As Chen Ming was enjoying some fine wine with the other Archfiends, he pondered on the problem regarding the completion rate. Seeing as he needed to crush them, then that meant they should either disappear or die.

Chen Ming sat in his tent and had Eldest Bear bring White Wolf forward. Eldest Bear made him kneel, but the general felt no humiliation since the one standing before him was an Archfiend.

Chen Ming asked, “What are your current intentions?”

White Wolf replied, “Azure Lion already lost, and we lost with him.”

Fiends believed in strength, and White Wolf wasn’t devoted to Azure Lion. The only one who truly believed in Azure Lion was Fiend General Stag.

Chen Ming was also not inclined in taking all of Azure Lion’s men. Most of his time was spent outside, taking care of important matters. The ones on his peak would most likely amount to Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian. If something went wrong then he’d have a splitting headache.

Chen Ming had no intention of making this general his subordinate, he was untrustworthy, just like the other generals.

If a general cooked a plan to capture Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao, he would be vexed without end. He couldn’t allow these guys to ruin such hard to come by chives.

Chen Ming’s current thinking differed from before. He was quite interested in having Fiend Generals as subordinates, but now these thoughts shifted towards Archfiends.

Five Archfiend, and a rarely seen friendship born from killing a King together. They should be reliable, and when he became a Grand Archfiend, he would get rid of them, the best way to quickly increase his strength.

The Archfiends could take Pitfall Mountain’s power without having to worry about him taking any, and when he’s gone, they would act as a deterrence, cowering others from having ill thoughts about Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao. He would be able to mind his own business without a care in the world.

This was the best decision.

He handed White Wolf over to Black Tiger and saw the completion rate went up by 5%. Seeing how submission worked the same as killing, there was no need to continue the slaughter.

With the result as proof, Chen Ming followed Black Tiger to participate in the sharing of Pitfall Mountain’s spoils.

Chen Ming entered the tent with the other Archfiends present and sat in his seat. Black Tiger said, “The Six Kings Alliance was established as a way to deal with Azure Lion’s suppression. Now that we have killed two Human Kings, and even an early stage of Divine Palace, our glory grew brighter. Now, after victory, it is time to distribute the spoils. Bro Chen Ming’s contributions are very high, I wonder what would you think would be the best way to do this?”

Chen Ming did some thinking, then said, “Firstly, even though I’m an Archfiend, I don’t have a territory. I want Pitfall Mountain.”

White Fox smiled, “Naturally, we agreed from the start of our alliance, that Pitfall Mountain will be brother Chen Ming’s. Do you perhaps have any other requests?”

Chen Ming followed with, “As for the surrendered fiends, I don’t want any of them. I leave them all to my brothers. I killed Azure Lion, bestowing me with slight insight regarding Divine Palace, so I have no time to mind my subordinates.”

Black Tiger said, “That’s great! If bro Chen Ming becomes a Grand Archfiend it will be even better. We can then be under your wing and do whatever we want! If bro Chen Ming doesn’t want these troops, then take more of Azure Lion’s treasures. The way I see it, bro Chen Ming’s contribution is worth half of Azure Lion’s wealth!”

The others also nodded unanimously.

Chen Ming agreed of course.

They divided the spoils however they wished, with all getting what they wanted. With the threat of death from Azure Lion off their minds and lording over the vicinities, the Six Kings Alliance had no intention of disbanding. This alliance would continue to exist for a long time. Pitfall Mountain was located inside Six Kings Alliance’s territory and as long it didn’t collapse, it guaranteed Pitfall Mountain’s safety.

With the Archfiends subduing the Fiend Generals and the rest of the prisoners, Pitfall Mountain became empty. The only ones left behind were the bear brothers, with a thousand Great Fiends, and Ling Xian who returned after finishing his matters in Southern Border, while leaving the rest of the administration in the hands of Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect. With the help of the Great Fiends, they moved the swords from the swords mountain, that Zhuo Qingyao used to comprehend the sword Dao, over here, where she also settled on a small mountain.

Chen Ming wasn’t an incredible leader, just a poor old hardworking chives farmer. It was very important to have a place to grow them.

He waved his hand and thus, Pitfall Mountain’s name shall be, from this day forth, Yan Mountain.

After the name change, Chen Ming found that the completion rate was 94%. He was puzzled over this, Why are there still 6% left?

He could accept 1%, but 6%, didn’t it mean there was a Fiend General on the loose?

Hold on, it’s not him, is it?

Black Tiger suddenly paid him a visit, speaking as he stepped inside, “I don’t know where Fiend General Stag has gone to, he disappeared!”

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, Isn’t it the same as saying he ran away? And the system still considers him from Pitfall Mountain.

Chen Ming thought about it, For the destruction of Pitfall Mountain, Fiend General Stag worked ‘hard’ and ‘gave his all’. If it were someone else, Chen Ming would have hunted down, but Stag, Whatever, let him run!

Chen Ming said, “He must be tired and wants to roam free. He must have returned to the wilds!”

Black Tiger nodded slightly, “Yeah, Fiend General Stag suffered greatly from torture. He might not have let go of his intent to do battle. This is good closure for him, to return to the wilds.”

After sending off Black Tiger, Chen Ming concluded the mission, “Ding! Delayed vengeance, destroy Pitfall Mountain’s report: 94% complete. Rating: excellent. Reward: 15000 spiritual knowledge, 2000 fame, and an appropriate item, a D rank treasure map. Please inspect it. ”

A great deal of spiritual knowledge and 2000 fame. He almost had ten thousand fame, and when it crossed that mark it would definitely have a fundamental change.

He amassed close to forty thousand spiritual knowledge, while his puny merits would make someone cry a river.

“Seems I don’t have enough chives. With the third disciple position open, it is time to find another chive to grow!”

A valley, at the boundary of Myriad Mountains and Demonic Domain.

A black-clothed youth meditated on top of a cliff. He seemed to be twelve to thirteen years old, but had a mature air around him, as if having a lifetime of experiences.

After finishing his meditation, the youth looked at the sky, “Why isn’t he here? If I’m not wrong, it was around this time that Human King Mo Tian came here in the previous world. He was badly hurt from fighting with the fiends and ran towards Demonic Domain, only to die from his wounds in this valley. He would be carrying the Demonic Blood Saber and a saber scripture. These items were then found by demonic sect’s seventh disciple, Wu Sanqi, and helped his quick rise to power, then becoming the head disciple. Then two years later, at the time of Ghost Immortal’s chaos, he would become one of the demonic sect’s rulers. He was one who held promise of opening the path to immortality.”

The youth mumbled, “It should be right, as I was once killed by him. How can it be wrong? Little sister, don’t be afraid, I, Li Suyi, won’t let you suffer again!”

Several days passed and Li Suyi kept standing on the cliff, muttering, “Did I remember it wrongly? Was it a different time, or a different place? Why hasn’t Mo Tian showed up yet?”

Li Suyi surveyed the area, and there was no one there, besides him and a black crow, “How odd, how strange, could this world have other variables? That can’t be it, in the previous world, I had no influence, and now, I haven’t become powerful yet. This is my greatest chance, I can’t lose it. Let’s just wait for a few more days.”