When Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain, he found Ling Xian in high spirits, “Master, I am almost done with comprehending the current Dao Canon, please guide me further.”

When he was comprehending along with Chen Ming’s insights, Ling Xian didn’t find any issues. But when he went further, then problems began to appear. Without Master, the Dao Canon became dull, boring and plain.

Chen Ming eyed Ling Xian up and down then nodded, “This is your third junior brother and his little sister. Arrange their stay then bring Suyi to my room tomorrow. I will impart you with more insights, and while I’m at it, with the immortal art. With your cultivation, you should have no problem using it.”

He then faced the siblings and pointed at Ling Xian, “Suyi, tomorrow, go find your second senior brother to bring you to me for the acceptance ceremony. As for Lingyu, she will live on Yan Mountain for now.”

Li Suyi found Ling Xian familiar the moment he laid eyes on him. And when he recalled why, it shocked him, Isn’t he the Head of an immortal sect?

From what he recalls, Ling Xian became famous in an instant. He cultivated the Dao Canon, the worst of the worst. He was unknown, unremarkable, yet after he entered Dao Comprehending realm he experiences a meteoric rise and even came to be the Head of an immortal sect. And at the time of Ghost Immortal’s chaos, he was among the five who escaped the continent.

In the previous world, he could only look up to this kind of figure, but now, he became his junior brother!

No, I went through rebirth, and after living a hard life, I know there’s nothing impossible in this world! If he can do it, then so can I!

Hold on, if Ling Xian with his excellent talent is only Master’s second disciple, then how amazing must first senior brother be?

Ling Xian was beaming smiles at Li Suyi, Ha-ha-ha, I’m no longer Master’s weakest disciple! I no longer need to participate in any future competitions!

Ling Xian’s smile grew wicked, sending a shiver down Li Suyi’s spine, This guy isn’t fond of men, is he?

Ling Xian arranges a place for the siblings to stay, introduced them to Yan Mountain’s situation, and before he left he took great care in guiding Li Suyi, “Junior brother, senior sister is a kind person, it would be best if you consider her your elder sister. Master likes to wander a lot and often leaves senior sister in charge of Yan Mountain, so make sure to never anger her.”

Li Suyi was quite curious about his mysterious senior sister, making Ling Xian over the moon with joy. While still in the Mind-numbing Aura, Li Suyi asked, “Then how should I get closer to senior sister?”

Ling Xian mulled it over, “There is a great secret here in Yan Mountain, but since you became a disciple, I will tell you.”

Li Suyi sharpened his ears, careful not to miss a word, “What senior sister likes best is for others to spar with her. She will think you have great ambition and will guide you with much care. If you show enough promise, senior sister will even give you noodles, hand-made by her!”

Li Suyi was glad, “Where does senior sister stay?”

Ling Xian pointed at the Sword Mountain then left.

Li Suyi eyed the mountain, While Master roamed the world, Yan Mountain will be left in senior sister’s charge. I should go and greet her.

And so, in the glow of the setting sun, Li Suyi stood before Sword Mountain, watching the rear figure of a girl radiating sword energy, Is she a senior sister? Despite never seeing her before, he was still a Grand Sovereign in his previous live, encountering his fair share of geniuses.

Li Suyi was perfectly aware of the ice-cold sword energy drifting around Zhuo Qingyao. He stood fa away and cupped his hands, “Senior sister, I am third junior brother. Li Suyi would like to ask senior sister to swap pointer with me!”

Zhuo Qingyao was keen on pulling the sword before her but was suddently interrupted. Her heart held some anger, but her face was cold as a glacier. Zhuo Qingyao looked back at Li Suyi, Is this third junior brother? Why is he so weak? But a saber energy talent ain’t bad at least, and he actually formed it.

Zhuo Qingyao waved her hand and more than a dozen sword energy waves flew, and before Li Suyi could even react he was pinned to the ground.

After letting him go, Zhuo Qingyao turned her head back and continued pulling the sword. But then, a thought struck her, “Since you’re here, have some of my noodles.”

Li Suyi couldn’t be happier, following after her to eat noddles.

The second day, Chen Ming looked at the inhuman shape called Li Suyi, covered in cuts and bruises and even internal injuries, “Eh? Just what did you do last night? Why are you all wounds?”

Li Suyi glared at Ling Xian standing near him, gnashing his teeth, “Disciple went to spar with senior sister.”

Chen Ming eyed the two of them, Do these fellows have some special hobby? Why do they like to be dominated? “Qingyao knows how to be lenient, so why do you have internal injuries?”

Li Suyi’s small face paled, “Senior sister gave me a bowl of noodles…”

Chen Ming: …

Ling Xian: …

Chen Ming patted Li Suyi on the shoulder, comforting him, “It’s good that you’re alive.”

Ling Xian had a sympathetic expression, “You must stand strong.”

Li Suyi’s though, Is this comfort? Is this really comfort? You act as if I escaped hell!

Chen Ming leaned back into his chair, sunbathing, “Come, proceed with the ceremony.”

Li Suyi went to make tea, while Chen Ming prepared some insights for Ling Xian. He had plenty of merits on hand. If not for Zhuo Qingyao stage advancement, then he wouldn’t even have enough to comprehend one volume of Dao Canon, when it needed more than three hundred merits. Clenching his teeth, Chen Ming still decided to comprehend it, I just hope this kid can breakthrough faster.

But it had an upside, a volume from Dao Canon could help his cultivation until the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm, enough to last for a while.

After finishing writing down his insights, Chen Ming also handed Ling Xian the Finger From Beyond he wrote yesterday. Then he launched his spiritual power throwing Ling Xian away from him, to make him retreat at the side.

Li Suyi presented the tea with respect. Chen Ming received it from the kneeling Li Suyi, then the later kowtowed three times.

“Ding! You accepted the third disciple. Reward: 500 merits.”

Chen Ming sipped his tea, then said, “What do you want to learn?”

Li Suyi hesitated, “Can I learn the Demonic Blood Saber and a demonic cultivation method?”

Chen Ming thought it over, “Are you certain you want to walk the demonic path?”

Li Suyi noded, “Disciple has long decided!”

Chen Ming pondered, “There’s no harm in giving you the Demonic Blood Saber, but allow me to consider about the demonic cultivation method.”

There was also the Bones of the Taotie. He had no idea what rank was this cultivation method, and despite being considered a demonic cultivation method, extremely treacherous, the growth in strength was very fast. It was quite fitting for Li Suyi, who’s talent was far worse then Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian.

He also had Taotie’s Seed he got from Azure Lion. If he planted it in Li Suyi’s Dao Palace, he didn’t need to devour children to form it, and could directly jump to devouring cultivators.

But this cultivation method was vile. With an unstable Dao Heart, he would be driven mad, suffering at the hands of Taotie’s Seed’s hunger.