Chen Ming strolled towards Lustrous King Peak. His perception warned him that the girl was training her sword on the mountain; a challenger has yet to come. Chen Ming walked inside her room and picked up the Nine Nines Mysteries Art from the table.

Chen Ming heard that it usually killed any who dabbled in it. Even though the little girl’s cultivation went smoothly, he was still worried. He would just comprehend it since his constitution needed him to cultivate at least three thousand methods.

Chen Ming though, “Comprehend Nine Nines Mysteries Art!”

“Ding, comprehending Nine Nines Mysteries Art’s 81 stages requires ten thousand merits. Host has ninety-five merits but can comprehend the first 24 stages. Start comprehension?”

“Comprehend! Direct comprehension!”

Only a moment passed and Chen Ming felt the difference. The power of his body has multiplied!

“The Nine Nines Mysteries Art is actually a cultivation method that cultivates the body! I need to get more ginseng things for this little girl to chew on, or the stock will run out soon.”

Only relying on his body’s strength, Chen Ming’s power was comparable to a 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm cultivator.

But comprehending the Nine Nines Mysteries Art was extremely difficult. It actually needed ten thousand merits. It was an incredible cultivation method worthy of a Main Character.

Now that he was also training in it, Chen Ming discovered that it wasn’t the strongest in the Dao Sense realm. Nine nines return to one, with one step transcend mortality! In other words, when it would be cultivated to perfection, it allowed one to go beyond mortality. It fit the Main Character like a glove.

Chen Ming pondered, then began writing his insights onto the Nine Nines Mysteries Art manual’s sides. This way, the little girl’s cultivation speed would increase.

Endless Swords Sect.

A group of recently promoted female inner disciples gossiped, “Have you heard? Elder Cheng didn’t like Zhuo Qingyao from the start. If you defeat her, Elder Chen will take an interest in you!”

“I heard, and I also heard that Elder Chen returned to Regent’s estate. The Lustrous King Peak should only have her there.”

“Let’s go teach this trash Zhuo Qingyao a lesson, let her know she isn’t worthy to be Elder Cheng’s disciple!”

“Younger sister is brilliant!”

“If the two of them stay together for long, who knows when this b*tch will crawl in Elder Cheng’s bed!”

“Humph, as if to say her charm is better! But Elder Cheng is a carefree person, so how could this wench be a match to him?”

“Exactly. Elder Cheng is in his prime, and this b*tch will have many chances of using him!”

Lustrous King Peak.

Chen Ming finished writing his insights and strolled through the mountain while using his spiritual power to remain hidden. Halfway up the mountain, he heard a woman’s voice, “Zhuo Qingyao, you’re planning on getting close to Elder Cheng, all for the sake of money. Take this ten thousand gold taels and leave Elder Cheng!”

Chen Ming laid atop an old tree while enjoying the show. Facing Zhuo Qingyao was the daughter of a great merchant, Li Qian’er, who was quite wealthy. She appeared to be eighteen-nineteen years old and wore a long skirt, and wasn’t bad in the looks department.

Zhuo Qingyao took a bite out of the snow ginseng she fished out of her pocket. She said in amazement, “Wow, ten thousand taels of gold!”

Li Qian’er expressed her disdain, “Humph, you must know nothing, since you’re making such a fuss over ten thousand tales of gold!”

Zhuo Qingyao bashfully asked, “I only heard of gold, but never seen it. How much money is ten thousand taels of gold? Is it valuable?”

Li Qian’er arrogantly explained, “Only a peasant doesn’t know what value ten thousand taels of gold has. Then I will enlighten you. This money can buy you a street or one-year food supplies for a thousand people. If I’m not wrong, ten thousand taels of gold can only buy a mere root from the snow ginseng in your hand…”

Could only buy a single root…

Afterward, Zhuo Qingyao took one crunchy bite out of the snow ginseng, eating most of it. Li Qian’er’s voice trembled, “That bite, is worth fifty thousand taels of gold…”

Even someone like Li Qian’er, with her wealthy background, never saw someone eating snow ginseng as if it were a radish!

Li Qian’er felt something was amiss. To compare her wealth to Chen Ming’s, she was asking to be humiliated.

It disappointed Chen Ming, “Sigh, today’s bullies are completely useless. Their quality is so low! They lack any desire to fight and instead made me pity them. I thought it would be a show, watching the Main Character wiping the floor with someone!”

Chen Ming was let down yet said, “But it’s all assisting to the Main Character’s growth, presenting their dignity for before the Main Character for trampling. And she is sacrificing her life to further the Main Character’s journey. This bully is admirable. Li Qian’er is not just a bully, she is a hero!”

Li Qiang’er scowled, “You conspired to become Elder Cheng’s disciple then take his money. I will act instead of Elder and take out the trash!”

Li Qian’er was at the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm and should have no problems defeating Zhuo Qingyao. Moments later, Zhuo Qingyao was beaten black and blue and tried to run, only to be chased to Reflecting Cliff.

You must be asking yourself, why doesn’t Chen Ming help Zhuo Qingyao? This was a moment of utmost importance and needs to mind the script, or else it would endanger Main Character’s destiny.

As the name implied, the Reflecting Cliff is a cliff. Chen Ming couldn’t help himself, “I almost forgot. For Qingyao’s cultivation to rise she still needs to jump!”

To a Main Character, nothing worked better than jumping off a cliff! It would be better to jump twice while you’re at it! Did you lack a treasure? Then the bottom would have a treasure left behind by a Dao Comprehending realm cultivator. Did you lack a cultivation method? Then below you’d find a cultivation method left behind by an immortal. Did you need an immortal art? Then below you’d find an immortal on his deathbed. Did you need a girlfriend? Then at the bottom, you’d find a pure—treacherous—and lovely—big-chested—enchantress!

The bottom of a cliff had anything you heart desired!

In the meantime, Li Qian’er’s palm threw Zhuo Qingyao off the cliff, letting Chen Ming see how the mist swallowed her. As if it was fate, Zhuo Qingyao grabbed a vine that happened to hide a cave in the cliff wall.

The startled voice of Zhuo Qingyao came from within, “Wow, this is Jade Mushroom! Master said this was a rare spiritual medicine, worlds apart from the snow ginseng. Eating it will not only recover my wounds but it will also improve my cultivation! Just you wait, Li Qian’er! When I leave Reflecting Cliff, I will make you answer for this!”

Zhuo Qingyao’s words eased Chen Ming’s heart. The ancestors didn’t deceive me. He jumped on the Reflecting cliff and found that a black-clothed man stood where Li Qiang’er previously was. The man smiled at Chen Ming, “People said that Yan Empire’s proud son of heaven, Chen Ming, took in a disciple. Never expected for Prince, at such a young age, to have already caught a glimpse into the Dao Comprehending realm. If you become an accomplished cultivator, then won’t Yan Empire double in power?”

Chen Ming looked at him and face-palmed, “F*ck, forgot about the hidden storyline!”

It confused the black-clothed man, “What hidden storyline?”

“A hidden storyline is a major event the Main Character finds when he is still weak, the gratitudes and grievances we NPCs have. If it weren’t for these, we would all be living in peace. How can the Main Character slaughter his way through when there are no sides?”

The man was at a loss, “Could the Prince be touched in the head?”

Chen Ming pulled out Lustrous King Sword from his back and pointed it at the black-clothed man. Two experts facing off on a cliff was like a final battle between leaders. Just that Chen Ming sighed, “Stop your yapping and let’s advance the storyline!”