Wading through the Yellow Sea, Chen Ming sailed the wooden boat to where the bones gathered in piles and piles. With how hardworking and diligent Chen Ming was, he wouldn’t ride it himself, he left it all to Li Suyi. He was at the front while Li Suyi was steering the ship from the back. They soon reached a point where all Chen Ming saw were endless bones, with not a trace of the Yellow Sea.

Then a waterfall appeared in the distance, where all the bones converged.

When the boat was just ten zhang away, Chen Ming saw the entirety of the bone river. This was no waterfall, but a maelstrom, hundreds of zhang wide. The endless bone river sank in its center, creating a bony sight. Chen Ming said, “There’s a maelstrom in front.”

Li Suyi’s hairs stood on end at the front row seat view, “This is the entrance showed on the map.”

Chen Ming’s face was stony while his mind, Curse you, Li Suyi, just you wait. If Master’s old life ends here, see how yours ends in sparring Zhuo Qingyao!

Chen Ming stood at the boat’s front, as Li Suyi came next to him. There was no point in steering the ship when the bone river below pulled the ship towards the maelstrom.

The wind blew in waves, and despite not fazing Chen Ming at all, it still lifted his black robes. The boat soon reached the edge, and in the next moment, it spun around the maelstrom, slowly drawing towards its center.

It revolved around the core for fifteen minutes before it reached the bottom of the maelstrom. Here, the boat tilted, then turned around. Li Suyi was close to falling, but Chen Ming’s hand on his shoulder kept him steady, just as they arrived in a fantastic place.

The boat didn’t flip and instead stood perfectly straight. Chen Ming then saw an island, where stars flickered on it.

Chen Ming and Li Suyi halted the boat at the edge of the island and could see a nine layered tower. Li Suyi knew instantly that this was the Tower of Trials from his memories. From the looks of it, it only had nine layers, but the truth was unknown.

At least in his previous life, there wasn’t anyone who finished it.

Li Suyi pointed, “Master, let’s go see what kind of treasure it is!”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes at him as if to say Squirt, you still pretend you don’t know this tower? From the ground a wooden pupped sprung up, charging at the two.

Chen Ming eyed his surroundings and saw many puppets. They were all rotten, leaving the one before him intact.

If this wooden puppet was brand new, then even a Grand Sovereign would find it a headache. But it didn’t evoke any danger.

Chen Ming eyed its danger value, 300.

He picked up a wooden chip from a broken puppet, “Ironwood, strong as steel and resistant to fire.”

The puppet’s eyes seemed to be crystals, shining red, while its body glowed bluishly. It had many arrays drawn on its body, and its three-zhang-height made it look like a small giant.

The wooden puppet eyed the two in front then charged. Chen Ming didn’t want to waste time with it so he rushed with a punch at its chest, sending it back three steps.

Nine Nines Mysteries Art’s current stage is too low, or just based on its power, I should have blown this puppet to pieces.

Chen Ming thought, “Improve Nine Nines Mysteries Art to my current limit.”

“Ding! Used 800 merits and 3000 spiritual knowledge. Nine Nines Mysteries Art is at the 36th stage. ”

“Ding! You triggered an advancement mission: the supreme ruler’s path. Objective: kill 300 King ranks. Reward: realm seal lifted and can reach the Dao Seed stage. ”

As expected, the system is an a*s again. No advancement mission could be completed easily. But shouldn’t I be glad that it didn’t ask me to kill a Grand Archfiend?

With an upgrade in strength, Chen Ming wanted to give a try of the Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the peak of the Dao Initiation realm. He flew at the puppet with another fist. The puppet showed no fear, how could it? It was just wood.

It also extended its fist, clashing with Chen Ming’s, and this hit threw it ten steps this time!

Worthy of a cultivation method only trainable by a Main Character. It reached the peak of Dao Initiation realm and a hit could make even a King rank wail in pain!

It was just that the puppet has no mind of its own. No matter, at least he was now acquainted with Nine Nines Mysteries Art’s fierce power.

Chen Ming gave a sneaky laughter, “Truth be told, you might not believe it, but I’m an array master.”

Chen Ming was picking on the puppet, throwing a fist shining golden. He didn’t use any fancy moves, just a plain fist, yet the hit still shook it fiercely, to the point of having wooden chips falling. Chen Ming grabbed its finger, then began to swing it like a child. First left, then right, shaking the puppet each time it struck the earth.

Li Suyi witnessed Chen Ming’s act, This golden light seems familiar. En, it looks to be senior sister’s Nine Nines Mysteries Art.

So Master knows the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, and to an even more profound state than senior sister.

It seems that what senior brother said is true, as long as you learn something from Master, you can rampage all over the land.

But a question remains. Why haven’t I heard of Master and senior sister in my previous life? The loftiest person I knew from before is senior brother. Yet Master and senior sister are fiercer. As if to prove his point, an array master was using brute force to smack a King ranked puppet around right before him.

But the main point was, Li Suyi has never seen Chen Ming cultivating. No you cultivating, no you seclusion, no you sword training, no you sabre training, no nothing.

Master is an enigma.

Chen Ming proceeds with his abuse of the poor wooden puppet. He hammered it around for fifteen minutes until it turned to mush.

Chen Ming then walked with Li Suyi before the tower, Where do I even start in bringing this big toy back?

Carry it?

Chen Ming said, “Do you know how we can bring it back?”

“Master, you only need to drip blood on it and bind it.”

Chen Ming was skeptical, but he cut his finger with the Lustrous King Sword then dripped blood on it. Then he could sense the tower in his heart, that it had its own intent. He flexed his mind and the Tower of Trials turned palm-sized falling into his hand.

Not a bad idea to smacking people around with it. But it’s leans more towards crushing them to death than smacking.