Chapter 89: All I Want Is the Whole Mountain

“Ding! You can only pick one challenge.”

Control Aura of the second level wouldn’t be much different than the first, and to go on an expedition in flipping over Myriad Mountains, that was strength Chen Ming did not have.

Enlighten Aura’s effect was unknown, but he assumed it would help guide disciples, to show them the right path for them. It put cultivation first while being unrestrained suited him best.

He didn’t need the Pill Master since his success rate wasn’t low at all. Immortal Master Chen had confidence in his refining skills!

As for Wandering Daoist, he could understand, since a diviner could see fate but he was still just a swindler. But where could he find the time to scam mortals out of a hundred thousand taels of gold? Would he be scamming even at the Grand World Opening? Did he not want to live?

He could see other people’s aura, so he didn’t even consider the Spirit Eye Aura.

Look, wasn’t Ling Xian useful?

While Thousand-faced Fox, well sorry, living is better. With this degree of difficulty, this Immortal Master doesn’t have the time to spare.

He could only choose Sects Ruler.

The title was average, but he would be able to shed his fate of cannon fodder.

With life, came enough time to do other stuff.

“I chose Sects Ruler!”

“Ding! Title challenge mission has started.”

He carried Golden Ape’s body and flew to Prodigious Fruit Mountain. It was time for harvest.

Chen Ming was even drolling at such a treasure like Prodigious Fruit Mountain, Why is a day suddenly so long?

When he arrived at Prodigious Fruit Mountain, the place was in ruins, yet the mountain, intact. The five Archfiends knew that the spiritual plants and herbs were the most important.

On the battlefield, Archfiends still fought, since this decided the future owner of this mountain, some even at an advantage. Chen Ming flew above the battlefield then shouted as he threw Golden Ape’s corpse, “Golden Ape is dead, this battle no longer has any meaning. If you want to live, bring his kin to me.”

Chen Ming wasn’t about to let off these Archfiends. He didn’t want to play the part in letting Golden Ape’s descendant flee to Demonic Domain, train in demonic cultivation, becoming the head disciple then searching for him two years later for revenge.

Besides, didn’t he had the advancement mission with a quata of three hundred Archfiend to kill? These Archfiends were already in front of him, why let them go?

Chen Ming entered the field and went to kill the three fleeing Archfiends. His five companions didn’t sit still and went to block them.

With Chen Ming, the three Archfiends had no chance, and in mere moments they died under the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword.

Chen Ming’s voice echoed throughout the area, “Our Six Kings Alliance and your mountain minded their own business, but since you started this battle, now you must pay the price!”

Chen Ming handed this task over to the experts, White Fox, and Black Python. While he went to the spectating Archfiends, who didn’t dare to slight him and bowed in respect, “We greet Sir Archfiend!”

Chen Ming nodded, then laughed, “Guests, since you came to my Prodigious Fruit Mountain, come sit.”

The two were hesitating, unclear of Chen Ming’s intention, eliciting a question from him, “What’s wrong, you think Prodigious Fruit Mountain isn’t my territory?”

They wouldn’t dare refuse him. With Golden Ape dead, Six Kings Alliance’s might would echo everywhere. They moved swift and efficient, not someone they could withstand easily, “Of course it belongs to Sir Archfiend, we have no complaints.”

“But we cannot stay, our leaders are waiting for our return.”

Chen Ming waved, “Take care!”

Two brothers, Chen Ming, and Black Tiger strolled around the Prodigious Fruit Mountain, seeing medicinal plants at every step, all the way to the peak. And among these common plants, the spiritual herbs shined like stars among the fields. Common plants were good for making Dao Sense realm pills, while spiritual herbs we more precious, reserved for refining Dao Initiation realm pills.

Seeing so many spiritual herbs, Chen Ming was filled with joy. They were many many times more than the ones he had in his courtyard.

And an Alchemist Grandmaster like Chen Ming was more than familiar with these ingredients. From a glance, he determined that these ingredients had enough medicinal property and, despite only being half a year old, they were comparable to that of tens of years old herbs. The peak even had spiritual herbs growing. This mountain was a true treasure.

Chen Ming spread his awareness within and soon found a yellow palm-sized little guy on a bluestone. It had a small sunflower on its head, its limbs consisting of vines and it seemed to know that its master was no more. Yet this little guy leaned on the bluestone, one leg over the other while throwing seeds in its mouth.

Little sunflower chewed seeds, little carp nibbles dry fish, so all was normal.

You all took the form of what you eat!

Yet the seeds looked more like peanuts in little sunflower’s mouth. It needed to chew three times to eat just one.

By the looks of it, little sunflower wasn’t as obedient as little carp. Chen Ming grabbed its sunflower and began drawing the spirit pact. After spitting the shell in his face, it became quiet, finding Chen Ming’s features familiar. No longer feeling shy, since he wasn’t a stranger, or more like, an outsider, it stretched on Chen Ming’s head.

Little carp was a River Soul, while little sunflower was a Mountain Ghost.

Its temper was not in the least cute.

Prodigious Fruit Mountain couldn’t stay here, so Chen Ming’s idea was to move the entire mountain back home. It was already filled with ingredients and even had a Spirit Vein in its heart, little sunflower’s home.

From the form of these Spirit Veins, these spirits didn’t have high awareness. They were more like animals.

It was indeed a Wooden Spirit Vein, the rarest of them all. But wood attribute cultivators were even less, known as children of the earth.

But the earth supplemented myriad of creatures, so even cultivators with earth, wind, fire and water cultivation methods could absorb the wood spiritual energy, without any repercussions.

I can grow three hundred more chives, but what it’s truly worthy of celebrating, is that all of this is free!

Chen Ming looked at Black Tiger, “Elder brother Black Tiger, do you know of a way to move Prodigious Fruit Mountain to Yan Mountain?”

“No problem, just a mere mountain!”

The old tradition was that the older brother ate meat while the younger soup. Since Chen Ming already got his bite of meat, little brother got his share. Chen Ming continued, “As for the other lands, divide it among yourselves. I am not interested in those, and you know that I have a few subordinates.”

Just what Black Tiger wanted to hear. They didn’t want Prodigious Fruit Mountain. If you had nothing to back your wealth, then it would get you killed. And they were now under Chen Ming’s shelter, that’s the only reason for their current status. Chen Ming held his head high, showing there was no problem, “Then many thanks bro Chen Ming. We already consulted and felt that Six Kings Alliance doesn’t suit us. How about we change from Six Kings Alliance to Yan Mountain? And Black Tiger Mountain will be Yan Mountain’s Black Tiger Peak. What do you say bro Chen Ming?”

Chen Ming had no objection to that. These Archfiends were sophisticated people, and having such a firm grip on Chen Ming’s hairy leg, why would they even think of leaving?

“Then I will trouble brothers and sister in making Yan Mountain the main peak. The rest of the mater we will finish at Yan Mountain.”

Black Tiger laughed loudly, “Well said!”