Today, a torrent of sword energy licked Li Suyi’s back as he came out of the Tower of Trial. He turned his head, “Senior sister, you’re back?”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, being brief, “En, wiped out the Wuji Kingdom, took care of little brother, then returned. You’re not bad, breaking through to Dao Initiation realm after a few days. You must have worked hard.”

In the entire Yan Mountain, Li Suyi feared no one, no one but Zhuo Qingyao. Actually, he was very powerful, even for him who was living a second life, but no matter how strong, he still couldn’t overtake Zhuo Qingyao, “Many thanks, senior sister. Senior brother is even more hardworking, bordering recklessness.”

Zhuo Qingyao disregarded him, “What is this?”

“Tower of Trials. The higher your strength the higher your ranking.”

Zhuo Qingyao looked over and saw Chen Lingyu in the first place, Ling Xian second and Li Suyi third, with only one stage difference between the last two.

Zhuo Qingyao understood, “Junior brother, do you know of Yan Mountain’s glorious tradition?”

“What glorious tradition?”

“If legacy disciples were to participate in a competition, the weakest will go. And you should know Myriad Mountains’ saying: on the 7th day of the 7th month, Archfiend Summit starts.”

“Looks like it’ll be next month, just a few days away.”

“Yes, in ten or so days. As fiends’ tradition states, on that day, the alliance’ Archfiends converge and negotiate important matters. So to liven up the event, their disciples will compete against each other. With Master as the strongest in the Six Kings Alliance, there’s no way he will miss it.”

Li Suyi’s face became demonic, “Good Ling Xian, no wonder you were so desperate lately. You want me to become Yan Mountain’s weakest legacy disciple!”

Forget not knowing, now that he found out but he would still end up as the weakest, then the humiliation would be unimaginable.

Zhuo Qingyao glanced at Li Suyi, “Don’t be nervous. It doesn’t matter much even if you become a disgrace. I’ll just have to find that disgrace and ‘spar’ with him, bringing him back on the right track, strength.”

Li Suyi’s face went black, How is this nothing? You’re asking for my life!

Zhuo Qingyao saw the other disciples charging inside, “This looks interesting. I will also try it.”

An hour later, Zhuo Qingyao came out of the tower and next to her name on the rankings, it wrote the twenty-seventh stage.

Zhuo Qingyao’s rank was twice above the others.

When disciples recalled her words on that day, their entire body shivered.

Zhuo Qingyao didn’t linger there more than necessary and went up Yan Mountain.

The disciples saw how the second and third senior brothers were madmen in their cultivation. They went as far as staying outside the tower, downing a bottle of pills to improve their cultivation then return inside. They came out, took pills to recover their wounds, got better, then trained with pills!

Chen Lingyu came each day to fuel their training.

It turned out that there was a rule to all this. Any who ate the most pills would have his cultivation rising the most. And when word of this rule reached Chen Ming’s ear, to improve the disciples’ efficiency in eating pills, he opened Yan Mountain’s first Pill King Convention!

Legacy disciples were excluded, as they would just end up bullying others. This competition revolved around who could eat the most pills in a day. The top three receiving a spiritual weapon as a reward!

Spiritual weapon, a treasure wielded by Dao Initiation realm cultivators. This plucked at the disciples’ heartstrings.

The secular world had drinking competitions, while we sects had pill eating contests!

Organized by a group of Great Fiends and judged by Chen Lingyu, Yan Mountain’s first Pill King Convention was officially open.

Normal disciples weren’t as outrageous in eating pills as a legacy disciple, downing a bottle. But even so, a few geniuses made themselves known. Zhang Ming, for instance, wasn’t was closing in on a legacy disciple’s appetite for pills.

With the passing of the first Pill King Convention, Yan Mountain’s trend changed. A youngster’s genius was now measured by the number of pills he could eat.

Yan Mountain transformed into a different world. Outside people killed for a single pill, while on the mountain they held pill eating contests!

But the image of Ling Xian and Li Suyi emptying bottle after bottle of pills became engraved in the disciples’ minds, and soon started to call them Pill Immortal and Pill Demon!

Each time Chen Ming went for a stroll, he was touched, “I wonder if I’m not a tad crazy, they took out all the pills. Nah, it’s fine since the faster these broken toys’ cultivation rises, the more merits I gain.”

White Fox Mountain.

Archfiend White Fox gazed at the girl in front, “Charming Fox, this Archfiends Summit is of utmost importance. It will affect our position in the Six Kings Alliance. You have to give your very best!”

Charming Fox nodded, “Sir Archfiend, please be at ease. I won’t disappoint White Fox Mountain!”

Old Turtle Pond.

Archfiend Old Turtle handed a spiritual weapon to a young fiend, “Koi, you are the most outstanding genius of Old Turtle Pond. You must obtain a good rank!”

Koi cupped his hands, “Rest assured Patriarch, with the current me at Dao Initiation realm, I will definitely take first place!”

Thousand Serpents Cave.

Archfiend Black Python looked at the young fiends before him. “I will bring the strongest youngster at this summit. It will also help you experience the world. Who among you is the strongest?”

After the group finished fighting, the last one standing raised his hand, “I, Savage Snake, am the strongest!”

Blazing Mulberry Nest.

Archfiend Fire Swallow said, “It is Blazing Mulberry Nest holding this time’s Archfiend Summit! Returning Swallow, you mustn’t fail me!”

A fiend in the half-human form said, “Yes, Lord Father!”

Black Tiger Mountain.

Archfiend Black Tiger gave his black iron mace to a youth, “White Tiger, you better remember, at this competition, you must declare you are the weakest, understood?”

The one called White Tiger was puzzled, but still nodded, “Yes, Master!”

Yan Mountain.

Chen Ming looked at Chen Lingyu, feeling embarrassment rising, no, more like, Damn Li Suyi and Ling Xian, do you have no self-respect? The two fellows did their best to train, only to find that they were more or less equal. They then shook hands and went to find Chen Ling’er by day. How could she defeat them?

And so, this time’s weakest Yan Mountain’s legacy disciple was none other than Chen Lingyu.

But it was now night, and she became Chen Yu. Chen Ming looked with concern, “En, when you strike, don’t beat them to death. Pissing them off or wounding them is also not advisable.”