His current merits weren’t few, but it was still far from enough for what Chen Ming had in mind. Vermilion Bird said that I can only control twelve swords for now. Then I need to have at least twelve cultivation methods at the Dao Seed stage.

In Archfiends’ battle, his strength was around that of a middle-stage of Dao Seed. But even at this stage, he wasn’t too strong, he should at least learn another stage in Finger From Beyond. His arsenal of arrays was also lacking, just one. To even begin holding his ground he would need thirty thousand merits, to start.

When that time came, one move from him would hold the power of a Divine Palace stage or even a Grand Archfiend!

After chancing upon the Illustrious Casket, Chen Ming also held some interest in the alchemy Dao. Of course, with Chen Lingyu’s talent in making pills, she would be making most of them.

Heavenly Pill Heart wasn’t an empty aura, and when it was supplemented with the Illustrious Casket’s effect, then Chen Lingyu’s chance of making pills would reach an unprecedented hight. But his current refined pills were all in the Dao Sense realm.

He had enough to give them to all disciples.

As for other aspects, Yan Mountain was dirt poor. The only one to guide disciples was Chen Ming, something that would never change.

It was good that Chen Ming still had wealth since he killed three Kings and all.

Not long after Zhuo Qingyao’s departure, the disciples arrived. But it wasn’t yet time for Chen Ming to show himself, and Eldest Bear was the one to tell these new disciples to get familiar with the Jade Water Core Sutra and Fire Crow Art later tonight. He would be holding a lecture tomorrow.

The powers from Astral Immortal Sect have started mobilizing, making the atmosphere in the Myriad Mountains strange. Chen Ming was of no intention of helping them. There was a Grand Archfiend nearby, and it was under Ghost Immortal too. His power and influence would only bring a swift death.

Chen Ming looked at Ling Xian then said, “Take a hundred thousand spirit stones and bring me scriptures related to alchemy.”

In the cultivation world, if one wanted riches, or pills, or weapons, then one would have to raise an alchemist since they were all wealthy. Chen Ming planned to make all disciples learn alchemy until he had close to four hundred alchemists! Humph, spirit stones will be rolling in soon.

As for the fact that not all could become alchemists, Chen Ming’s method of teaching was broken from the start. Some might be able to make Qi Pills but it didn’t mean they could make Strengthening Pills.

Chen Ming wanted to comprehend all kinds of books about pills, then write down a mixture of ten thousand types of pills, the Guide to Alchemy. After that he would give the new method to the disciples, to let them explore it with their power, turning them into an alchemy assembly line. Even if they were dumb, it was still good as long as they could make even a single step on the path of alchemy.

Just like making a fridge, you didn’t need to make the entire thing, just had to make one of its parts. Was that so hard?

When that time came, some would be crushing herbs, some controlling the fire, some choosing the herb, and some making pills. Flawless!

And the effectiveness of the pills would without a doubt be higher than those alchemists.

But for now, he had to wait for all these disciples to reach the Dao Initiation realm.

The disciples coming to Yan Mountain were curious since they came to the strongest Archfiend in the Six Kings Alliance. On the Flowing Peak, all the ladies could feel the incredible water spiritual energy, “This place has such a rich water spiritual energy that it makes me feel like I’m surrounded by spirit stones.”

“I tried it just now, and after a bit of cultivating, I noticed a great improvement!”

“Such a baffling place, yet so comfortable. When I cultivate, spiritual energy enters my body with ease.”

“Let’s go over the Jade Water Core Sutra, Master will be holding a lecture tomorrow.”

After the ladies took a stroll around the peak, they got serious and started to recite the Jade Water Core Sutra.

While Blazing Peak only held youngsters who had no interest in roaming around and jumped straight to studying the Fire Crow Art. Some even began cultivating it since they could sense that one day here was equal to a month outside!

There were also many fiends, but since the area was close to Myriad Mountains, no disputes arose. They were all under Chen Ming after all.

On the morrow, Chen Ming finally made his appearance. Today’s lecture would be about Fire Crow Art since he already comprehends it to the Dao Seed stage. Comprehending didn’t mean cultivating, and if he wasn’t worried about Fire Crow Art’s Dao Palace reaching the Archfiend stage and affecting the Four Elements Array, he would have already upgraded it to the Archfiend stage.

But Chen Ming reckoned that because of the system, he would find it hard to promote it to the Archfiend stage. It would most likely involve a mission.

What he was considering now was to upgrade it to the 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

Wearing the smiley face, Chen Ming went to the Blazing Peak where the three hundred youngsters waited quietly. Upon seeing the masked Chen Ming, all disciples rose and bowed, “Greetings Master!”

Chen Ming had some hesitation. Why do they recognize me? I am wearing a mask. Must be Zhuo Qingyao who told them. But why are they looking at me like that? There’s respect, yes, but most importantly, why is there sympathy mixed within?

Not feeling in the mood to pay attention to this, Chen Ming sat in his high chair then the disciples kneeled before him one by one.

Chen Ming began his lecture on the Fire Crow Art. His knowledge of this art has reached extreme heights, to the point he could recite it from memory.

Chen Ming started gushing with his explanations, pointing out the intricate details, and even going as far as describing some strange ways of cultivating it. Like cultivating when the sun was at its highest when a strand of yang energy helped their cultivation. Chen Ming even went in detailed about some training methods that weren’t even in the art.

This lecture went on for three days. And in this time, the disciples looked enraptured, soaking up all of Chen Ming’s teachings.

Their original cultivation looked blurred, then Chen Ming came and removed the fog, showing them the essence of the art. He even showed where his way differed from the art, as the flame in his hand never stopped transforming.

Some disciples, as they listened to Chen Ming’s lecture, broke through. He believed it had to do with him removing some of their doubts, along with the sufficient amount of fire spiritual energy around them.

When the lecture was over, Chen Ming gazed upon the disciples, “From now on, we will keep track of your cultivation. The last thirty will clean the chamber pots, while the first thirty will receive five spirit stones each month. While the next thirty will receive four, and so on… ”

If he wanted these fellows to work hard then he had to establish some rewards and punishments. Or how else could he stir their interest in cultivation?