Chapter 90: A Lesson to Remember

Yan Mountain rose in fame, Chen Ming rose in power, the five Archfiends’ subordinates increased and the same could be said about their ambition. They were thinking along the lines that Chen Ming would become a Grand Archfiend, a true Sects Ruler. While they would take advantage of his growth and ride on his coattails.

Even Golden Ape, despite being at Divine Palace stage, no Grand Archfiend was willing to take him in. There were many other Divine Palace Archfiends out there, so to have a Grand Archfiend’s protection one needed to choose the best moment to act.

When he returned to Blazing Mulberry Nest, Chen Ming didn’t see Chen Lingyu crushing egos, but the sight crushed his heart instead. Outside her courtyard were flowers, held by many young fiends who came to woo her.

Chen Ming’s thought, I went through hell and back to grow this fresh cabbage, only to let some swine have it? I won’t allow it.

As a parent, ptui, a Master, I need to give Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Lingyu a lesson to remember.

At the Archfiend Summit of this time, they went and destroyed Prodigious Fruit Mountain, so there was no need to hold the usual competition. Chen Ming took Chen Lingyu to Yan Mountain then went for Zhuo Qingyao, taking them to a hall room, where he began his lesson.

Many novels wrote that such-and-such proud daughters of heaven would have many throwing themselves at their feet. To avoid this dreadful scene, Chen Ming decided to hold a lesson to repent for allowing such a scene to come to fruition.

“You are no longer little, so master won’t meddle in your matters. But, you need to know one important fact. That sea of boys out there, each of them is using flowery speech, but they’re all bastards at the core! ”

Chen Lingyu raised her hand, “Master, you too?”

Chen Ming did some thinking, “That’s not important. Let’s have a nice long talk. Every man will have an affair, just look at Ling Xian. He might seem alone now, but in the future, he is bound to have three wives and four concubines. There’s no need to even mention Li Suyi. You can look in a million miles around us and you will never find one man with a moral heart. So don’t give any boy a chance! Because they will forever be plagued by one illusion: she likes me.”

Chen Lingyu nodded slightly. Zhuo Qingyao wanted to say something but nodded instead.

Chen Ming continued, “Remember, boys will ask you out to see the beauty of the land, but what they mean is that they want to sleep with you. Boys will ask you out for dinner, but all they want is to sleep with you. Boys will give you gifts, but only think of sleeping with you…”

Chen Ming came out at the end of this long lecture filled with satisfaction, En, now I can rest easy.

There’s no way they’ll follow the script!

The five Archfiends gathered and soon moved Prodigious Fruit Mountain a distance outside Yan Mountain. With fresh ingredients, the disciples went crazy. But a month later, they finally succeeded in refining a chicken-flavored Qi Pill!

The other Archfiends went to find Chen Ming for a matter, to resolve their new identities of Elders.

Black Tiger said, “If we don’t resolve this situation, I won’t be at ease.”

Yan Mountain was surrounded by their territories, and they knew of Yan Mountain’s habit of chugging pills by the bottle. Not to mention becoming an Elder for Yan Mountain, even becoming a disciple would make them feel better than an Archfiend’s status!

The five had endless envy for Yan Mountain.

Chen Ming was aware of this matter, and after brief counseling, where all were in agreement, the matter quickly came to pass, “Elder Black Python, you are an expert in a stealth cultivation method, and even better in assassinations. You will be in charge of Yan Mountain’s intelligence gathering. You will operate in the dark, as Yan Mountain’s Secret Department. Recently, the movements from Myriad Mountains are filled with deceit, the Grand Sovereign fickle and erratic. We need to come up with a contingency plan!”

Black Python bowed, “I understand. This King, uh, subordinate, will follow your order!”

Chen Ming continued, “Elder brother Black Tiger, you and I are brothers. You will be Yan Mountain’s Commander, organizing the military of the former Six Kings Alliance, and form Yan Mountain’s expedition force, to expand our land!”

Black Tiger beat his chest, “Ha-ha-ha, relax bro Chen Ming. I won’t concern myself with other matters and will make a model army out of these fiends!”

Chen Ming was organizing the army in response to the Grand World Opening two years later. At least, he wouldn’t need to do everything himself, when he had an army at his beck and call, I can’t always lay back in my land and expose a thief here or a bandit there. You all need to start working for a change.

Besides, it would also protect his chives.

Chen Ming looked at White Fox. She had average strength, but exquisite mind, “Sister White Fox, you will be in charge of Yan Mountain’s Internal Affairs. Everything will be at your discretion.”

White Fox had no complaints, this was her field of expertise, “Then I will be troubling brother Chen Ming, becoming your manager. ”

Old Turtle was already old, it would be too much to send him into battle again, “Brother Turtle, you have gained in years, no longer in your prime. How about being in charge of Prodigious Fruit Mountain’s medicine fields and disciples’ refining of pills?”

Old Turtle has also heard of Yan Mountain’s matter regarding refining pills. This was the source of all Yan Mountain’s extravagant spending so, of course, he smiled and agreed, “Leave it to this old man.”

The last but not least was Fire Swallow. Chen Ming said, “Brother Fire Swallow, you will be the vice-commander, helping elder brother Black Tiger in managing the troops. ”

Yan Mountain had currently three thousand Great Fiends at Dao Initiation realm. Chen Ming might not care if he fought them, but other Divine Palace Archfiends didn’t have Chen Ming’s skill in arrays and would be overwhelmed even against a thousand.

The difference in numbers was great, with only a realm apart in power.

The current problem was the disciples. Dao Sense realm pills were refined quickly, supporting Chen Ming’s extravagant spending.

Farming was too slow. Manufacturing was the true Dao! With a spirit stone, one could buy ingredients and then refine pills. This would, in turn, have a ten-fold profit!

Cultivators paid close attention to four things: wealth, companions, cultivation method and a place to live. Wealth came first, and as long there were enough spirit stones they would keep on spending, accomplishing anything they set their minds to. But if the time came they were unable, then it showed a lack of funding.

He called for Elder Turtle and said, “Elder Turtle, the crucial point right now is to find out the refining speed of disciples.”

Three days later, Elder Turtle came to report, “Of the six hundred disciples, five hundred have accomplished the refining of Qi Pill. If we ask them to continue, then in a month they will mass-produce a hundred and eighty thousand Qi Pills!”

Yan Mountain’s refining speed felt strange to Elder Turtle. With fifteen disciples gathered together, they could refine ten batches a day. That meant around a hundred pills, while still having enough time to refine their rations. It was true that all alchemists had money, but it was a first to see it to this extent.

Can’t it be faster? With an assembly line, the process was much faster than the traditional way, and they also had Alchemist Grandmaster Chen Ming’s guidance.