Under the astonished looks of the spectating Archfiends, Six Kings Alliance began the attack without senseless talking.

It was a boss’s tradition to move last, and so, the only two still staying put were Chen Ming and Golden Ape.

Golden Ape smiled as Chen Ming didn’t attack, “Are you, my opponent?”

Chen Ming smiled, “What, don’t I look the part?”

Golden Ape laughed, “Your alliance only has more Archfiends, but my Prodigious Fruit Mountain has a Divine Palace stage, me. I am quite interested to see how you’ll stop me. Will you use that inferior array of yours?”

“Let me show you how inferior my array truly is!”

Golden Ape flashed golden then turned into a ten-zhang-tall golden-mane giant ape, “First I deal with you, then those pesky shrimps!”

Eight swords flew out of Chen Ming’s storage ring, shrowding the entire battlefield. The black clouds gather above and send a bolt of lightning upon an unfortunate Fiend General, burning him black. The flashing stars shined upon a dozen Great Fiends, shattering them, as golden lights hacked down from the heavens above, each drilling a Great Fiend’s chest.

Golden Ape’s rage peaked, “You’re dead, Chen Ming!”

Golden Ape threw himself at Chen Ming, shrugging off lightning strikes with no effort, and shirking of golden sword blows like it was nothing. He was worthy of Divine Palace stage, having a stronger body than even Azure Lion!

The spectating Archfiend sighed, “I see now why the Six Kings Alliance attacked. Under Chen Ming’s array, a Great Fiend has no chance, erasing him from existence!”

The other said, “But how will Chen Ming deal with Golden Ape? His body is said to be Vajra Body! This array has no effect on him.”

Chen Ming also wanted to test Golden Ape’s strength, and when their fists clashed, he retreated three steps, with blood dripping from his hand. He operated the Illustrious Casket and it was like there never was a wound in the first place. Chen Ming’s interest in duking it out with Golden Ape vanished. It was clear that Golden Ape excelled in cultivating the body, a hardship cultivator.

Since Nine Nines Mysteries Art’s wasn’t high enough, there was no meaning in taking this course of action.

The Archfiend watching was incredulous, “Impossible! They exchanged punches and yet only a bit of blood flowed. Looks like Chen Ming can handle Golden Ape on his own.”

“While Chen Ming keeps Golden Ape occupied, the other five Archfiend will deal with the troops. When their side finished, they will end up surrounding Golden Ape just like they did to Azure Lion!”

Golden Ape figured out Chen Ming’s intention. He wasn’t his match and wanted to end him quickly. His body was enveloped in a golden glow, filling him with power, while veins wiggled along his skin. Golden Ape roared, “I won’t let you win, Chen Ming. Light Emperor’ Fist!”

The imposing fist shined brighter, drawing ever closer towards Chen Ming!

Chen Ming eyed the golden fist, then gazed at the black cloud above him. “Have a taste of Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword’s power!”

Chen Ming’s body flashed, dodging the fist and directly flew above the black cloud. His hand sank inside and grabbed a sword, but its might was so great that he had to use both hands. And when he pulled it, a dark-gold eight-zhang-long sword revealed itself. The wind blew around it, fire licked its blade, lightning flicker through it while stars shined from within. He gripped the handle tighter and said, “Try a thirty-meter long broadsword for size.”

Chen Ming hacked at Golden Ape’s head!

Golden Ape could feel its pressure but didn’t throw any big move, only his fist.

The mighty slash sank Golden Ape’s legs into the ground. His mouth leaked blood, his fist numb, but his body still standing firm. Yet that couldn’t be said about his insides, as the boundless power surpassed his limits and caused his organs to suffer a minor injury.

Golden Ape could hardly believe it, “So you are at the Divine Palace stage. No wonder you dare challenge me! But killing you will show everyone the power of Prodigious Fruit Mountain!”

Chen Ming’s hand didn’t come out unaffected, still numb from the blow, Golden Ape’s body is indeed strong. No matter, I will just have to use the sword’s might and shake his organs to a pulp.

Each of Chen Ming’s broadsword strikes was met by Golden Ape’s fists. The booms of each clash shook even the mountains. The only ones capable of withstanding the aftermath were Archfiends, the rest becoming corpses.

Chen Ming made full use of the Annihilation Sword’s power, pushing back Golden Ape with each strike. Golden Ape wiped the blood from his mouth; if this continued, his defeat was certain.

This would result in a tragic end, so Golden Ape slapped Chen Ming’s giant sword to the side and charged at the edge of the array. His booming fist shook the array, giving the impression the whole world was quaking. But this swaying let Golden Ape see a crack form in the array.

Golden Ape attacked again and slipped through the fromed gap, “Ha-ha-ha, Chen Ming, I’m outside the array. What are you going to do now? ”

Chen Ming only smiled, “You can run, but the same can’ t be said about your men.”

Golden Ape knew this, yet smiled, “Chen Ming, you kill my men and I’ll go slaughter Six Kings Alliance’s fiends. If you crush my mountain, then see how I crush your descendants! The way I see it, we don’t need to fight. We are both at Divine Palace stage, taking us hundreds of years to reach this point. There’s no need to fight to the bitter end. Let’s end this, or do you want both sides to suffer?”

Chen Ming smiled, “If it came to both of us having heavy losses then I would stop. But currently, the winner is still undecided. Who told you that my array can’t move?”

Chen Ming moved and the eight spiritual swords revolved around him. As he chased after Golden Ape, the array acted like his shadow following him on every turn. Golden Ape was struck dumb, “This is the first time I hear that an array can move!”