Chen Ming continued by giving orders, “Eldest Bear, Second Bear, take the Great Fiends to build the Disciple Resting Pavilion. When they are here the will also need a dining hall and other such things that you need to prepare. As for spirit stones, find Ling Xian.”

The bear brothers received the order and immediately went to work.

Chen Ming went on, “Ling Xian, spread around that I’m recruiting disciples in the range of Six Kings Alliance. This Master will accept man or fiend, regardless of background!”

Ling Xian went to fulfill his order.

Chen Ming continued, “Li Suyi, you will be selecting worthy youngsters, go. ”

Li Suyi was a man reliving his life, so he might find some familiar faces. He also had high cultivation in his previous life, so he must have good eyesight.

With the preparations underway, Chen Ming set on arranging a place for the Spirit Vein. The bear brothers were planing on using two peaks for the disciples’ cultivating area, Flowing Peak and Blazing Peak.

Chen Ming focused his spiritual power and went deep inside the Flowing Peak, where he prepared a stone room. He set little carp’s home here, the Spirit Vein, and illuminated the area with many night pearls. It would allow little carp to wander around Yan Mountain while the Spirit Vein laid here and gathered water spiritual power.

After showing where his home was, and after leaving enough dried fish for the little carp, Chen Ming left him to his meal and proceded to Blazing Peak. He did the same as before, and despite the gathering amount of fire spiritual energy was slower it was still not bad.

To help induce the little guy’s birth, Chen Ming spent no less than two hundred thousand fire spirit stones, almost emptying Yan Mountain’s coffers of these type of spirit stones. Then he set up a great Spiritual Gathering Array, something he saw at the Flying Immortal Sect. Since learning it wasn’t hard and having enough materials, from destroying the Flying Immortal Sect, he chose to set it up.

The only thing left was for Li Suyi to bring in disciples. It shouldn’t be too difficult. From the impression I recently left on Southern Border’s kingdoms and Six Kings Alliance, I should come out as having the image of a peace-loving, kind Master that guides his cherished disciples. With this kind of image, everyone will come to my sect!

Chilling Ice Sect.

As an agent, Li Suyi first went to Chilling Ice Sect. This sect was among the first to rely on Master and if I start here, a good result will be guaranteed. Master is the most famous for this generation and recruiting disciples will be an easy matter.

As expected, Li Suyi easily gathered youngsters who cultivated a fire cultivation method.

“Have you guys heard? Archfiend Chen Ming is recruiting disciples!”

“What? The Archfiend who killed three King ranks, with one of them being at Divine Palace?”

“Archfiend Chen Ming is a ruthless person, vicious and without mercy. Following such a Master we’ll guarantee us a future free of miseries!”

“Exactly, there’s no point in following those kind Masters that won’t fight back even when they got hit. It would be better to change them for a vicious and cruel one instead!”

A red-clothed youngster made a cautious analysis, “Choosing based on strength doesn’t help us. When teaching, strength has nothing to do with it. And the Archfiend is only recruiting normal disciples. From what I see, these three hundred disciples won’t even be able to listen to any sermons on the Grand Dao. With so many disciples, the treatment will be average.”

A youngster from the side asked, “Then brother, can you please explain why are you signing your name?”

The red-clothed youth laughed in embarrassment, “Um, uh, if I don’t enter hell, who will? Leave this unfortunate matter to me!”

Li Suyi listen to the Sect Leader’s report, “So far, there are less than three hundred disciples!”

Li Suyi was doubtful, “Why so few?”

Sect Leader said, “Also, many have started fighting at the main gate over who should sign, even now…”

Li Suyi nodded, That’s how it should be. With how majestic Master is, he made me, the magnificent Eternal Night Li Suyi, completely willing to take him as my master. Casually recruiting some disciples won’t do without some struggles. The Sect Leader said, “But most of them have a fire attribute and very few with water.”

Li Suyi asked, “What is happening?”

“It is common knowledge that Archfiend cultivated a fire cultivation method to the rank of King. And other adults say that on Yan Mountain, all disciples cultivate a fire attribute cultivation method. How could an Archfiend with a fire cultivation method impart a water cultivation method to his disciples?”

“How could you people understand the magnificent and miraculous abilities of Master! Putting aside the water attribute, regarding demonic cultivation, immortal arts, array, alchemy Dao, sword Dao, saber Dao and all other Daos under the heavens, there’s is none of which my Master doesn’t know! Look at me, Master imparted me with the Demonic Blood Saber! Senior sister, junior sister and senior brother are all cultivating different Daos!”

Li Suyi was more inclined to refer to Chen Lingyu as his junior sister. They have lost their parents and now paid respects to the same Master, making them even closer than real siblings.

In the world of cultivation, this was normal. Despite Ling Xian having brothers and sisters, when it came to affection, even all of them combined couldn’t compare. They were all under the same Master, all aspiring to become immortals. How could his relatives ever become immortals? And when he completed his cultivation, all would be swept away with a wave of his sleeve.

While Li Suyi stood at the side pondering on how to make more water attribute youngsters sign, the youngsters at the foot of the mountain were also discussing.

Two sneaky youngsters unveiled their act. They were once Flying Immortal Sect’s disciples but they never began cultivation. They escaped from all kinds of inspections and now they were set on ruining Chen Ming’s recruiting, “Say, people, why on earth would Sir Archfiend, cultivating a fire attribute cultivation method, would recruit water attribute disciples?”

“Brother, let’s think about it. You should know that many cultivators with water attribute are girls, and the cultivators with fire attribute are prone to rash decisions. I fear that Sir Archfiend wants to mix fire and water, to use the girls for his satisfaction, then neutralize his inner fire!”

“What! This must be the Archfiend’s plan all along!”

“Such wickedness!”

But the following day, the entire area was packed full. Many many gorgeous, young and delicate girls with water attribute shed their virtuous appearance of a young lady and came to the main gate!

The two sneaky youngsters, upon seeing the endless queue of girls, had to lean on each other to avoid collapsing, “Brother, I don’t know why, but I feel like vomiting blood…”

“Me too…”