Chen Ming had wracked his brains but still settled on giving him the Bones of the Taotie.

Chen Ming waved his hand and the cultivation method landed before Li Suyi, “If you are determined to walk the demonic path, I will pass on to you the Bones of the Taotie. The early stage of this method is sinister to an extreme, needing to devour children. But with this Taotie’s Seed, it can help you overcome this period and enter in the cultivator devouring stage.”

Li Suyi looked at the Bones of the Taotie, Wasn’t this the famous cultivation method practiced by Azure Lion in the previous world? It actually landed in Master’s hands. Chen Ming became more and more mysterious in Li Suyi’s eyes.

I can’t see through Master at all!

There’s no logic to his actions, it’s like he’s playing a game.

Chen Ming took out Taotie’s Seed and planted it in Li Suyi’s Dao Palace. He could feel a pang of hunger from within, from the seed. Then Chen Ming placed a small Four Elements Array on Li Suyi’s Dao Palace along with Demonic Blood Saber and the Blood Saber Coffin.

“Ding! Assist Li Suyi in controlling Taotie’s Seed. Reward: 2000 merits, the fourth disciple position.”

The high reward shows that this mission will be troublesome. I need to devise a foolproof plan.

Chen Ming said, “I’ve given you all that I could. You should be able to feel the strength and evil coming from the seed. Whether you can control it or not will be entirely up to you. Do remember, a saber kills men, but the one holding the saber is also a man.”

Chen Ming asked, “Do you have any personal foes?”

Li Suyi’s eyes flashed with a red light, “My parents died at the hands of the bandits from Yellow Sand Camp.”

Chen Ming went on, “Do you remember their faces?”

Li Suyi nodded, “Of course I do!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Very good. The following days you will get used to Taotie’s Seed, and when the moment comes, I will undo the seal on your Dao Palace. The seal is there for your own good. I hope my third disciple will remain Li Suyi and not Taotie!”

Li Suyi’s eyes showed alarm, “Master, what should I do to complete your test?”


Three days later, Chen Ming brought Li Suyi outside the Yellow Sand Camp and used his spiritual power to avoid being discovered by those Dao Sense realm fellows. Outside the camp, its leader was riding a horse, with a woman riding behind him. What the leader loved the most was to drink a woman’s milk, force himself on her, kill her, then eat meat.

At that time, his mother died at the hands of this vile leader!

Li Suyi glared with a pair of red eyes at the bearded leader, as the demonic energy in his Dao Palace smashed against Chen Ming’s seal.

But could do anything against it.

Chen Lingyu stood aside. Chen Ming brought her to give her a reason, the reason for which she should pay him respects and take him as her Master.

Chen Ming saw the rage in Li Suyi’s eyes, and gestured towards the leader, “That is your heart demon.”

Li Suyi was distracted and strongly shook his head, “Did the killing intent took hold of me?” He could sense how Taotie’s Seed controlled his will, wishing for him to devour the leader! The one killing him would be his saber, his Taotie Seed, and not him.

“Master wants me to let go, let go of the thought of killing him?”

Chen Ming shook his head, “Not at all. Let me give you four words of advice: to kill, don’t kill. If you want to kill him then do it. But if you wait until you know who will be the one doing the killing, the seal will be released and you will have the chance to kill him.”

“Master, I don’t understand.”

“Then here’s a simpler explanation, to help you understand better. You will enter the Yellow Sand Camp as a bandit, to help polish your saber skills. The seal I placed on you will block some of your killing intent, but if it’s too strong they will sense it and kill you. Because of the seal, you’ll appear as an average person, unable to use even your saber energy. And I won’t be there to save you.”

“Then how can I undo the seal to kill them?”

“When there’s no trace of killing intent left on your body, the seal will release itself.”

Li Suyi nodded, meeting each day with the murderers of his parents without having any killing intent, would be difficult to the extreme!

Chen Ming continued, “Hold on, the men I arranged will attack the leader returning to Yellow Sand Camp. Yes, the one who murdered your parents. You must go and save him, then enter Yellow Sand Camp. But let me leave you with one last bit of advice: when killing intent is most focused, no killing intent will remain. Go, go and hone your blade.”

Li Suyi jumped from the tree while Chen Ming took Chen Lingyu nearby Yellow Sand Camp, deep in the mountains. He looked around for a great tree then transformed into a house with his spiritual power.

This shall be her residence. Chen Ming had no intention of sleeping and meditated outside the tree, holding no interest towards a twelve-year-old girl.

In the night, Chen Lingyu arrived beside Chen Ming, trowing a wild berry she found. He caught it and ate it. Sour.

Chen Ling Yu said, “You made brother enter Yellow Sand Camp to sharpen his Dao Heart?”

Chen Ming was caught by surprise. This wasn’t something Chen Lingyu understood, since every day she was worried about Li Suyi. He realized soon after, that it was night and she was now Chen Yu, “Oh, it’s Yu’er, please continue.”

Chen Lingyu’s face was as cold as a block of ice, “A terrible fear lies in walking between life and death. But hanging on this thin line is the best way to sharpen one’s Dao Heart, and also the quickest.”

Chen Ming nodded, this was his plan.

“Yes, if his killing intent is too strong, then the Yellow Sand Camp would notice him. He needs to control his killing intent to perfection, that is the only way he will control Taotie’s Seed. What he’s honing in there isn’t his saber but his heart.”

Chen Lingyu was still doubtful, “But I’m not to clear on your last advice, when killing intent is most focused, no killing intent will remain. It doesn’t make any sense. When your killing intent is most focused that is when killing intent is at its strongest.”

Chen Ming didn’t explain, “Just watch and you’ll understand.”