Li Suyi was sharpening a long saber in the setting sun. As the blade felt dry, he spat on it then continued his work. And after a few moments, he inspected it and touched it, satisfied with its sharpness.

The leader walked next to him, took his saber and tried it on a block of wood. He patted Li Suyi on the shoulder, “Not bad at all!”

Li Suyi gave a mild laugh, “It’s the least I can do. I just don’t want leader to avoid me!”

The leader smiled, “How can that be? There’s no one better than you at polishing blades in a hundred li!”

Li Suyi asked, “Leader, you don’t drink wine? Last time you came with wine, did it turned to water now?”

The leader laughed, “Right, the wine from before has indeed become water. Next time, I will take you with me so you can try the best wine in the nearby town!”

Right then, the second leader was embracing a delicate girl as he entered a house. Li Suyi watched as the leader smiled, “You are still a young chick, huh?”

Li Suyi nodded.

The leader said, “Let me tell you, women can’t compare with those young girls. Only women around thirty can understand men best. And for young lads like you, it will be the best first experience. How could a young girl ever know what pleasure means? How could she make a man happy? If I find the very best, the most passionate woman, I will bring it to you and give you an experience you won’t ever forget!”

“Many thanks, leader! I’m sure you’ll find the best for me!”

Ling Xian brought Chen LingYu on a tree outside the wall to watch Li Suyi, “Can you sense it?”

Chen LingYu nodded slightly, “I finally understand Master’s words. When brother’s killing intent is at its most focused, there will be none of it remaining on his body. Because his heart is in control of all his killing intent, he shows none on the outside. Yet every breath, when he sharpens blades, or when he speaks, they all tell me he wants to kill. What Master wanted wasn’t for him just to become demonic but to be the most demonic demon, to suppress all the others. It’s the only way for him to go deeper down the path of demonic cultivation.”

Ling Xian nodded, “But he remains your brother, realizing that he is the one doing the killing, not his weapon. Only controlled power is true power.”

“I know that brother can bear a lot of suffering. After many life and death struggles, he can finally control Taotie’s Seed. I want to help him.”

“Your constitution is very strange, nothing I have ever seen before, or heard. You are different than Ling’er, making her spiritual energy dissipate in your hands, while yours dissipating in Ling’er’s hands. If you want to walk the path of cultivation, I’m afraid there is no one besides Master who can teach you.”

In a small courtyard, Li Suyi opened his hand and Demonic Blood Saber appeared within. With a simple motion, he cut down the leader, yet he felt neither happy nor sad, “I thought that when killing you, your blood will be redder, but it’s only this much.”

Metal sounds and shouts soon echoed around him.

Li Suyi’s bloody body walked outside Yellow Sand Camp’s gate and saw Li Suyi along with Chen Lingyu. He now knew, Master cares about me, even though he said he didn’t. His mouth is sharp but has a soft heart. He cupped his hands at Ling Xian, “Many thanks senior brother for waiting these days.”

Ling Xian nodded, “To what stage has your control brought you?”

Li Suyi replied, “By absorbing some of Taotie’s Seed’s power, I am currently at the 9th stage of Dao Sense realm. This is the strongest power I can control. After I become more familiar with it, I should be able to enter the Dao Initiation realm.”

Ling Xian’s heart tightened, Junior brother is too fierce. Doesn’t that mean I’m still the weakest in Yan Mountain?

Senior sister is far more incredible than me and also became a disciple earlier. But with how fierce junior brother is, he isn’t even leaving me a way out!

Are you telling me that when there’s a competition, I will end up making a fool of myself again?

“Cough, cough, cough, uh, eh, let’s go. Master must be worried sick.”

Even before they arrived, Chen Ming has long been there, but only waited for a short while, since he already got confirmation from the completed mission.

Chen Ming inspected Li Suyi, checking to see if he had any limbs missing, and relaxed, “Go cultivate, and if there’s anything you don’t understand, come ask me.”

Li Suyi and Ling Xian retreated, while Chen Lingyu stayed. She began, “I want to pay my respects to Master!”

Just when the fourth position was open, he could get Chen Lingyu as his disciple. And she had the 6th lvl Heavenly Pill Heart, molding his disciple into a sharp weapon!

Chen Ming eyed her and took a sip from his teacup, “Truth be told, the only one in this world who could guide you on the path of cultivation, to teach you cultivation, is me. But let me ask you, is it you, little Yu’er who wants this or is it Ling’er’s idea?”

Chen Yu said, “Sister also agrees.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Alright, since you sisters already decided, then I will take you as my disciple. I will impart you with Illustrious Casket. This is an immortal cultivation method. I’m afraid we are the only two capable of training in it.”

Just comprehending the first stage required more than a thousand merits, stabbing at Chen Ming’s heart, Damn it, these immortal cultivation methods are burning a hole in my merits!

But the good part was that the first stage was enough until the 5th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

And Chen Ming was aware of where this method’s power laid. Its spiritual power could heal injuries and yet also had the death attribute. If such an attribute entered one’s body, there was no need to mention expelling it, since the only outcome would be death. This spiritual power ate at the opponent’s body.


Of course, when it came to Chen Ming, healing wounds had some benefit. His opponents were all Kings, so what other crappy use would the 5th stage of Dao Initiation realm spiritual power have?

Chen Lingyu watched Li Suyi prepare the tea, then stood obediently at Chen Ming’s side, presenting him with the teacup. Then knelt and kowtowed three times, “Please have this tea, Master.”

Chen Ming took a careless sip and nodded, “From this moment forth, you will be my fourth disciple.”

“Ding! You accepted the fourth disciple. Reward: 1000 merits.”

“Ding! Your fame as a Master has spread through each corner of the Southern Border’s kingdoms. You have a bit of fame as a Master and earned the achievement ‘The peach and the plum do not speak, yet a path is born beneath them’. (1) You now have the right to recruit disciples. Please establish a sect and recruit disciples.”

(1) As long as you are true and honest, you can move other people’s hearts.