Chapter 91: Less Robbing

Yan Mountain’s method of refining was unheard of, each disciple was in charge of one step. In other words, none of them knew how to do the entire process.

But when fifteen gathered in one place, their speed would trample more than thirty alchemists! And that was just for starters. An alchemist would need a three days rest after a batch, while these disciples could skip it. Their speed reached an outrageous height, comparable to that of a hundred alchemists.

What normal alchemist would even come up with this method? They were people who regarded their craft techniques as treasures, they would never act like Yan Mountain and let everyone learn it. Some didn’t even pass them on, following with them in their grave.

Yan Mountain’s liberal policy to its disciples was unheard of. Elder Turtle, when he was in command of the Old Turtle Pond, would keep the strongest magical arts to himself, giving common cultivation methods to his fiends. This way, he would prevent the rise of a second Archfiend, maintaining his status.

But Yan Mountain seemed to have anything you wanted from Southern Border, without even charging a coin. If you wanted to cultivate then go in and look it over.

Chen Ming had no worry of another disciple surpassing him. Plus, they were all of common talent.

Only after arriving at Yan Mountain, did Elder Turtle finally understood its intricacies. Chen Ming not only wasn’t afraid but became more confident instead. His four legacy disciples were all freaks. Li Suyi, for example, was training in Azure Lion’s cultivation method and wielded the Demonic Blood Saber, a godly weapon.

The second disciple, Ling Xian, used an immortal art! And from what he heard from him, Ling Xian became a Dao Initiation realm cultivator in just three months.

The disciples even said that the last young miss Chen Ming brought, was even more outstanding than Li Suyi and Ling Xian. She was someone known to everyone, cultivating an immortal cultivation method, and was also close to becoming an Alchemist Grandmaster.

But the most frightening of them all was first senior sister, standing high above them. She was Chen Ming’s legacy disciple for little more than a year, and yet seemed to have the strength to challenge an Archfiend.

As for Elder Turtle’s guys back home were only an embarrassment when compared to Chen Ming’s legacy disciples. But even when compared to ordinary disciples, they didn’t seem to have any worth.

While Chen Ming was an oddity among oddities. He knew arrays like the back of his hand, unmatched in sword arts, with impeccable sabre moves, refining pills like it was nothing and seemed to know everything about every cultivation method out there. Even if a day would come when Chen Ming would say he wanted to refine magical items, Elder Turtle would think it was completely normal.

Yan Mountain gave him too much of a shock. But this shock assured him that Yan Mountain’s rise was only a matter of fact, that their own decision was correct.

Chen Ming did some thinking. To exchange the useless pills with spirit stones, then use those to buy ingredients, and so on. There would be a tenfold turnover after all. Considering the expenses coming from disciples, Archfiends’ and raising Great Fiends, what was left was five times the profit. It might not be much but at least it was faster than robbing!

If I don’t have the skill to protect what I have, then I’ll just have to continue recruiting disciples!

It was perfect since Sects Ruler needed three thousand Dao Initiation realm cultivators. Se even if he had six hundred idiots who couldn’t break through to Dao Initiation realm despite the pills to match, he would have the three thousand to reach it.

En, this is the best choice.

But a new problem popped up. Who could eat one hundred and eighty thousand Qi Pills a month? And he couldn’t openly sell them, in fear of letting Grand Archfiend know. What? You can refine a hundred and eighty thousand Qi Pills a month? Come over here and bake this Grand Archfiend some pills, and make it snappy. I am a commander of Ghost Immortal, we go hand in hand in skipping around while killing stuff.

This was a headache. And after recruiting the three thousand disciples, he reckoned the mass-produced pills would reach a frightening degree. Might end up with a million Qi Pills in a month. Who would eat that many?

‘Hold on, didn’t Astral Immortal Sect joined hands with other ancient immortal sects to fight Ghost Immortal? His Dao Initiation realm forces under him would definitely drop, and those ancient immortal sect’s appetite was also large.

Thinking of withstanding Ghost Immortal’s forces on his own, Chen Ming felt the weight on his shoulders increase by tons. He might not be able to put up a fight now, but these ancient immortal sects could hold their own. The less I fight, the easier to sell pills.

Driven by this plan, Chen Ming waited a month, stashed the pile of two hundred thousand Qi Pills in his storage ring, then set off for Jade Void Temple’s secret domain. In the domain, he donned the smiley face, then went in search of his old friend Xing Ming. Astral Immortal Sect’s security was even tighter here so that any change would be swiftly detected. Xing Ming felt strange when Chen Ming dropped by. Chen Ming went straight to the point, as he walked towards the boat, “How’s the war going?”

“At this point, only the small sects are fighting. You should know that their main strength lays in Dao Initiation realm cultivators, so we can only move those disciples here in secret, to avoid detection from Ghost Immortal’s forces. But the war isn’t going well. Medicine King Valley is backing Ghost Immortal’s factions. It’s supplying them with large amounts of recovery pills and strengthening pills while we fell from their favor. And other pill requests to different people aren’t enough to change our current situation. We are not doing too great in the current war.”

Chen Ming couldn’t be happier. Medicine King Valley had actually reached such a state, to the point that most refining came from them. From this, he had a full grasp of their demand, pills.

Chen Ming nodded, “Ghost Immortal is someone from the Ghost Domain, and if the entire land gets turned into his Immortal Kingdom, then it will be no different than the Ghost Domain. It will change us into neither human nor ghosts. My sect might not have enough power to support the war, but it can help you with pills. Perhaps they will even change the war for the better.”

Xing Ming showed a trace of delight but then vanished the next moment. At first, he was quite happy, since Vermilion Bird stood behind Chen Ming, presuming to be from some ancient sect. Assisting with pills was indeed great, but how many pills could a single sect refine?

“Little friend might not know, but we are in desperate need of pills. But even little friend’s help will be of some use.”

You can’t even begin to imagine how much I have. I am not an alchemist, only a delivery boy.

“We didn’t know much of the situation, so the sect didn’t prepare too many. So this time, I only brought two hundred thousand Qi Pills. If it’s not enough, my sect can enter in a state of emergency, further increasing our output. It won’t be hard to provide a million pills a month!”

Xing Ming was struck dumb, “Little friend, how many again?”

Chen Ming plainly said, “Two hundred thousand. The sect will need some time to adjust, before entering a state of emergency. And then it can refine a million pills a month.”