Chapter 92: Taking a Huge Loss

Putting aside that state of emergency of yours, two hundred thousand might not solve the problem but can take us out of this desperate situation.

And young friend said they need time to adjust, then they can refine a million pills a month. It can fill our gap. “Little friend, your sect can truly make a million pills a month?”

“We didn’t know how much you needed pills, but now that we do, to fight Ghost Immortal, we will act accordingly. But I need half a year. In this time, I will provide you with two hundred thousand pills each month.”

“That would be great, but we need more than Qi Pills. We need great amounts of recovery pills, they are what we lack the most; the more the better. You are the only ones who can provide us pills, and if we can, we would like to have even more. You do not even need to participate in the war, and only need to provide pills. Your battlefield is alchemy! ”

Xing Ming might only be a King rank, but Chen Ming could see that his status was very high. He might be an important person in Astral Immortal Sect.

“This won’t be a problem. But your requests are too big, so I would need you to provide the ingredients. ”

Xing Ming laughed, “No worry, young friend. Wait for a bit while I report this wonderful news. They would surely make a quick decision! ”

Inside Astral Immortal Sect, five old and gray-haired men sat on praying mats. They were discussing the war with Ghost Immortal. The Astral Immortal Sect had a long history and knew many intricate details. One old man began, “Ghost Immortal managed to corrupt many factions of the land, but he is clearly unable to break through the seal. The final battle will most likely be in Jade Void Temple’s secret domain!”

Elder Xue Shan nodded, “Correct, he corrupted these powers to weaken the seal. The place nearby Myriad Mountains is almost wasted away. This must be the work of Ghost Immortal’s subordinates. This mistake falls on us since we didn’t even realize.”

Elder Jian Wangge was irritated, “But now, Medicine King Valley fell in the hands of Ghost Immortal. They cut off our source of pills, and the recovery pills are running out. The situation is dire, and if this continues, it will be disastrous!”

Elder Tie Yi’s brows furrowed, “The current war will decide the fate of this land. When Ghost Immortal was sealed, our sect used all its power. This life and death war concerns about all the lives in this land. We need to set aside everything and focus on this war! ”

Elder Lei Mo’s eyes flashed, “If we can’t, we should at least take all our elite troops, the King legion, and destroy Medicine King Valley! ”

Xue Shan waved his hand, “It won’t be enough, Medicine King Valley is bound to have a large force defending it. If we rush to attack, we won’t make it out alive. And even if we won by sheer luck, we will be at a disadvantage in the war. The King Legion can only be used as a last resort!”

Jian Wangge said, “Then what is left for us to do? Medicine King Valley’s alchemists never leave. If we knew this then, we would have wiped them all out!”

A boy rushed to give a report, “Elders, Xing Ming is seeking an audience. He has an urgent matter to announce.”

“Send him in.”

Xing Ming made a bow, “That young friend, Paper Face Man, says that his sect can supply us with pills. It is currently able to give us two hundred thousand a month. And after half a year, they can increase it to a million per month.”

The old men’s eyes flashed. This was great news. An Elder said, “Xing Ming, tell us everything you know about this young friend.”

Xing Ming revealed all the details, then Jian Wangge said, “Not bad indeed. At that time Great Immortal Pill Cauldron used the heaven and earth as the furnace, and his body as the pill, reaching the realm of immortals. Four Elements Array is something he imparted. Since he is holding Vermilion Bird’s token we should have expected him to be from Exalted Immortal Pill Cauldron’s sect. If there is any in the world who can match Medicine King Valley, then that must be Jade Void Temple!”

An Elder said, “The price of pills is currently soaring. I wonder if we can buy them from him at the base price.”

Xing Ming said, “Young friend said, that they are also doing their best, but they are unable to provide help on the front lines. But when it comes to pills, they can provide their share. They only lack ingredients.”

Xiao Ling slapped the table, “We are an ancient immortal sect, when did we lack ingredients? Take all common ingredient, and a part of spiritual herbs from the sect and give them to him! We have to do this if we want to buy them at the base price. After all, the consumption in times of wors is ten times, if not tens of times higher. We need great amounts of pills, and our young friend needs great amounts of resources to make them.”

Xing Ming said, “I will go relate this information.”

Chen Ming didn’t have to wait long, and soon met with Xing Ming, who said, “Young friend, we desperately need the pills you refine, but for the price, can you not lower it a bit?”

Chen Ming said, “I also don’t like it, but you know that an alchemist is a money-burning toy. An alchemist needs a lot of funds to operate…”

Xing Ming’s face flushed red. Because of the war with Ghost Immortal, the price of a pill skyrocketed. He knew that his request was too much, “Can you… Um, make it the usual, one Qi Pill for ten spirit stone…”

Xing Ming felt embarrassed just from saying it.

Chen Ming was happy, however, I can sell them at the base price! They really need these pills. “En, if I wasn’t required to fight against Ghost Immortal I wouldn’t have accepted this price. But now, the situation is dire. Alright, I agree with your terms. ”

“That’s perfect. But doing such a great transaction, won’t young friend need to discuss it over with the sect?”

Chen Ming’s thought, Discuss my a*s! I’m the Sect Leader. “It’s alright, I at least have the right to do this.”

Xing Ming couldn’t be happier, “Great! But these pills will only help us out of this desperate situation. We still need even larger amounts. Young friend, quickly reports back to your sect and enter that whatever state of emergency of yours.”

Chen Ming waved his hand, “Relax, in half a year, I will definitely bring them.”

“Then, young friend, please wait for a bit, while I go bring all the ingredients. I will first exchange the spirit stones for ingredients, they should be valued close to thirty million spirit stones. If later the price of ingredients isn’t enough, we can just pay with spirit stones!”

Chen Ming faked heartbrokenness, “Alright. Since we can only do it this way, I will just have to take this huge loss!”