Chen Ming came here to dig for treasure, to see what goods would a D ranked treasure map hide. He was searching around Azure Lion’s hidden treasure and found a map engraved on a sheepskin. Knowing the system’s style, Chen Ming realized this was the treasure map and this map led to here, in Demonic Domain. Chen Ming wasn’t afraid, but instead shifted around inside and his energy was now demonic energy.

While passing through the valley, he heard Li Suyi’s mutterings about some previous world. He instantly landed and listed closely to Li Suyi’s thoughts.

When Chen Ming’s gaze landed on Li Suyi, he discovered four auras.

‘Reckless Aura lv 2

Description: conspiracy, ambush, plotted against, disasters? All are useless!

Effect: when danger arrives, you are prone to rash decisions.’

‘Demon King Aura

Description: I descend among the demons, with an executioner’s blade in hand, and rise as their leader!”

Effect: control over demonic faction’

‘Rebirth Aura

Description: as everything starts anew, all is the same and you became a youth again!

Effect: unknown’

‘Luck Aura lvl 1

Description: It isn’t impossible to have one’s wish granted.

Effect: your luck increases according to Luck Aura’s level.’

No question about it, these four auras were strong. But the most overbearing of the all was the Rebirth Aura. Or more like, this couldn’t be said to be an aura, since he already went through it. Just after rebirth, he could exploit this aura to its pinnacle, predicting everything.

Where heavenly treasures were, where the opportunity laid, he knew everything, since he already knew this world’s script!

Too bad that this world already ran into Chen Ming. He broke many storylines, and if Chen Ming didn’t come digging for treasures, Li Suyi would have continued waiting for Mo Tian.

There was no point in waiting since Mo Tian no longer existed.

Even with four auras, because of their effects, he was about the same as Ling Xian. After all, Ling Xian’s Luck Aura and Mind-numbing Aura had outrageously high levels.

Control over the demonic faction was unclear on where its effect lied, but it would be unveiled sooner or later.

But why the hell did this guy had a Demon King Aura after rebirthing? Was Li Suyi the true Main Character?

And was this book, a villain’s drama?

Li Suyi never discovered Chen Ming, he was still assuming him to be a simple crow. He put his hand on his chest and muttered, “I don’t know why, but I feel a sudden impulse. This doesn’t feel right.”

Chen Ming took a wild guess when a blue-robed Daoist fell from the sky, holding a horsetail whisk, and a cauldron painted on his back. The Daoist eyed Li Suyi, happy that he found his prey, “Li Suyi, never have I imagined you’d run to Demonic Domain. You’ve made me search for you for quite some time.”

Li Suyi could feel this Daoist’s strength. He might be reborn, but his body didn’t have an ounce of cultivation. He wanted to cultivate the cultivation method left behind by Mo Tian.

This blue-robed Daoist was at Dao Initiation realm since he could use a flying sword, “Just what are you trying to do?”

The Daoist laughed, “Did you expect your sister to go to Medicine King Valley to learn alchemy? No no no, she didn’t go to study the art of medicine, but to become one instead. Her blood is special, so special it fascinates even me. But I am also a man who removes all obstacles.”

Li Suyi knew this and covered his tracks. His coming hear was to get Mo Tian’s Demonic Blood Saber and saber coffin, then rescue his sister.

But Mo Tian was late!

Li Suyi didn’t submit, pointing at a black crow perched on a tree, “Look, what is that?”

The Daoist saw just a plain old crow but still felt an indescribable fear. He then heard Li Suyi’s footsteps, This kid tried to distract me! “Humph, you think a lousy crow can distract me?”

“Don’t even dream of escaping when you’re a mere mortal!”

The Daoist trapped Li Suyi in his spiritual power. Seeing how the spiritual power had him trapped, blades of Saber Energy came from his body, removing the restriction and continued running.

The Daoist stood blank for a moment, “What? A mere mortal can use Saber Energy? If this child starts cultivation then he’ll return stronger! Li Suyi, you will die today.”

The Daoist flew while operating his Dao Initiation realm spiritual power to once again trap Li Suyi. He released Saber Energy again, but the Daoist was prepared. He waved his horsetail whisk and sent a few strands of spiritual power, making Li Suyi wide-eyed. Just when he thought his life would fall in the underworld river, a black crow landed on the horsetail whisk.

Li Suyi saw how the Daoist’s spiritual power scattered, and with the loss of control, fell on the ground.

The blue-robed Daoist’s showed fear. He felt pressure from the crow perched on his horsetail whisk, as Chen Ming used his own spiritual power to seal him. The crow spoke, “Was it you, just now, who said I was a lousy crow?”

The Daoist knew when he met an expert. No wonder he sensed something off about it when he looked at the crow!

“This humble Daoist has unwittingly offended Sir. I ask that Sir be benevolent, and spare this humble Daoist’s life!”

Chen Ming gave a creepy laughter, “Ga-ga-ga, don’t you know this is Demonic Domain?”

The Daoist’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, Right, Demonic Domain’s people enjoy killing, using any pretext to kill.

The black crow turned into a cloud of black smoke, and from within came out Chen Ming, standing before the Daoist with Blood Saber Coffin on his back and wearing a black-feathered robe. He smiled at Li Suyi, “You were about to be killed, right?”

Chen Ming opened the Blood Saber Coffin and threw Demonic Blood Saber towards Li Suyi, “Kill him.”

Li Suyi was struck dumb, No way! I just pointed at a random crow and it turned out to be a profound Archfiend!

He even had the things Li Suyi wanted: Demonic Blood Saber and Blood Saber Coffin!

Just how did that Wu Sanqi get his hands on Demonic Blood Saber and Blood Saber Coffin?

Li Suyi grabbed the Demonic Blood Saber and Chen Ming saw how it didn’t resist, not giving him any backlash. Demonic Blood Saber seems to be attracted to the Demon King Aura.

Li Suyi walked towards the Daoist, “You captured my little sister and now I kill you!”

The Daoist roared, “I didn’t harm your little sister’s life, just took some of her blood for alchemy!”

Li Suyi said, “But you already showed your intention to kill me. If it weren’t for senior, I would have died at your hand!”

Li Suyi talks high and righteous, and when he convinced himself, he lifted the saber, wanting to behead the Daoist. But another one jumped down from his sword, an old man wearing the same clothes. He waved his hand and the sword moved to thwart Li Suyi’s strike, “Who’s the demonic cultivator that dares harm one of Medicine King Valley’s men!”

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched. He watched how Li Suyi talked like a broken record, I f*king knew it! When the villain dies, there’s bound to be a ton of talking. Just hack already, where do you find the time to waste on these useless matters!