging Banner created a violent storm, but when the blow landed, he still retreated three steps; only stopping when he stabbed the layer of ice with his flag. “You’re not at the Saber Heart, nor the Sword Heart. You’re at the One With the World stage!”

Chen Ming smiled, “If you say it is, then it must be so!”

His power inside the array was strikingly similar to the One With the World stage, or at least the effect was the same.

Chen Ming’s every attack contained the array’s power. And by using the strongest Demonic Blood Saber’s move, it wasn’t any weaker than Finger From Beyond, while its toll on spiritual power was lower.

King Slayer Aura, Killing Intent Aura, activate!

Blood-red lights focused on the blade and when Chen Ming released several slashes, Azure Lion wielded Fiend Converging Banner like a spear, moving it around himself and creating a tornado that carried with it black flames as he met head-on with Chen Ming’s attack.

Chen Ming wasn’t a child like Ling Xian, fighting his opponent from afar, continuing like this until his final strike, then killing him.

Stepping on the saber images, Chen Ming instantly took eight steps and was next to Azure Lion, then slashing at him with the brilliant saber.

Fiercely and ruthlessly, he went in for the kill, but Demonic Blood Saber got blocked by Azure Lion. Chen Ming then took a spiritual sword from his ring and executed Lustrous King Sword Art’s Rainbow Sword attack!

The radiant sword flowed like a waterfall, bypassing Fiend Converging Banner and striking Azure Lion flank.

Azure Lion didn’t expect Chen Ming to be so fierce in his attacks. The hit threw him into a bluestone rock, turning it to rubble, and his flank now had a gaping wound. The blood flowed without stop and allowed a clear view of the organs inside.

Azure Lion smiled, then put his organs back. He then drew a fireball closer to the wound, cauterized it until the blood stopped flowing. Azure Lion licked the blood on his lips, his blue mane dancing in the wind. He spoke, “To tell you the truth, you’ve given me many surprises, exceeding my expectations again and again. I, Azure Lion, praise you in being the strongest person in Pitfall Mountain, next to me!”

Chen Ming stood there with a saber in one hand and a sword in the other. Azure Lion felt how Chen Ming was at his strongest inside the array, being at the One With the World stage. This kind of pressure gives him the feeling as if the whole world rested on his shoulders.

“But I won’t go down so easily!”

“If you want my life, then come take it yourself!”

Azure Lion began waving Fiend Converging Banner, “Dance of the Demons!”

Strands of demonic energy changed into shadows, charging at Chen Ming with their weapons as if they were a black river of steel.

Chen Ming stood there smiling as tens of shadows were upon him, “This kind of magical art won’t work on me!”

Fire and wind, from the Four Elements Array, clashed against the shadows, tearing them to pieces. As the shadows crumbled, Chen Ming already passed them, hacking with his saber at Azure Lion’s head!