Chen Ming didn’t even consider asking Li Suyi how far did Shi Jiuquan’s influence reach. The background storyline had its own pace.

It was the same as Chen Ming declaring, Hey, I know you went through rebirth, so cough up everything!

And even if Li Suyi would trust him and still talk, for the time being, his information would mostly be related to the conflict between Ghost Immortal’s factions and the continent’s great powers. That was something bound to happen in the future.

But because of Chen Ming, the storyline came out twisted.

Chen Ming was also disinclined to believe he could use his poor acting skills to cheat the other into handing over their information. He didn’t even know how did the Ghost Immortal corrupted Kings communicate.

He only wanted to confirm that this place had a list with their names.

As for how he’d get his hands on it, well, wipe them all out. Why should he use his brain when his fist was enough?

Chen Ming walked around inside the underground palace, faking interest in examining the place, “The reason why I’m here is because of an important task. Many have already noticed our movements and I need to remove this hidden danger. To do this I require a force of ten Kings. Go make it happen. Right, and they had better have different cultivation methods, experts in stealth and assassinations. But in case they fail to kill in the dark they need to also have some combat skills…” ”

Chen Ming prattled on and on, pointing out his required skill set for almost all Kings.

Dan Chenzi gave it some thought but didn’t hesitate. It was just mobilizing a few Kings, posing no problem, since this wasn’t the first time it happened.

But do you actually have those ten I wanted?

After finishing up with Chen Ming, Dan Chenzi closed the door and was about to go check his list, to see if any matched the ten Chen Ming required.

Chen Ming took to his crow form, releasing only Dao Canon’s spiritual power, and jumped on the window frame, eyeing Dan Chenzi.

The reason he got caught before wasn’t that he wasn’t good at hiding, but because Li Suyi was with him, giving him away.

As the night descended, Chen Ming flew on the rooftop, stepping and jumping with his two short feet while following after Dan Chenzi. Two patrolling disciples happened to be looking up, “Crows these days are really weird. They no longer fly, but hop and bounce instead.”

“Wonder if crow meat is delicious.”

“This crow must have some juicy legs since it likes to hop so much!”

Do you have to always make it embarrassing for this poor crow? And why is it that whenever someone sees a crow all they talk is how it tastes?

Bouncing around, Chen Ming followed Dan Chenzi to the Medicine King Valley branch’s visiting hall. This was where the Medicine King Valley sells their pills to the passing cultivators. Dan Chenzi peered his surroundings and, finding no one, opened the ledger on the table, focusing on its contents.

The safest place was where laid the most danger, You’re really daring in hiding it here.

Chen Ming landed on a window frame, having a clear line of sight to the list’s contents, which held hundreds of names.

Chen Ming flew on the ledger and stashed it in his storage ring. Dan Chenzi then saw how a blood-red saber swiping at his neck from a black mist. His head rolled on the ground, still incredulous of what just transpired.

Chen Ming set Dan Chenzi’s body aflame, turning it to ashes then waved his hand and a gentle wind scattered it throughout the sky.

He turned back into a crow, then went to find Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu. He gave it to Li Suyi to look it over, “Look and see if there’s something off about it.”

Li Suyi didn’t quite understand, but took the ledger and noticed familiar names inside. These are names of powerful Ghost Immortal subordinates, how did Master get a hold of them? And why did he asked me to check? Chen Ming became a total mistery in Li Suyi’s eyes. He closed the ledger and said, “Noting unusual.”

It was missing a few names, but since the Ghost Immortal chaos wouldn’t be happening for a while, it was fine.

Chen Ming nodded, “Since we have all we need, we’re leaving!”

Li Suyi asked, “Master, how do we get out?”

Chen Ming hesitated, “How else but walking? Are you saying you want to crawl?”

Li Suyi’s thought, Master’s brain has some issues. This is still Medicine King Valley’s branch.

Chen Ming waved his hand and four swords flew out, sealing the entire valley. He operated the Four Elements Array, wrapping the entire branch in fire, wind and ice spears.

Chen Ming walked through the door, and said behind him, “Right, since we’re against them might as well destroy them. We’ll pick up the spoils along the way.”

It was the Medicine King Valley’s branch after all. It had to have many pills that would help his disciples greatly as he rationed them.

He told the two of them to wait for him, while he jumped on his fiend cloud and raked each and every alchemy house.

Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu exchanged a glance, I haven’t even started cultivation, will Master make me walk? Any Dao Initiation realm would have eighteen different ways to help me!

By the time Li Suyi could see what was going outside, the place was engulfed in howls of anguish. The fire and wind entwined in the sky while the ground was filled with ice spears. Wherever Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu went, the elements retreated.

This was an array. So Master knows arrays, no wonder he told me to walk.

When he exited the area, not a moment later, Li Suyi saw Chen Ming coming out of the array. He waved his hand and the entire valley became a world of fire and ice. Chen Ming looked behind and he could see how the ice retreated, making way for the fire, burning so hot that lava began to flow to each corner.

Chen Ming was quite pleased with his masterpiece. This way no one would realize he was the culprit.

Chen Ming paused a moment, then waved his hand at the cliff outside the Medicine King Valley’s branch, writing:

‘Medicine King Valley isn’t honest with its wares. Its heart is black, and filled with fake pills. Destroy!

Demon King Ri Yue!’

With that done. Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud along with Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu then rushed towards Yan Mountain.

A day after his departure, the entire Medicine King Valley knew of what happened to its branch. Their faces twitched when they gazed upon those words, What selling fake pill? Can an alchemist even sell fakes? Just say they pills were too weak!

And besides saying the pills are fake, you still went as far as turning the valley into a lava lake!

‘Medicine King Valley: I will take your parent’s place and teach you a lesson!

No demonic cultivator is right in the head!’

“Set up a bounty for Demon King Ri Yue, eight hundred thousand spirit stones!”