The man didn’t mess around, “Since you insist on dying, then let me help you!”

The man then flew in the opposite direction, leaving Chen Ming face-palming, “Almost forgot, these little mobs are retards only around the Main Character so that even if they were weaker, they would still throw their life away. An NPC like me never had this privilege. It’s fortunate that I was installed in the strongest youth.”

Chen Ming opened his hand and Lustrous King Sword spun, “Go!”

The sword energy roused Chen Ming’s white clothes, while Lustrous King Sword streaked across in the horizon. The black-clothed man peered back and took out a dagger akin to a wolf’s fang to block the strike. Then he shouted, “What are you waiting for?”

Chen Ming felt something amiss, and the ground swelled, causing his eyes to shine, “Earth Escaping Art!”

They weren’t here just to spy on him, but also to kill him. The man in black let himself be the sword’s target so that another assassin would leave Chen Ming wide open for attack.

The ground rippled and a man in gray jumped out, hacking at Chen Ming with his saber, “Ha-ha-ha, Prince’s head has a great value and today I, Qiu Sandao, will become famous!”

Chen Ming dodged sideways as the saber strike started a windstorm that fluttered his hair. The saber energy flew and made a ten-feet-long groove in the stone wall.

Qiu Sandao laughed it off, “Let’s see you handle with the next one. A sword cultivator without a sword is no match for me!”

Chen Ming found that the man in black was at the 1st stage of Dao Initiation realm, and Qiu Sandao was an assassin that had no equal at this stage. In the Yan Empire, nine Dao Initiation realm cultivators already fell at his hand.

Chen Ming smiled, “I was wondering who it was. You are Murdering Temple’s men!”

Qiu Sandao laughed, “What help does it do if you know? Don’t bother looking, Third Hall Master is holding your men back! There is no doubt you will die today!”

Qiu Sandao charged again, but the Lustrous King Sword was in de middle of returning. Chen Ming kicked at him, only to make Qiu Sandao laugh, “A sword cultivator wants to use his body’s strength against me? You will surely die!”

Qiu Sandao didn’t even dodge, and the next thing he heard was the shattering of his skull. The explosive force of the kick threw Qiu Sando twenty feet, leaving him with a line of blood on his forehead and bugged-out eyes. He was dead before he even hit the ground.

The man in black was shocked, “Impossible! I’ve never heard of you being a hardship cultivator. Why is your body so powerful?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “I learned it this morning.”

This enlightened the assassin, “You truly are the Regent’s grandson. You hid it very well so no one would find out!”

Chen Ming felt awkward, I said the truth and you don’t believe it. But don’t worry, dead men don’t need to know so much.

Lustrous King Sword returned to Chen Ming’s hand and charged at the black-clothed man. The sword released sword energy as he executed Lustrous King Sword Art’s strongest move, “Overlord’s Rule!”

This was a finishing move, with all his power behind it. The man used the dagger to block it, making sparks fly, followed by blood dripping from his right hand.

Despite resisting Chen Ming’s Overlord’s Rule, his hand couldn’t stop shaking. Chen Ming was like a savage beast coming at him again. Each of his steps left a deep footprint as he flipped the Lustrous King Sword in his hand. The assassin tried to block it with his dagger, but his wounded arm couldn’t hold and snapped.

Chen Ming kicked the man in the chest, making him cough blood, and collapsed on the ground, powerless to defend himself.

Chen Ming’s sword came from the side and looped the man’s head, then went to behead Qiu Sandao too, “En, next time, I will tell Qingyao to remember to be thorough.”

For a villain, assassinations were a common occurrence.

“Ding! Because of the failed assassination of the Yan Kingdom Regent estate’s Prince by the Murdering Temple controlled by the Yan Kingdom’s emperor, it triggered the background storyline. It will start in three years.”

“The host’s status has changed, now having fate, rank, fame(affects rank), spiritual knowledge(improves cultivation) and aura tags.”

Chen Ming had a bad feeling and opened his status.

Name: Chen Ming

Fame: 5.

Rank: Cannon Fodder (from 5 fame).

Realm: 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm.

Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

Cultivation Methods: Dragon Form Art stage 6/9 (at the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nine Nines Mysteries Art stage 24/81 (at the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed).

Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart.

Dao Seed: None.

Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao.

Merits: 60 points.

Spiritual knowledge: 0.

Aura: None.

Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic sect’s Head Disciple Ya Mo.

Ignorance was bliss. Now that he looked, his heart sank. It classified him as cannon fodder, not even an NPC. And what the hell was with this fate thing? Why would he want to stay and rot in Endless Swords Sect, to wait for the Grand World Opening then get himself killed at the hands of Ya Mo!

This thinking wasn’t just dangerous! It was fundamentally unacceptable!

This fate was the script this world wrote for him to play! And with his current fame, based on what he knew from novels, the head disciple of a demonic sect can overturn the world in a single strike. Powerful enough to kill thirteen righteous Dao cultivators! Not even a name was left behind, or a face, and he bets the guards are no cannon fodder either!

No, according to the script, he only had four years left to live. He needed to think hard and find a way to change it.

“Ding! Triggered storyline challenge mission. The Prince’s wrath was ignited from being the target of an assassination. Only a ruthless counterattack could wash away this humiliation.

Obliterate the Murdering Temple. The reward is based on the Murdering Temple’s destruction rate.”

Eh, would this mission, with its rewards varying on the completion, would also give fame if it had a perfect rating?

From the trees came a middle-aged man with the Tiger Army emblem on his shoulder. This was Wang Meng, the person he left to watch over Zhuo Qingyao. Seeing Chen Ming unhurt, he cupped his hands, “Subordinate came late, please forgive me, Prince!”

Chen Ming took the black-clothed man’s mask and wiped the blood of his hand, “Burry them! Then gather the Relentless Tiger Guards. Since the Murdering Temple doesn’t want to live, then no life will be spared!”

Wang Meng was in a daze, so Chen Ming asked, “What, objections?”

Wang Meng shook his head, “No objections, Prince may command the Relentless Tiger Guards. It’s just that Prince differs from before, more… ruthless! “

Chen Ming smiled, “You think I don’t know what those two geezers have planned for me? My father is still alive, but the title of Prince fell on my shoulders. Grandfather is planning on making my father the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor. IF I couldn’t even figure this out, then even blind with and the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor, I would still have no power to defend myself!“

Do you think this was his truth? No no no, he was just a cannon fodder!