Early morning found Eldest Bear standing on Flowing Peak. Feeling the thick spiritual energy and taking in deep breaths, it gave him a refreshing feeling, “What an abundant water spiritual energy. This Flowing Peak is strange, and the same goes for the Blazing Peak next to it. Standing on that one feels warm.”

Second Bear: “I heard that Flowing Peak only has pretty girls. Supposedly they are disciples to help relieve Sir Archfiend’s loneliness.”

“Isn’t that a harem?”


Their hair suddenly stood on end, looking like a pair of hedgehogs, as the bear brothers became aware of icy and violent sword energy shrouding them.

“What did you just say?” Zhuo Qingyao’s tone was cold.

The two turned their heads and saw her, “Young miss, you came down from the mountain?”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, “I’m already at the Sword Heart rank. Now, I need to severe all worldly affairs to make my Sword Heart shine brightly. So I will save my little brother and remove any distractions from my heart. ”

“But before that, I think I must give these new girls an everlasting impression.”

Zhuo Qingyao then walked towards Yan Mountain, with Eldest Bear saying, “Young miss, that’s the opposite way!”

Zhuo Qingyao walked on, “I’m going to greet Master.”

Chen Ming was playing with the little carp at the moment. This cute little guy is so interesting, making such a moe face when he’s angry!


Chen Ming knew it was Zhuo Qingyao and turned his head, “En, it is indeed the Sword Heart. It looks like you have found your Dao.”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, “Yes, I have. I want to be the first under heaven!”

Chen Ming spat his tea, Why did the atmosphere suddenly become so intense?

“En, very good, go become the first under heaven!”

Chen Ming didn’t believe her, Just kids talk, saying whatever they liked. Who didn’t dream of becoming a scientist or whatever when they were little?

Zhuo Qingyao went on, “Master, now that I am at the Sword Heart rank, I want to make it shine. I want to save my little brother, to help him lead a life without worries.”

Chen Ming nodded, “En, go.”

Zhuo Qingyao was about to leave, but then she turned her head, “Master, I think that with your appearance, if you go and guide the disciples, there will be many girls who won’t be able to help themselves and only come to watch you, instead of listening to your guidance.”

Zhuo Qingyao took the smiley face from the table, “Master, I think this mask is very good.”

Chen Ming nodded carefully, Zhuo Qingyao is right! My appearance will distract many disciples. How will I grow chives if that happens?

“En, what you said has some truth. Whenever I’ll walk in public I will always wear this mask.”

Zhuo Qingyao cupped her hands, “Then Master, disciple will be taking her to leave.”

After leaving Yan Mountain, Zhuo Qingyao went to find Ling Xian, almost scaring him into suffering from deviated cultivation. No way, how come senior sister came out of seclusion? But relaxed when he found that she was just interested to know where were the new disciples. She didn’t come to pick on me. After telling her, she left, with Ling Xian paying it no mind.

Li Suyi was hurrying along with the hand-picked six hundred disciples to Yan Mountain, This should also complete Master’s assignment. He also had to continue waiting for those helpful memories to come back. Just then, a sudden powerful energy came from within the forest in front of them. This energy was something Li Suyi would never forget even in death.

But the next moment, Zhuo Qingyao walked from the forest and Li Suyi bowed, “First senior sister!”

In Yan Mountain, it wasn’t much if they weren’t proper in front of their Master since Chen Ming wasn’t a stickler for etiquette. But if that happened in front of senior sister, then she would make sure to teach them decorum.

The other disciple also looked over at Zhuo Qingyao, Was this girl, the first senior sister?

Seeing Li Suyi’s respectful manner, the rest followed along, “First senior sister!”

Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes wandered over the crowd, they were all kinds of people here, and all girls with water attribute were gorgeous and delicate young ladies. She began on a flat tone, “Rise.”

“Before you go to Yan Mountain, you should know, Master received three hundred and twenty-three wounds in his battle with Archfiend Azure Lion. It even ruined his appearance. So he always wears a mask, but if anyone dares to make Master’s pain resurface…”

A brazen girl asked, “What then?”

“What, Master’s appearance is ruined?”

“Master must be heartbroken.”

“How can that be?”

Zhuo Qingyao laughed coldly, “Nothing important, just death.”

Zhuo Qingyao touched the five-foot-around and ten-zhang- tall tree next to her and the endless sword energy released from her hand turned it to dust.

The six hundred disciples felt a shiver pass their spine, sensing the terrifying chill within the attack.

Zhuo Qingyao added, “This is the first taboo of Yan Mountain. You know what that is, right? If you brake it, you’ll only die, you know.”

Zhuo Qingyao’s scare silenced them, and angrily said, “Did you get that?”

All of them nodded at once, bobbing their heads like chickens, “Yes, we will remember!”

Li Suyi felt nervous as he watched Zhuo Qingyao, then her eyes shifted on him, “Junior brother, I’m sure you know what you should keep to yourself, right?”

Li Suyi wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “Junior brother understands.”

Zhuo Qingyao finally nodded, satisfied, “Great.”

But the next instant, Zhuo Qingyao was gone, going towards the Qingyao City. She was now at the Sword Heart stage, and to make it shine brightly she had to remove all distractions, to single-mindedly swing the sword and become the strongest.

She was worried about her little brother’s safety and wanted to go save him – the first worry in her heart.

Afterward, she would arrange for her brother for a safe place to live, then go destroy the Wuji Kingdom. She felt ashamed for losing against them – the second worry in her heart.

Chen Ming took a bite out of a dried fish, then gave the little carp a bite, when it suddenly hit him, “If I’m not wrong, Zhuo Qingyao danger value should be 240.”

He eyed his merits and saw how they were two thousand or so richer.