Chen Ming froze, Two lvl 6 auras?

What kind of freak is she?

But in his eyes, Slaughtering Asura Aura was gray, disabled, with only Heavenly Pill Heart Aura active.

Maybe, this wasn’t just the legendary split personality, but also two people sharing the same body?

Li Suyi said, “My sisters’ situation is a bit special. She is Chen Ling’er by day and Chen Yu’er by night. Ling’er’s heart is pure and kind without equal, while Yu’er gives off a slightly cold feeling as if you’ve sunk in a glacier!”

What ‘slightly’? That’s innate killing intent right there!

Somewhat interesting!

I wonder how high can this lass cultivate the Illustrious Casket. She’s probably the only one in this world who can do it.

First the rescue, then we’ll see.

From outside the alchemy house, a white-eyebrow old man cam in, wwearing a kind expression. He looked towards Chen Ming, “Fellow Daoist since you’re already here, why not stay around for a chat?”

Chen Ming shed his disguise as he felt no threat from this 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm old man.

Chen Ming held Li Suyi and jumped down from the roof to the old man’s smile, “This old man is Dan Chenzi, the Elder in charge of this branch. Why has fellow Daoist sneaked inside Medicine King Valley?”

Chen Ming pointed at Chen Ling Yu, “I want to take this girl.”

The smiling old man instantly changed expression, “So it was just this small matter. Since this girl earned fellow Daoist’s grace then I will let her go. To apologize I wish to invite you to a spiritual spring, something Medicine King Valley has refined with utmost care!”

Chen Ming hesitated, Just talk?

The old man looked toward the other disciples, “Why are you standing around for? Quickly release Chen Ling Yu!”

They released the ropes tying Chen Ling Yu as Chen Ming arrived before her. She was somewhat scared, “Brother, you finally came to rescue me.”

Li Suyi said, “Master brought me.”

Dan Chenzi extended his hand in invitation, “Fellow Daoist, please follow me for a pot of spiritual spring. It might not increase your cultivation, but spiritual spring has a marvelous effect on those who haven’t started cultivation. It is great for strengthening one’s foundation!”

Chen Ming considered, but the one to reply was Li Suyi, “There is no need, Master.”

Chen Ming was also on alert. Reason dictated that Li Suyi shouldn’t affect his judgment, but he was someone who knew the script. Was there something amiss about this Medicine King Valley’s branch?

Chen Ming cupped his hands while smiling, “There’s no need, I have disturbed you for too long, so we’ll be taking our leave.”

Dan Chenzi’s eyes flashed with anger, “Is fellow Daoist not even giving Medicine King Valley the chance to apologize?”

It was the same as saying Chen Ming didn’t show any respect. A normal person would, at this point, say a couple of evasive words, then accept. But too bad, he met Chen Ming. By Chen Ming’s logic, everything went according to a certain pattern. That was walking along with the storyline, and doing this was the same as delivering himself as cannon fodder in front of demonic sect’s first disciple.

You’re delusional if you think you can have Chen Ming as cannon fodder!


Dan Chenzi was dazed, That’s not it. I don’t want that, I just wanted to apologize. Are you saying I can’t even do that? “Fellow Daoist, are you refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit?”

Chen Ming said, “No need for toasting, just consider me losing and bring two cups for me to drink!”

Dan Chenzi was getting angry, “Since fellow Daoist wants to drink, then I will fulfill your request.”

Chen Ming smiled, “Just that this King easily entered Medicine King Valley. I am quite curious, how can a small branch like you hold me down?”

Dan Chenzi’s body releases a trace of immortal power, billowing around him, “Fellow Daoist, isn’t it the same as asking for death?”

Chen Ming looked at the immortal power the old man released, and it hit him. This was Shi Jiuquan’s energy!

Did Shi Jiuquan break the seal?

Dan Chenzi smiled, “Does fellow Daoist recognizes the energy around me?”

Chen Ming formed a Finger From Beyond and smiled, “Then do you recognize this energy?”

Dan Chenzi was stunned, “T-this is Ancestor Ghost Immortal’s energy! Sir, could it be you’re one of us?”

Chen Ming was finally clear on the situation, Shi Jiuquan must have corrupted the Medicine King Valley, making them his subordinates. It’s obvious now, why there was such thick death energy around the valley.

“Ding! Triggered a B rank mission: evil belongs in hell. You already killed Shi Jiuquan’s second body, becoming a thorn in his side, please destroy the powers preparing for Shi Jiuquan’s descent. Reward: unknown.”

It’s a B rank mission! A D rank mission almost got me killed even with all the effort I put in it. And a B mission must mean there’s a Grand Sovereign involved.

But he no longer had any choice. Based on what Vermilion Bird said, Shi Jiuquan wanted to transform the world into his immortal empire, a Ghost Immortal’s Empire. The result would, of course, be a world of ghosts, with no sign of life. In other words, if Shi Jiuquan succeeded, then all world’s inhabitants would turn into evil spirits, perishing in an instant.

Chen Ming was interested in becoming a dog but didn’t want to hear anything about turning into an evil spirit.

Demons and immortals had their differences but tolerated each other since they walked different paths. But not ghosts, they were completely against them. They loathed anything living, and only wanted death.

Yet unknowingly, Shi Jiuquan’s arm reached all the way over here. He might as well investigate the area, “Since you recognize it, then you must know who I am!”

Dan Chenzi sheds his threatening posture instantly, “With fellow Daoist being one of us, please follow me.”

Li Suyi wanted to speak, but stopped at Chen Ming signal, “Children shouldn’t involve themselves in something they don’t understand!”

Dan Chenzi didn’t care, How could mere children understand the greatness of Lord Ghost Immortal!

Dan Chenzi brought Chen Ming to a secret underground palace, while leaving Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu outside.

Inside the palace, there were eighteen evil-looking bronze sculptures and in the middle, Shi Jiuquan’s sculpture. This dispelled the rest of Chen Ming’s doubts, and began touring the palace with one hand behind him. He looked at Shi Jiuquan’s statue again, “When you made Lord’s statue you forgot, that he held a lamp in his hand! You’re trying to deceive me, you’re no men of my Lord!”

Dan Chenzi inspected the statue and replied, “Fellow Daoist is indeed Ancestor Ghost Immortal’s man, knowing even this! This is my negligence, I will immediately repair the Ancestor’s sculpture!”

Chen Ming nodded, How could I not know when I was the one that killed him? “As long as you understand. Right, the reason I’m here, is for inspection. Sir doesn’t doubt your loyalties, he just isn’t satisfied with your ability to deal with other matters.”

Dan Chenzi said, “We are already doing everything in our power, and already have more than ten Kings under our control.”

Chen Ming faked anger, “Just ten-plus Kings? What have you guys been doing all this time?”

His face was raging, while inside F*ck me! How can a mere Medicine King Valley’s branch have more than a dozen Kings under control!?