Chen Ming waited patiently for two days before Ling Xian arrived, as Li Suyi honed himself.

This was too wasteful. To not use a volunteer like Ling Xian was too wasteful.

Zhuo Qingyao was focused on comprehending the Dao, and couldn’t be disturbed to watch over Li Suyi. And so, Ling Xian, with his outrageously high Luck Aura and his ring grandpa, should have no problem waiting here.

He had some urgent matters to attend to. With the list of names on hand and based on his strength, by the time Ghost Immortal conquered the continent, he wouldn’t be able to kill but a handful.

Time to find some help.

As for who to find, Chen Ming might not have the relation, but he knew someone who had, Vermilion Bird. She should know who was against Shi Jiuquan.

He briefed Ling Xian, “Watch Li Suyi from the shadows and don’t intervene unless it’s a matter of life and death. If he fails, bring him to Yan Mountain, and I’ll figure something else out.”

Ling Xian cupped his hands, “I will follow the order to the letter!”

Ling Xian didn’t find it odd at all for Chen Ming to have a demonic cultivator disciple. He would if Chen Ming taught him a righteous cultivation method instead. Senior sister was a sword cultivator and a hardship cultivator. The term hardship cultivator came from the Buddhist sect. It pointed towards body cultivation, to train the body to sainthood. Because hardship cultivators had to endure countless hardships, they came to be known as such. He was an immortal cultivator, cultivating immortal arts, while his junior brother was a demonic cultivator, on the path of the saber. The three of them had totally different Daos, but the way he saw it, he didn’t find any problems with it.

Just who was Master? The brightest cultivator of his time, one who could birth experts just by teaching halfheartedly.

With things settled, Chen Ming jumped on his cloud and rushed to Jade Void Temple.

The Sect Leader was by himself with joy. Because of his early friendship with Chen Ming he received a considerable amount of land, “Sir Archfiend is a far away guest. Allow me to be your host.”

Chen Ming had no time for him, “No need, I came with important matters. Take me to the secret domain.”

The Sect Leader didn’t dare delay and directly showed him the way.

Being familiar with the path, Chen Ming arrived quickly and, after jumping inside the lake, he soon wound up in the spiritual water area. Chen Ming turned into his accustomed form, black crow, and flew towards the spiritual fire area. There, he surveyed the region and since there was no Vermilion Bird in sight, he sent four swords out, setting up a Four Elements Array.

Not a moment to soon, a great fiery bird could be seen in the distance. It inspected Chen Ming’s array since she was aware of a smaller Four Elements Array being set up in the larger one and came to check it out.

This kid has such deep comprehension of arrays, to reach this stage in just a few short months. Yet his cultivation isn’t weaker either, being more profound.

“I would have never guessed for little guy to have such a deep comprehension in the Dao of arrays.”

Chen Ming laughed evilly, “My comprehension goes beyond your imagination!”

Vermilion Bird: …

“You didn’t even stutter. Well then, why were you looking for me?”

Chen Ming took the list of names and hand it over to Vermilion Bird. Yet before she noticed, the floating paper turned to ash, “Eh? What was that? Since it burned so fast, it couldn’t be good.”

“That was from one of Shi Jiuquan’s factions. A list of those who are preparing for his coming.”

In other words, it wasn’t easy to get it, and you just torched it?

Vermilion Bird’s face burned hotter, but there was no way of telling if she was embarrassed, “Why didn’t you say so?”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Don’t worry, I have a copy.”

You have got to be joking if you think I only had one when it was so hard to get it.

Vermilion Bird lowered her tone, “I know why you came. Take my token and the list to the overseeing Human King. He is from the Astral Immortal Sect and will take care of this.”

No wonder the Four Elements Array had an overseer, he must be monitoring the people inside it.

Vermilion Bird waved its wings and a fiery-red feather floated in front of Chen Ming, who stashed it in his ring, “I am already used to the early stage of the Four Elements Array. Are there any arrays here that could help me deepen my knowledge of arrays?”

Vermilion Bird’s eyelid twitched, I knew this greedy little thing didn’t come here just for that. “If I’m not mistaken, you can set up arrays by yourself and your soul is strong enough to control a maximum of twelve swords. I don’t have any suitable array for you, but there’s a Heavenly Four Elements Array inside the Astral Immortal Sect. The array you are currently studying is also known as the Earthen Four Elements Array. The two can work together perfectly but you’ll have find a way to get it on your own.”

Heavenly Four Elements Array, Earthen Four Elements Array. It looks like these two arrays have a fundamental connection, and will require many merits to comprehend them. But it’s still a good way to learn it.

Chen Ming expressed his thanks, wandered around the domain to fill his ring with treasures, then went to the Elemental Cauldron to look for the Human King.

Along the way, Chen Ming did some thinking. Ghost Immortal was someone who stooped at nothing in his endeavors. Punching a kid, tripping an old man, these should all be a common occurrence to him. So to avoid giving himself away, it would be best if he assumed another identity. After all, he had to protect his chives.

He kept going back and forth in his head since he had no special item on him. So he took a brush and paper then draw a smiley, and put it on.

Soon after, he arrived at the Elemental Cauldron, and with some asking, he soon knew where the Human King stayed. He didn’t seem to be a particular secret here.

He shifted the Dao Canon’s Dao Palace in front and walked on the path towards the Human King. Climbing a thousand steps, Chen Ming could see a small boat at the top, with a middle-aged man sitting in meditation inside.

Chen Ming didn’t hide his energy and walked straight to the man. The man opened his eyes but didn’t turn around, “You should know that I stand guard on this path. I already said that no one is allowed to pass.”

Chen Ming laughed and took out Vermilion Bird’s feather, “I think you recognize this.”

The man could clearly sense Vermilion Bird’s energy and turned around. Chen Ming’s face got his undivided attention, What an interesting fellow, he drew a few brush lines, enough to make out a happy face. But why is he so strange?