For a while now, Yan Mountain’s atmosphere was strange. Not only were the disciples depressed and crestfallen, but all the Great Fiends were of the same thought.

Chen Ming finally discovered the issue. They ate pills until puking, but it made sense since their taste was peculiar, not to mention potent. To the point that the entire Yan Mountain was enveloped in a thick pill fragrance. Even Medicine King Valley came short in this aspect.

Yet Chen Ming didn’t find it an inconvenience, Aren’t they just hard to swallow? With my mastery of alchemy, be it tangerine flavored, apple flavored, strawberry flavored, and even beef-flavored pills, I can make them all!

Chen Ming did some thinking then wrote the Guide to Alchemy, dividing it into four chapters: identifying ingredients, handling ingredients, recipes, and refining.

After toiling with writing tens of thousands of words, Chen Ming came up with a finished Guide to Alchemy. The disciples don’t have high cultivation. It would be better to go fetch Eldest Bear and those Great Fiends and test it on them first. If even they can refine pills, then the disciples will have it easier.

He called for Chen Lingyu and handed the Guide to Alchemy for her to check if there are things she didn’t understand.

Chen Lingyu thought of this Guide to Alchemy as a manual, but it still contained some ambiguous topics, “Master, I have some doubt about the refining method explained here.”

Chen Ming said, “It is very complex, so let me explain.” After clarifying Chen Lingyu’s misunderstandings, he amended the Guide to Alchemy.

With the help of Chen Lingyu, a genius in the Dao of alchemy, someone who would reach the Grandmaster soon, he was able to quickly improve it. Then came the second item on the agenda: changing pill flavor.

With knowledge of medicine, knowledge of plants and their combinations, the two revised the Qi Pill recipe. They did their very best to strengthen its effectiveness and to also improve the taste.

Throughout the three long days of refining, master and disciple finally created the first batch of new Qi Pills; but with an awful stench.

Chen Lingyu covered her nose, “Ugh, Master, this time seems to be a failure.”

Chen Ming didn’t rush to agree, “As accomplished alchemists, we mustn’t be rash in our judgment. The Dao of alchemy is filled with trials and errors. ”

Chen Ming first thought was to let Chen Lingyu check it for poison, but after seeing her being such an adorable little girl, Somewhat inappropriate. Whatever, I’ll do it myself. Chen Ming put the improved pill in his mouth, leaving a memorable taste on his tongue, mildly spicy and a certain fragrance, Isn’t this frickin’ tofu!?

Only a frickin’ genius like me can refine a pill with tofu-flavor.

Chen Ming tried another, “The flavor ain’t bad, no, it should be that is great. Try it.”

If others said it, Chen Lingyu wouldn’t believe them even in death. But since it was Chen Ming, she popped one in after some hesitation, then her tightened brows smoothened out, “It’s very good, despite its stench. If we make it in large amounts, it won’t be good to have the entire Yan Mountain reeking of this.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Right, we’ll have to continue our research.”

But what Chen Ming failed to see, was Chen Lingyu writing down the recipe. She had a strange feeling, Don’t know why, but I feel like I have found a brand new world. The more I eat the more it feels like this tofu-flavored pill is more and more delicious.

The two proceded in researching pills, and then seven days later, Yan Mountain’s first special Qi Pill was revealed: chicken flavored, very crunchy!

On this day, Second Bear stared in a daze at his bear paw, while Eldest Bear eyed a black hawk Great Fiend before him, giving off a red light, “Second Bear, the other Great Fiends’ eyes are flashing red, as if they want to eat them.”

The second Bear slobbered his bear paw, “Don’t mention eating them when your own eyes are flashing red.”

“It can’t go on like this, I will go find Sir Archfiend.”

Eldest Bear went to find Chen Ming, while he himself was looking for Eldest Bear, holding a Qi Pill, “Eldest Bear, try this.”

Eldest Bear was unwilling, “I don’t need to. Sir Archfiend, many things are happening in the Alchemy House.”

Chen Ming’s eyes slowly grew colder, and Eldest Bear promptly took it. He closed his eyes, recognizing death, and started chewing, Hmm, wait, something ain’t right, why does it taste like chicken; very crispy!

As his brows smoothened out, Eldest Bear’s chewing made out louder and louder noises. He then found how its effect was stronger than the previous version by thirty percent, It’s Qi Pill, but why chicken-flavored? “Sir Archfiend, why does it taste like chicken?”

He already ate it, but Eldest Bear’s mouth still let off the fragrance of chicken meat.

“This is the newest Qi Pills I developed. And although not many, the rest Qi Pills were made in collaboration with Chen Lingyu.”

Eldest Bear was downcast, “Ah, I see…”

But his second thought, Sir Archfiend doesn’t have that many and also lacks the time to make us more. We’ll have to do it ourselves. “Sir Archfiend, can you teach us the way of refining this Qi Pill?”

Chen Ming’s thought, I haven’t even begun and you just pointed it out. “Here is the Guide to Alchemy and also the Pill Refining Process Steps. Look them over. You can also take the rest of the chicken-flavored Qi Pills.”

Eldest Bear was filled with joy as he held the books, and went to search for Second Bear along with the other Great Fiends to begin studying. The Great Fiends wanted to turn and leave when he mentioned refining pills, but after experiencing first hand the miraculous chicken-flavored Qi Pill, not only did they stayed but also actively participated in the discussions.

“With those damn Qi Pills from before, sooner or later, we would have met our end!”

“Right, from what I can tell by what Sir Archfiend meant from writing Pill Refining Steps, was that each of us is in charge of one step. We don’t need to control the entire process, so it shouldn’t be too hard. ”

“Yeah, if we were to control everything then it would have been impossible. But Sir Archfiend went and divided it into thirteen steps. With each learning one, we will definitely succeed!”

When all was said and done, for the sake of their stomachs, the Great Fiends began to study nonstop. Even the disciples who saw them all had their chin dropping, “No way! Are my eyes deceiving me? I just saw those Great Fiends studying!”

Another one sighed, “And they do it all night too, restless and assiduous in their endeavor!”

“Such fierce determination!”

“Why are they so hardworking in cultivating? We cannot give up either, we need to work harder.”