The confined blue-robed Daoist was thrilled, “Elder Yuan, save me!”

When Elder Yuan landed, he also found Chen Ming was an Archfiend. This cooled his anger in a flash and cupped his hands towards him, “Sir Archfiend, when has my Medicine King Valley offended you?”

Chen Ming turned a blind eye to this old geezer and walked to Li Suyi, “I thought your talent was passable before, wanting to impart a move to you, but you’re so disappointing.”

Li Suyi was confused, What have I done wrong?

“I ask for senior’s guidance!”

Chen Ming swept his eyes over Li Suyi, You’ve clearly lived a harsh life, so why are you wasting so much nonsense when killing someone? Just what have you been doing your past life?

Chen Ming said, “Does your heart have the determination to kill?”

Li Suyi nodded.

“Then you killing him, is because you decided to kill him, or was it because he believes you can kill him?”

“It should be because I decided to kill him.”

“Since killing him is your choice, then what’s your relation with this old man?”

“None, our only common ground is our thinking.”

“Then, why the f*ck do you waste time spewing cr*p! You didn’t go and directly end him, and now look, you’ve made it harder for me!”

Li Suyi: …

Elder Yuan: …

Daoist: “But I think we have a strong connection!”

Elder Yuan showed a wary expression, “Sir Archfiend, Medicine King Valley might not have power here, but it is connected to it. It owes us a favor and has many Human Kings.”

Elder Yuan was only at the 5th stage of the Dao Initiation realm but had no fear of Chen Ming. Medicine King Valley had only one King rank, with many others who owed them favors.

Chen Ming stretched his hand and the Demonic Blood Saber landed inside. He waved it around and two head fell.

Chen Ming gazed at Li Suyi, “See that? If you want to kill, then kill. Why the hell would you talk so much? I’ll have you know that nine out of ten demonic cultivator villains die because their mouth kept yapping!”

Yet Li Suyi still clung to the last hope, “And the last one?”

Chen Ming was serious, “That one talked non-stop.”

Li Suyi: …

Chen Ming put away the Demonic Blood Saber, patted his rear and was ready to go when Li Suyi suddenly knelt towards him, “Please accept me as disciple senior! Disciple wishes to walk the path of demonic cultivation imparted from senior!”

Chen Ming’s foot stopped, Should I take him or not?

Of the two choices, only one was viable. To take him.

Plus, this kid knows the scrip, he might prove useful.

Chen Ming smiled at Li Suyi, “You truly want to study demonic cultivation from me? You should know what ‘demon’ signifies. ”

Li Suyi’s eyes flashed with resolve, In the previous life, I cultivated the righteous path, and what good did it do? I was still poor and weak, while little sister died a cruel death. If I want to amass power before Ghost Immortal’s arrival I need to fall on the demonic path.

“Disciple wishes to follow Master in demonic cultivation!”

“We’ll complete the ceremony when we’ll return to Yan Mountain. But first, we’ll go save your little sister. ”

Li Suyi and Zhuo Qingyao’s situations were different. Her little brother was just a slave, with no danger to his life, while Li Suyi’s little sister had her blood drawn to make pills.

Furthermore, Chen Ming was a tad curious about his sister. What was so special about her blood that could be used in alchemy?

Li Suyi said, “Master, my two sisters, Chen Lingyu, is at a Medicine King Valley’s branch!”

Chen Ming said to himself, And you have two sisters, truly troublesome. “Hold on, what were your sisters’ names?”

“Chen Lingyu!”

“Wasn’t your family name Li?”

“My sisters came from my stepmother before father married.”

Chen Ming was stunned, Was this the legendary sister from different parents?

And they were frickin’ two at that!

With his appearance, why such treatment? When looking at myself… Forget it, a man can’t be compared with a dog.

Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud with Li Suyi hopping on right after. He secured Li Suyi with his spiritual power then followed his directions.

After a day of flying, Li Suyi pointed at a valley spewing rolling black smoke, “Master, that’s the Medicine King Valley’s branch!”

Chen Ming landed outside the valley, then turned into a crow and perched on Li Suyi’s shoulder. It was the beginning of springs and birds should be chirping and grass should be growing. Yet the tree’s leaves were all yellow, dried completely and the ground wasn’t a green carpet of grass, just withered and decayed.

A usual paradise for alchemy would be an immortal clan’s dwelling, but by the look of things, everything had an eerie feel to it. Chen Ming flew over and grabbed a strand of black smoke, only to discover that it held evil energy.

Chen Ming didn’t spread his awareness, as the cultivators here were strong enough to notice him.

Everything about this place was weird, but even Chen Ming wouldn’t dare to charge inside.

Chen Ming asked Li Suyi, “Do you feel impulsive?”

Li Suyi shook his head, “No, Master. Why do you ask?”


Chen Ming whispered in his ear, “See that wall ten feet from here? Jump over and find your sisters!”

Li Suyi was reborn after all and knew many useful skills. With subtle motions, he climbed the wall, hid in a tree atop the wall and waited for the patrolling disciples to leave. But their eyes were weird, being entirely black. Even when they met, they gave a strange greeting, “Death, is the power of the living!”

Chen Ming was suddenly swept by a familiar feeling, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Once passed the patrolling disciples, Li Suyi’s had a smooth journey from there. He moved like a cat and after a bit of search, he found his sisters in an alchemy house.

Inside, a petite, fragile and pitiful girl, too weak to move was bound to a pillar, in preparation to draw her blood.

Li Suyi motioned at her, “Master, they are my sisters!”

Chen Ming looked, Isn’t it just a person? Do you think I’m blind?

But before he could retort, he found why from the two auras above her head.

‘Heavenly Pill Heart lvl 6

Description: observing everything with compassion.

Effect: greatly increases alchemy refining chance.’

‘Slaughtering Asura lvl 6

Description: I was born in slaughter, and blood sets me free.

Effect: control over death.’