After writing down his insights on Illustrious Casket to remove Chen Lingyu’s future problems, he also comprehended the Dao Canon and the Nine Nines Mysteries Art for Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao. And his last merits also burned with them. His path forward was wide, so he didn’t need may merits. But the further he went the greater the price, as it already reached the current amount of a thousand and five hundred merits.

Even the Dao Canon’s inferred comprehension used eight hundred.

As for Bones of the Taotie, this method was just too odd. It needed 9999 merits just to get started!

Chen Ming used the excuse that Li Suyi’s cultivation wasn’t stable to postpone imparting Bones of the Taotie, and only taught him Demonic Blood Saber’s method. This would help Li Suyi transform his saber energy through the use of the Demonic Blood Saber.

Chen Ming wasn’t at all worried about Li Suyi’s cultivation. He was one who experienced rebirth, and definitely had some strength in his previous world.

Chen Ming sat in the courtyard combing through his thoughts, cooking up a plan to rope in more chives, when the bear brothers dropped by for a round of Fight the Landlord. But Chen Ming was in no mood for playing and waved his hand, to go find someone else. The bear brothers were refined men, playing with a Great Fiend would be too boring. Since Sir Archfiend had not time to mind them, their sights landed on Ling Xian who happened to show up at that time. This little brother has met some fortune recently, he should be loaded with spirit stones, “Brother Ling Xian, come play with us Fight the Landlord!”

Ling Xian waved his hand. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to play with these two silly geese. Since they were Chen Ming’s followers, they could come and go as the pleased in Chen Ming’s lair, besides his disciples, “I don’t know how.”

Eldest Bear said, “The rules are simple. We are all cultivators here, and after explaining it once you will remember it.”

Second Bear added, “Yeah, a cultivator needs to have some time off too. We won’t play too long, so come relax.”

Ling Xian again refused, “It’s not that I don’t want, but I truly don’t know how to play.”

Eldest Bear smiled, “No worry, you’ll know as we play. All the Archfiend play it too.”

What a joke, you don’t know how to play. If I don’t give you a good fleecing then it’ll bring me shame.

Second Bear said, “Yeah, you’ll get the hang of it as we play.”

With such kindness, Ling Xian reluctantly sat down. Chen Ming pitied the bears, With Ling Xian taking a seat, you two will end up repenting!

They dealt the cards and when Ling Xian saw his cards, they were all great, “Can I call Landlord?”

The bear brothers smiled at each other, “It’s alright, you’re the Landlord!”

Then Ling Xian took the last three cards, and after checking his hand, he shily spoke, “Can I take out four of a kind?”

Second Bear: “Of course, they’re the bomb, they’re worth double!”

Ling Xian revealed his hand, “Four eights, you guys want them?”

The bear brothers looked at each other, He is indeed a newbie, he even dropped a bomb.

“No, no, continue.”

“Four tens.”


“Four kings.”


“Four aces.”


“Two twos.”


The bears frowned, sensing a headache coming.

Ling Xian finally put his last pair of kings down.

Eldest Bear: “Must be his luck.”

Second Bear: “Beginner’s luck, let’s go again!”

The bears fished out spirit stones while spending the next hour in a daze.

Eldest Bear gave Ling Xian a deep look, “Hey, Ling Xian, look how hardworking your senior sister is. How can you abandon your cultivation, quickly go train!”

Ling Xian smiled, “This game is so fun, and even though it looks complicated, I find it very simple! Let’s go again!”

Bear brothers’ thought, Fun my a*s! From your first hand, we played for two whole hours. We didn’t get to put ten-card down, while all of yours were bombs!

You barely know how to play, but each time you draw a card we fish out spirit stones…

Chen Ming was considering a question, If I establish a sect and recruit disciples, then where do I find the resources to groom them? Four personal disciples are already a sucking abyss of pills. Chen Lingyu just started cultivation, so I can’t count on her for supplying pills. It would be great if I can find a Spirit Vein since Dao Sense realm cultivators don’t require many pills, and if there is enough spiritual energy then they can even do without them.

Don’t I still have a treasure map? Who knows, maybe there’s a Spirit Vein at the end.

Forget it, I don’t trust my luck.

Wait, Chen Ming glanced at Ling Xian and said flatly, “Ling Xian, come along on this trip.”

With Ling Xian in tow and after a seven day-long trek, Chen Ming arrived at his destination. At first glance, it was a great mountain surrounded by mist, undisturbed by man. With lush vegetation and the rushing waters from the creek, it just didn’t exhibit anything outlandish.

This mountain was in the middle of the wilderness with no trace of humans anywhere. Chen Ming landed on the mountain peak, beginning to search the area. It wasn’t hard to find that this mountain once housed an ancient sect. He released his awareness and soon found a stone door.

When he brought Ling Xian before the door, Chen Ming told him to open it. Finding no danger, Ling Xian pushed the moss-covered door open, and dust littered every corner, as a rotten smell still lingered.

Chen Ming let loose a fire crow which entered the corridor before them, then returned to his hand, “Wait for me here. If there’s any danger, find a safe place. I will go inspect the place.”

Ling Xian cupped his hands, “Yes, Master!”

As Chen Ming walked along the stone corridor, he could make out the murals on the side. The deeper he went the thicker the spiritual energy became, There truly is one!

With such thick spiritual energy, it felt like he was back in the Astral Immortal Sect’s surroundings. This spiritual energy was akin to a cultivator who absorbed spirit stones without stop, and the purest one at that!

An average cultivator’s cultivation would be filled with impurities. And from what he just felt, this was actually the purest water attribute spiritual energy!

Taking a deep breath, a refreshing an cool feeling seeped into his heart. Even if it wasn’t a true Spirit Vein, it wasn’t far from becoming one.

Chen Ming walked onward as if he was going through a water world. Suspended in the air was a clear and sparkling water droplet, lighting up the area like a night pearl.

Wherever he passed, the water droplets cleared a path. This made Chen Ming raise an eyebrow, Seems to be a stone room filled with water droplets. Chen Ming opened the door and saw a blue small carp with three-leaf lotus on its head. It was as big as a palm, sparkling and pure, blocking with his body a large spirit stone while spitting twice at Chen Ming.

Is this a… moe attack?