Xing Ming has been guarding this array for tens of years. He recently sensed how Ghost Immortal was close to breaching the Four Elements and knew that something wasn’t right. Someone like him who meditated for a long long time, with a firm Dao Heart, actually got distracted at the sight of Chen Ming’s mask.

After a ten breaths careful inspection of the mask, Xing Ming finally came to, “So it was Vermilion Bird who guided you here. Go ahead and speak.”

Chen Ming looked around, “I wouldn’t like for others to know about this.”

Xing Ming’s eyes showed a grave look, “Is it that serious?”

Chen Ming didn’t say, but Xing Ming still sealed the two of them from the rest of the world with his spiritual power, “No one can hear us, now that I released my spiritual power.”

Chen Ming handed over the list, “These are the ones Shi Jiuquan controls, that are preparing for his arrival, all King ranks.”

Xing Ming looked it over and shock passed through him again and again. This list also had Grand Sovereigns, eighteen of them!

There were countless King ranks. Did Shi Jiuquan’s men manage to corrupt these many people?

Xing Ming was aware the matter was urgent, “I need to immediately report this to Astral Immortal Sect.”

“Earthen Four Elements Array can no longer hold Shi Jiuquan. Vermilion Bird requires the Heavenly Four Elements Array scripture.”

“Heavenly Four Elements Array is our Astral Immortal Sect’s secret, but if Vermilion Bird needs it, we will gladly offer it. I don’t have it with me, so you will need to come along to the Astral Immortal Sect.”

Chen Ming nodded, Let’s go to that whatever Astral Immortal Sect.

Xing Ming eyed the smiley on Chen Ming’s face, finding it wacky and asked, “I wonder how should I call little brother?”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Just call me Paper Face Man.”

Xing Ming was wondering where did this fellow and his mask come from.

Walking along Xing Ming, they soon arrived at the teleportation array leading to Astral Immortal Sect. Chen Ming inspected the array. It was a special array that cultivators used to instantly send them to another location.

The current array, for example, would send someone to the Astral Immortal Sect. This area could suppress an immortal, not something a King rank was enough to watch over.

Chen Ming looked for a moment, finding some understanding in the way that the array operated. Xing Ming smiled, “Is little brother interested in this teleportation array?”

“Somewhat, but I am not to clear on the space Dao and I can’t make out how it was set up. Let’s go.”

Xing Ming laughed, showing he was just joking. Since in his eyes, Chen Ming was just a Dao Initiation realm cultivator, and not a high one either. How could he comprehend arrays?

Xing Ming started the array, and after passing through a starry tunnel, Chen Ming finally touched the ground again, Is this Astral Immortal Sect?

Xing Ming gestured towards the floating Astral Immortal Sect, “This is a piece of meteorite that helped in the creation of this sect, thus its name.”

Chen Ming looked up at pavilions, mountains and tall constructions floating among the clouds. Astral Immortal Sect has a somewhat immortal air around it.

Xing Ming arranged for Chen Ming to stay in the attending department, then left to report. Chen Ming had no choice but to await his return.

A day later, Xing Ming handed him the Heavenly Four Elements Array, “Rest assured, the Astral Immortal Sect will unite with many ancient immortal sects and attack Shi Jiuquan’s factions. We will definitely remove Shi Jiuquan’s intention of arriving here!”

“I can sense that Astral Immortal Sect’s spiritual energy is far denser than in other areas. Is there a special reason behind it?”

The thicker the spiritual energy was, the faster the cultivation speed, and it also increased his disciples’ breakthrough speed. It would help increase his merits income.

All chives need fertilizers to grow fast and strong!

If you want your horse to run, you need to feed it!

Xing Ming smiled, “Inside the meteorite, there’s an Earth Spirit Vein. Spirit Veins are few and far between in this world. All Spirit Vein can produce spirit stones all year round, enough to support cultivation, and above the Spirit Vein, it helps by increasing cultivation speed. Astral Immortal Sect just so happened to be built on such a treasure, the Earth Spirit Vein. ”

Chen Ming nodded, So that’s how it is. Seems that Yan Mountain is a poor place, even lacking a Spirit Vein.

If the chance shows itself, I need to go find a Spirit Vein.

Xing Ming then answered Chen Ming’s doubts, “The sect arranged it like this because it wants to prevent the land from falling into chaos and fear because of Ghost Immortal. Therefore, we have decided to use those sects that harbored hatred against them, to eradicate one by one all of Ghost Immortal’s factions. I wonder where does friend come from, from what immortal sect. Maybe we can include you in the alliance. What area is friend in charge of?”

Chen Ming could surmise Xing Ming’s intention, since a true immortal, for cultivators, were very, no, extremely shocking. And those that came from ancient immortal sects have all stood against Ghost Immortal’s power. When the time came for Ghost Immortal’s descent, then all these ancient immortal sects would have one future only, death. To avoid the great chaos that would follow across the whole land, they decided to involve local powers.

“From Myriad Mountains.”

Xing Ming said, “Alright, I’ll remember it. Then little brother, return to your faction and move as fast as you can against the Myriad Mountains’ core power. I know that the Myriad Mountains’ Grand Sovereign works under Ghost Immortal. But our front lines are stretched thin and have to leave little brother to find a way to deal with them.”

Chen Ming nodded, There’ll be no help!

But this wasn’t something he could accomplish by himself. He would have to return to Yan Mountain and start expanding. Yan Mountain was far behind in amassing power.

After Xing Ming led him to the secret domain, Chen Ming was rushing to Yan Mountain while pondering, My previous thinking was wrong, the correct way is to keep spending merits. And when the battle starts, I will harvest spiritual knowledge and increase my power.

Only with enough merits could I be the ruler, or I will end up the same as I am now, with too much spiritual knowledge and short on merits. Merits are the ones deciding my limits while spiritual knowledge helps me reach that limit.

Let’s first reach that wretched Yan Mountain then develop it. Need to spend big and wait for merits to roll in, then sweep everything! Killing left and right has no meaning. We come in peace! Right, and when they can’t beat us, we won’t be needing any peace!