Golden Ape wasn’t stupid. He saw Chen Ming’s expression, confirming his thoughts, I can’t beat him, better run.

A new Archfiend like him reached the Divine Palace stage so fast. I can forget asking Grand Archfiend for help since he doesn’t care about me. He’s more inclined to kill me and use this to make Chen Ming his subordinate.

Chen Ming’s potential was far above his.

His only choice right now was to run.

Prodigious Fruit Mountain made Chen Ming drool. He had to prevent Golden Ape from leaving here alive, or the fields with herb would suffer under his schemes. Plus, Prodigious Fruit Mountain might have a Spirit Vein. He had to get his hands on it, then recruit three hundred more disciples and wait for merits to roll in,

Leaving a Divine Palace stage Archfiend roaming around his territory would ruin it.

The two played a game of cat an mouse. They exchanged blows, with each of their clash ringing the heavens.

Many Great Fiends eyed the skies, “What’s with this situation? Where’s the war?”

“This is a battle between Archfiends, and at Divine Palace stage too!”

“Isn’t more like the fiercest battle beneath Grand Archfiend?”

Among the clouds, Chen Ming’s sword sent Golden Ape flying into the mountains, poking holes through them. A Great Fiend sunbathed on his quilt when he saw how a piece of something fell from the sky on it, “Who’s the bastard that throws junk!”

But then he saw the ferocious and overbearing Chen Ming in pursuit and felt the raw power of the array surrounding him. How couldn’t he understand? F*ck! I’m right in the line of fire, even an innocent bystander like me suffers. Better run!

The Great Fiend was smart to high-tail it out of there. The clashes alone had enough power to bring him a swift end.

Golden Ape threw the quilt covering his face, then charged at Chen Ming. He knew that with Chen Ming’s endurance it would soon end in his death.

From his knowledge, all guarding arrays lasted but a short while. Was there ever one that could operate for months on end?

As the chase continued, his spiritual power would run dry, while Chen Ming would still be ferocious and ever vigorous. Result? Death.

Golden Ape’s body shined like never before, turning him into a small golden giant, then jumped to meet Chen Ming’s strike. Chen Ming slashed with both hands and smacked Golden Ape, with another resounding boom, into the ground.

Chen Ming gathered his power in the next strike, bolstered by the array’s energy, then charged at Golden Ape. Wherever the array passed, it turned the land into lava, unable to stop Chen Ming’s advance as he chopped with his sword!

“Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword, die!”

The hit made Golden Ape spit blood. Even with his strong body, his arm had a gaping wound, blood rushing to come out of it. He inspected his arm, “Damn it! My vitality is almost exhausted. It had reached the limit of sustaining my golden body!”

When the two Divine Palace stage Archfiends fought, no wildlife could escape, and even some Great Fiends became collateral damage. Yet Archfiends didn’t even dare approach, for fear of being slaughtered in the heat of the moment.

Countless Great Fiends came from the mountain, leaving their homes, watching the two monsters wrecking everything they touched, “Just what’s with this situation?”

“They’re even going underground!”

“Those underground fiends’ luck turned for worse.”

The Great Fiends flew in the sky and watched deep underground. Not long after rats quickly came out only to join the other flying fiends above.

They heard an awful loud sound, then saw how a mountain peak collapsed and the ground move, as if two earth dragons ravaged the underground.

Mountain after mountain crumbled to pieces in their wake. If an Archfiend’s battle was said to be enough to destroy a kingdom then Divine Palace stage fight was a calamity.

The ground caved one time while bulging the other. Chasms kept spreading and rocks came crashing. There was even lava flowing from in places.

As the ground exploded, the bloody body of Golden Ape was thrown in the sky by Chen Ming’s strike, only to be followed closely by said assailant. He then held his giant sword entwined with lightning and rammed it through Golden Ape’s chest.

Golden Ape kicked Chen Ming, removing the sword from his chest and spraying his blood into a fine rain over the ground.

Golden Ape touched his chest, then roared at Chen Ming, “This King doesn’t accept it. I won’t fall here!”

As the two resumed their fight, in midair, the Great Fiends made a speedy retreat on the ground.

Chen Ming raised his giant sword and smiled, “See how this thirty-meter broadsword beheads you!”

The two went at each other, Golden Ape’s eyes growing bloodshot. He was beginning to not care about anything, not even the incoming giant sword, allowing it to enter him thus giving him the chance to strike Chen Ming.

Golden Ape had another gaping hole in his body and Chen Ming spat blood from the blow. Solely based on body strength, he was beneath Golden Ape since he had higher hardship cultivation.

The two struck again and again. And as Golden Ape’s wounds pilled over his body, his blood rained down, until the ground was covered in it.

As the last drop of blood trickled out of Golden Ape, so did his last ounce of energy. His eyes grew hazy, falling from the sky and landing on a mountain, dead.

“Ding! You killed Archfiend Golden Ape. Battle contributions: 70%, killing blow. Reward: 30%. You got 2200 spiritual knowledge and 200 fame.

“Ding! You killed Archfiend Golden Ape. You’ve made your strength known to all the surrounding Archfiends and earned their reverence. You completed clash of forces. Reward: 10000 spiritual knowledge, 2000 fame. ”

“Ding! Your fame surpassed the ten thousand mark, you are no longer a nobody. Your name will come out of many people’s mouths, along with praises. You triggered a title challenge mission.

Current possible title challenges:

1. Conqueror (average)

Begin expanding your reach and control. You can obtain this rank when you subdued the entire Myriad Mountains.

Additional reward: Control Aura lvl 2.

Completion: 0.01%.

2. Sects Ruler (average)

You established your sect and guided disciples. Raise three thousand Dao Initiation realm disciples and one King rank disciple for this title.

Additional reward: Enlighten Aura.

Completion: 0.02%.

3. Pill Master (average)

You learned tho refine pills to an impressive degree. Refine a King rank pill and you can obtain this title.

Additional reward: Pill Heart Aura.

Completion: 0%.

4. Wandering Daoist (uncommon)

You are a mysterious diviner. Be it in the eyes of the common people or in those of cultivators, you will forever remain a mystery to them. Use your divination skill to scam mortals out of a hundred thousand tales of gold for this title.

Additional reward: Spirit Eye Aura.

Completion: 0%.

5. Thousand-faced Fox (unique)

The aspect of your mask turns the others speechless and gives you an air of mystery. While wearing a paper mask, become an immortal grade sect’s Grand Elder, prove your Enlightenment in a Buddhist Sect, become a Demon Lord in a demonic sect, a Commander in the Ghost Domain, and a Venerable to fiends.

Additional reward: Secretive Aura and one of the ten great immortal arts, Thousand-faced Doll Words.

Completion: 0%.