The same thing happened on Flowing Peak, and after explaining the rewards and punishments, Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain. He eyed his spiritual knowledge and saw an increase of three hundred.

Despite not knowing how they were calculated, he still received three hundred after six days. It wasn’t bad since he now had a stable income.

Chen Ming also found that these disciples didn’t trigger any mission with merits as a reward. They only gave merits when they broke through, though in pitiful amounts.

He would have around a thousand after a month and in two years, around thirty thousand merits.

But Chen Ming still thought it slow. Two years later was the Grand World Opening, so how would he have the strength of a Grand Sovereign to guarantee his safety?

He chose to let it go for now. He checked the treasury and saw how he currently had around one and a half million spirit stones. Chen Ming sent the bear brothers along with three hundred thousand spirit stones to buy Dao Sense realm pills. If your speed was slow, take a pill!

If you have a stable foundation, take a pill!

Archfiend Azure Lion nurtured over a thousand Great Fiend under him. So how couldn’t Chen Ming train a bunch of Dao Sense realm cultivators?

And they barely started training too. To help each of you find the joy of Dao Initiation realm, eat and eat until you puke!

These guys weren’t a sucking abyss like Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian and Li Suyi. They didn’t need so many pills to break through like legacy disciples.

And so, in Yan Mountain, the disciples were over the moon with the addition of another great place, the Alchemy House. A place where they could have any pills free of charge, as long as they ate them inside the house and if the bear brothers found it wouldn’t affect their foundation. And when the previous pill’s effect wore off they could eat again.

But they weren’t allowed to take them away. Yet it was alright since it wasn’t clear if they would eat them or not.

It brought joy to these fellows. These were pills, something only the geniuses of the sects could enjoy. But now, so could they, in Yan Mountain.

After a while, their interest in taking pills began to wane. Just who could stand eating day in day and out those weird tasting things?

As a result, rice vanished from Yan Mountain.

You didn’t want to starve? That’s easy, finish absorbing the pill, then have another! After all, the pills had great effects. It could recover your strength, filling you with energy, and also hand all the necessary minerals an nutrients a growing child would need. Besides, in Dao Sense realm one would strengthen the body, increase one’s power, something the Dao Sense realm pills all had as effects. So go, go eat pills like rice!

A month later, Zhang Qun came to Yan Mountain to see his son. He knew that his son was a disciple to a glorious figure like an Archfiend, and the competition in the sect must be fierce. He sold many of his belonging so that he could get a Qi Pill and help increase his son’s cultivation.

After two more days, he finally got the chance to see his son. Zhang Ming looked upon his father as if he was his savior, “Dad, how come you’re here?”

Zhang Ming’s impression was that his father had brought many delicious meals. Zhang Qun said, “Didn’t you became an Archfiend’s disciple? You must have had a fierce struggle until now, so father has brought you something great.”

Zhang Qun took out the hidden Qi Pill bottle and said, “For this pill, your father had to hire ten Dao Sense realm. Eight died before they could bring it. Here, to help your cultivation!”

When he heard this, Zhang Ming barfed right there and then. But since he only had pills, what he vomited was an already empty stomach, “Dad, you probably don’t know this but, Master makes us eat pills for food. Each time I see a pill it makes me vomit!”

Zhang Qun was stunned. He only heard how there was a battle of life and death over pills, but this was a first, to see someone taking pills until they puked. This Archfiend was too overbearing. With such expenses, even if he was an Archfiend, how long could it last?

What was this Archfiend thinking? That he had too many spirit stones, so he could burn a few?

Zhang Qun said, “Son, looks like Sir Archfiend is prepared to raise you. You all need to cultivate hard, don’t fail Sir Archfiend’s expectations!”

Zhang Ming could only give a helpless nod, “Dad, you’d better take back this pill and sell it. Make sure to never leave a whiff of pills at home, or I won’t return. Every place on Yan Mountain has pill fragrance, it’s too dreadful!”

Just after establishing the Alchemy House, Chen Ming found a great increase in merits. Like this, in around a year he would amass thirty thousand merits. As for spirit stones, each month only used thirty thousand, he could totally bear it!

But he later discovered how the disciples were starting to loathe taking pills. He flipped on the spot and moved the entire food reserves in his lair so that even his Great Fiends would have no choice but to eat pills.

Chen Ming also used his merits to comprehend what the Sect Leaders from Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect brought him, alchemy scriptures. Soon, he only had around two thousand merits left, but it showed him the Dao of alchemy. When he reached the Grandmaster stage, he would cross over into the domain of alchemists, becoming an alchemist Grandmaster!

Eldest Bear arrived to give Chen Ming a report, but when he saw him in high spirits he had to shout for him to recover. Chen Ming said, “Eldest Bear, buying pills in an expensive venture.”

Eldest Bear’s eyes began to shine. For the past month he ate so many pills he was close to puking, “Sir Archfiend’s words ring true!”

Chen Ming added, “So I found the solution. We will make our own pills, and even sell some. This way we can keep the same pace.”

Eldest Bear nodded, “Sir Archfiend’s idea is great, but it isn’t easy to refine pills.”

Just let Sir Archfiend stew for a while, making pills isn’t such a simple matter. By the time Sir Archfiend learned alchemy, many years would have passed. So now we no longer need to eat pills. What wonderful news!

But then Chen Ming’s words struck his core, “So I will let you in on a piece of good news. I am already an alchemy Grandmaster!”

Eldest Bear’s thought, No!

Chen Ming thought Eldest Bear didn’t believe him, so he collected all the herbs in his courtyard with a simple wave. All the plants in his courtyard were the stuff of legends, with barely any on the normal side. Chen Ming’s internal flame gradually came out through his palm, then looked around and took this and that from the pile of herbs, “It’s about right, there shouldn’t be any issues.”

At his current stage, he didn’t need a pill furnace and could directly control the flame in his palm to refine pills. Moments later, it filled Eldest Bear’s nose with the nauseating stench of a Qi Pill.

Chen Ming placed the five pills in front of Eldest Bear and said, “See, isn’t it the Qi Pill you all take each day?”

Eldest Bear’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, then he threw the door open and rushed to a dark corner. His shouts echoed out of the darkness, “Heavens, I’m dying! Sir Archfiend knows how to make pills! We’ll eat pills forever!”

Then, from Blazing Peak and Flowing Peak wailings and howls constantly echoed. It then became endless crying, crying that could move even the heavens…

Chen Ming stood on Yan Mountain and overlooked the two peaks, “I just refined a pill, is there a need to be so excited, so thrilled?”