The large spirit stone behind the carp was glossy and smooth as silk, just like jadeite. And on the stone walls, spirit stones began to form, with the source being that large spirit stone. Chen Ming found knew a lot about the Spirit Vein from the Astral Immortal Sect. That spirit stone was the Spirit Vein, and this little moe guy should be the spirit born of this Spirit Vein.

Of this spirit, they had many names. For example River Soul, Mountain Ghost, Drought Demon and so on. The one before him should be a River Soul.

Only when it produced a spirit, was it considered a Spirit Vein.

Without a question, the little guy was a spirit and the large stone the Spirit Vein.

It was good he brought Ling Xian along, and now he could pick up a Spirit Vein. Vermilion Bird was also a Drought Demon, but Chen Ming still didn’t dare to go for its Spirit Vein.

The little guy before him, on the other hand, he could collect. The method to make the Spirit Vein recognize a master was simple, just draw a spirit pact on its forehead. This was a sinch for an array master like Chen Ming.

Chen Ming released his spiritual power and brought the little carp over, then drew a spirit pact which entered its body. The next time it looked at Chen Ming, it was no longer scared and angry, just bewildered, How come I feel close to this pedophile?

Chen Ming took out a dried fish from his ring and threw it before it. The carp used the water spiritual energy to bring the fish to his mouth and began chewing it.

What a cheater!

Chen Ming showed his happiness, “I’ll be taking you to an enjoyable place, much better than here. It has green hills and clear waters, and many fishes to eat too! ”

Little carp still had the taste of the fish in his mouth. Since he was born he has always stayed here, and now that he tasted dried fish, it became curious about the outside world.

Little carp nodded, then slouched on his shoulder.

Chen Ming retrieved the Spirit Vein with a wave of his hand, and then the rest of the spirit stones.

Little carp was feeling curious at the disappearance of his home, along with some fear. Chen Ming petted it, “I’m just taking your home to where we are going.”

Little carp relaxed.

Chen Ming asked, “Do you have any companions around here? I would like to bring them along to this great place.”

Little carp hesitated, its heart conflicted, but it still brought Chen Ming to another stone room. What Chen Ming could sense from here was fire spiritual energy, Could this place have a second Spirit Vein?

Chen Ming entered as the little carp spat water like crazy, he didn’t like this place. Chen Ming could see a fiery-red spirit stone and a cocoon, its soon to be born spirit.

Chen Ming knew that it was hard for Spirit Vein to form. Why there were two here was because this ancient sect had two incredible areas, where fire spiritual energy and water spiritual energy amassed in each region. After countless years, the two little guys were formed, the incompatible fire and water. Then they fought each other, and because the little carp was born first, it put pressure on the Fire Spirit Vein so that it delayed it from becoming a true vein.

The world was boundless, filled with marvels and oddities. Chen Ming collected the fiery-red spirit stone then left along with the two little guys, Later, I’ll be helping Fire Spirit Vein’s little guy, to speed up its birth.

As Chen Ming along with the little carp stood outside the sect, he looked around. There was nothing left, or whatever had been had long rotten or wasted away along these countless years.

When Ling Xian’s eyes landed on the little carp, Master went to inspect it and returned with a spirit. Did that mean Master found a Spirit Vein?

“Congratulations on finding a Spirit Vein, Master.”

In front of disciples, Chen Ming would undoubtedly fake aloofness and wisdom, “Just a Spirit Vein, is there a reason for alarm?”

Ling Xian said, “Disciple is only happy, I’m sure that for Master, they are just a drop in the ocean.”

He knew of its importance by the time he arrived, along with the little carp, at Yan Mountain. This was something only a Grand Archfiend or a Grand Sovereign could posses. He had to make sure no one else found about them. He’ll just keep his mouth shut about the great fortune.

Chen Ming convened with his three disciple – Zhuo Qingyao was still comprehending the Dao – and the bear brothers, in preparation for establishing a sect.

Chen Ming took his seat, with the little carp on his shoulder doing his best in chewing a dried fish. Chen Ming began, “Your Master has been here just a few months, and I already have four personal disciples. It isn’t enough, therefore I have decided to open Yan Mountain and establish a sect to recruit disciples from all around.”

Since it was just about recruiting disciples, the three had no objections. It was only recruiting, it wouldn’t affect their positions. These disciples were the core of a sect, while the personal disciples were high above them.

Moreover, these disciples could only listen to Chen Ming’s sermon and not ask him for help in their cultivation.

Other sects’ personal disciples had it worse, but Yan Mountain was different since Master didn’t like managing things. For example, in an important place like Yan Mountain, a personal disciple could enter the medicine field as he wished. When Li Suyi was caught pilfering it of spiritual fruits, Ling Xian made sure to give him hell three times!

Other areas were even worse. If Master didn’t say then they could go anywhere and do anything, as long as they asked senior sister first.

But Zhuo Qingyao was in seclusion, and now Ling Xian was in charge.

Disciples, meh, whatever. They could only seldom listen to Master’s sermon anyway. But rewards and punishments weren’t something personal disciples were in charge of.

Ling Xian said, “I wonder how many would Master like to recruit to expand Yan Mountain’s strength?”

Chen Ming did some thinking, “Six hundred. But three hundred of them will have to train in a water attribute cultivation method while the other three hundred in a fire attribute cultivation method.”

The three hesitated, making Chen Ming furrow his brows, “What’s wrong?”

Too many? I think that six hundred are enough, any more and I won’t be able to train them!

Ling Xian said, “Master, aren’t they too little? The way I see it, a glorious figure like Master should receive thirty thousand. ”

Li Suyi agreed, “Yeah, with how esteemed Master is, sixty thousand aren’t bad!”

Chen Lingyu said, “How about a million!”

Chen Ming: …

F*ck, they’re all a bunch of broken toys!

Just taking care of you, broken toys, is causing me enough grief as it is. Are you trying to work this poor old man to death by having a million disciples!?

Chen Ming coughed twice, “Your Master doesn’t need that many.”