It was a calm and peaceful gathering, but then Prodigious Fruit Mountain came crashing so Chen Ming stepped in with an unwavering will, crushing the enemy Archfiend to pieces.

White Fox just now realized the handkerchief from the deep ravine on her chest disappeared. Her eyes flashed but didn’t seem to mind Chen Ming wiping his hands with it, “Chen Ming, isn’t killing him an ultimatum?”

“Ding! Triggered the E ranked mission: clash battle. Description: only overbearing power will subdue the surrounding factions. Objective: please repel the invasion. Reward: 10000 spiritual knowledge, 2000 fame.”

Black Tiger said, “Archfiend Golden Ape is at Divine Palace stage, and also has three Archfiend.”

The two weren’t against it, having noticed the sharp increase in Chen Ming’s power, but since he didn’t tell them he was already at the Divine Palace stage, they felt unease.

Chen Ming smiled, “What’s there to fear? If he’s a Divine Palace cultivator, that doesn’t mean I’m not. Since they wanted to attack, might as well remove one of their Archfiends!”

Chen Ming’s words made Black Tiger smile, “With bro Chen Ming at the Divine Palace stage, then we can fight!”

White Fox smiled, “Yan Mountain has been requiring more ingredients lately, and most of them came from Prodigious Fruit Mountain. This mountain’s effect speeds up the growth of herb, and could even grow spiritual herbs. If we occupy it, then Six Kings Alliance’s strength will extend farther!”

Chen Ming said, “We cannot delay. Since Prodigious Fruit Mountain wants to fight then let us surprise them!”

Old Turtle added, “Chen Ming, are you saying we should go raid them?”

“Correct, Prodigious Fruit Mountain has only three Archfiends and a Divine Palace cultivator, while we have five Archfiends and a Divine Palace cultivator. You only need to bring Fiend Generals with you. Even in their home ground, with the Eight Extremes Array’s support, they won’t be able to take us on. As for Great Fiends, they can’t even withstand the array’s tempering!”

Black Python was one who liked raids and Chen Ming’s words were music to his ears, “Good. When we take control of Prodigious Fruit Mountain, we’ll have a place to grow spiritual herbs. Archfiend Golden Ape is fostering his four Archfiends with what Prodigious Fruit Mountain offers. Once it’s ours, our disciples and descendants will have a much higher chance of breaking through to Archfiend stage!”

Chen Ming said, “Alright, mobilize the Fiend Generals. We will present Prodigious Fruit Mountain with a great gift!”

Very soon, the twenty-four Fiend Generals gathered. Since it was the Archfiend Summit, they all brought their generals. At this gathering, Fiend Generals were bestowed with rewards so of course, they came with them.

Chen Ming told Chen Lingyu to be prepared. With Chen Ming’s rise in power, he was the best in the Six Kings Alliance. It would be even better if Chen Lingyu didn’t go hard on others since no one dared to do the same to her.

The six Archfiend jumped on their fiend clouds, along with their respective Fiend Generals, then rushed towards Prodigious Fruit Mountain. The five’s ambition grew. They only wanted to repel Prodigious Fruit Mountain’s attack at first, but with Chen Ming’s change in power, it changed to seizing it!

The Great Fiends on the ground lifted their heads and looked at the black clouds. They crossed the sky with great speeds, and in front of them all, were the six Archfiends, “No way! I was just passing through and the six Archfiend came?”

“What’s happening? Why are they all mobilizing?”

“They even have Six Kings Alliance’s men, quickly report to the king!”

“The Six Kings Alliance must be ready for battle. I heard that Prodigious Fruit Mountain threatened them with invasion.”

“Six Kings Alliance seems to be going towards Prodigious Fruit Mountain. Are they thinking of striking first?”

Chen Ming and co. disregarded stealth. Since they came to attack Prodigious Fruit Mountain, they wouldn’t cower in front of these fiends. And even if they reported, were they faster than an Archfiend?

By evening, the six finally reached Prodigious Fruit Mountain. With one look, Chen Ming noticed the thick spiritual energy on it, almost as dense as the one on his Flowing Peak. But this Prodigious Fruit Mountain had the rarest spiritual energy, wood!

No wonder Prodigious Fruit Mountain could have this power just based on this mountain alone. They had a great fortune at their fingertips!

With Prodigious Fruit Mountain in his hands, he would have a great number of ingredients to make pills for his disciples, and even a fair amount of spiritual herbs!

The powerful force of six Archfiends and twenty-four Fiend Generals stormed the gates. Prodigious Fruit Mountain’s response was to come out in full force, with no less than six Archfiends. Since it was the Archfiend Summit, the factions in the vicinity sent their own Archfiend along with Fiend Generals.

Chen Ming gazed upon the enemy Archfiends and cut to the chase, “Listen here, my business is with Prodigious Fruit Mountain. All others, scram!”

The two unaffiliated Archfiend detached from the group and landed. One began, “They’re Six Kings Alliance’s men. Wasn’t Prodigious Fruit Mountain preparing to invade them? How come they came first?”

“Who knows. By the looks of things, Six Kings Alliance isn’t that easy to push around, they truly killed a Divine Palace stage. But they must be dreaming if they think they can conquer Prodigious Fruit Mountain. Their enemy has four Archfiends, with one of them at Divine Palace stage!”

“This could turn out to be a great chance of subduing them. Send word to Sir Archfiend Rhinoceros. When the Six Kings Alliance fails, we will save them and then they’ll be ours!”

“Smart, I will send word to my own Sir.”

Chen Ming eyed the blond Archfiend, presumably Golden Ape, and checked his danger value: 550. He was almost on par with him, but it made no difference since Chen Ming had King Slayer Aura.

The other Archfiends weren’t picky, simply going at the one across, while the Fiend Generals swarmed around them, charging at Prodigious Fruit Mountain’s troops. The Fiend Generals were evenly matched, but the difference appeared in the number of Great Fiends. While Prodigious Fruit Mountain had over a thousand, theirs were still mobilizing.

Black Tiger, Old Turtle, and Black Python each faced one Archfiend from Prodigious Fruit Mountain, as White Fox and Fire Swallow launched attacks at the group of Great Fiends, not letting them get any closer.