After learning the cloud cultivation method, and still having over three thousand merits left, he upgrade Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, Heavenly Flaming Star and Golden Annihilation Star to the Dao Seed stage.

Using all his merit in one go as well as thirty-five thousand spiritual knowledge, with only two thousand left to spare, Chen Ming could at last use the Eight Extremes Array since all cultivation methods were at the 8th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

Chen Ming checked his status.

Name: Chen Ming.

Fame: 9823.

Rank: high-level cannon fodder. (Due to your endless struggle, you finally shed your mid-level cannon fodder fate, becoming a glorious high-level cannon fodder)

Realm: Dao Initiation realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, complete. Dragon Form Art, stage 8/9. Nines Mysteries Art, stage 36/81. Dao Canon, volume 13/18. Golden Annihilation Star, complete. Ten Values Dao, complete. Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, complete. Jade Water Core Sutra, stage 8/9. Nirvana Astral Wind, stage 8/9. Heavenly Flaming Star, complete. Illustrious Casket, chapter 1/9.

Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword, Benevolent Sword Heart. Fairy Sword Art, entry-level. Demonic Blood Saber, Demonic Saber Heart. Eight Extremes Array, first stage. Ten Values Dao. Finger From Beyond, entry-level.

Dao Seeds: Fire Crow, Flaming Star (from the Heavenly Flaming Star Art), Dazzling Gold, Ten Values Dao.

Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian, Li Suyi, Chen Lingyu.

Merits: 85.

Spiritual knowledge: 1972.

Professions: Alchemist Grandmaster, Diviner, Array Master.

Auras: Killing Intent, King Slayer, Control.

Danger value: 578. (Not calculated when it’s controlled)

Danger rating: very dangerous. (You’re not only dangerous to cultivators but very dangerous at that)

Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic Dao Head Disciple Ya Mo.

Fame was on the verge of reaching the ten thousand mark. All his accumulated spiritual knowledge have gone into improving his strength, enough to match against Archfiend Azure Lion, alone! And Azure Lion would be hard-pressed when fighting him. If he had enough merits to upgrade his eight cultivation methods to the peak of Dao Initiation realm, his power would have grown even further.

He was also an array master, able to fight groups of people, something Azure Lion lacked. Even if the other five from the Six Kings Alliance ganged up on him, they would still end up losing.

As the day came to pass, the time was ripe for Archfiend Summit to begin. Chen Ming woke up even earlier today and took the sleepy Chen Lingyu over to Blazing Mulberry Nest.

Blazing Mulberry Nest was located on an immense tree. If you wanted to know how big, then let just say that it was enough to hold Archfiend Fire Crow’s entire clan.

The tree was akin to a village, and when Chen Ming landed, there was already a fiend welcoming him. He led Chen Ming up the tree, at the Blazing Mulberry Nest, until he saw the other five Archfiends sitting across a strong and tall middle-aged man who instead of the usual long hair, had a buzz cut. His aura was thick with fiend energy, denoting his Archfiend status.

The middle-aged man smiled, “Presenting Archfiend Golden Ape’s order: Flying Ape has come to invite you to the Archfiend Summit being held on Prodigious Fruit Mountain! ”

Black Tiger wasn’t pleased, “We are the Six Kings Alliance, why should we hold the Archfiend Summit on Prodigious Fruit Mountain?”

Flying Ape laughed boisterously, “Who would acknowledge your Six Kings Alliance? You’re just simple heads over the weak! Is the Six Kings Alliance even powerful? You don’t even have a Divine Palace cultivator, and you want it to be held here? Isn’t this overstepping your bounds?”

Black Tiger grew angry, “Archfiend Azure Lion was at the Divine Palace stage, yet we still killed him!”

Flying Ape disdained at that, “A true Divine Palace cultivator has Archfiends as subordinates. Archfiend Azure Lion barely broke through and didn’t subdue any. You really think a true Divine Palace cultivator would let you six surround him? Our Prodigious Fruit Mountain’s Archfiend Golden Ape has four under him!”

Black Tiger was pissed but had nothing to retort. Archfiend Azure Lion was a newly promoted Divine Palace with no Archfiend at his call. This was the main reason why the six of them could kill him. While Prodigious Fruit Mountain had a true Divine Palace cultivator.

Flying Ape grinned, “Are six independent Archfiend banded together a power nowadays? What a joke! Go to Prodigious Fruit Mountain and kneel at Sir Archfiend Golden Ape’s feet, and you will live. Don’t, and in the following days we will destroy your so-called Six Kings Alliance!”

Black Tiger raged. He was an Archfiend, of course he wouldn’t kneel, let alone accept such insults, “You’re dead!”

White Fox stopped him, “Let’s Wait for Chen Ming. Only strength can settle this.”

Chen Ming waved his hand fluttering his black-feathered robe, then sat on a large chair next to the other five, “No need to wait, I am here.”

Flying Ape smiled at Chen Ming, “You’re the new Archfiend, Chen Ming. They say you are a genius in the array Dao. Archfiend Golden Ape appreciates talents so you only need to half kneel!”

Chen Ming was by no means angry. Thankfully he just upgraded his strength, and this guy dropped right when he needed to test his newfound strength. That’s why he came. He gave Flying Ape a meaningful stare, “You really like kneeling?”

Flying Ape was full of contempt, “Archfiend Golden Ape’s pressure qualifies in making me kneel!”

Chen Ming was a man of action not talk, ‘It’s good someone is dying to live like him around here, it will help speed things up!‘

Chen Ming extended his hand and eight swords flew from his ring, encasing Flying Ape in the Eight Extremes Array. On the ground, ice froze his body, the wind blew while the fire rose. Above, black clouds gathered, a golden light flashed and stars shined. The entire Blazing Mulberry Nest became a new world, stifling Flying Ape’s power by more than half. Chen Ming jumped, his fist, holding terrifying might, bolstered even more from the array, came down on Flying Ape head.

Although slow, Flying Ape could still react, lifting his hands to block.

The fist landed and flesh exploded, leaving only a red paste on the floor. Chen Ming, he took a handkerchief from the distracted White Fox’s chest, wiping the blood off his hand.

Chen Ming looked down on that meat patty, “You must have had a hard life. Didn’t you say you could handle such pressure?”