Xing Ming’s report filled the five Elders of Astral Immortal Sect with joy, “Quickly go and give him the ingredients!”

“This young friend is very upright!”

“Yes, not at all like those rogue alchemists. Even in this moment of crisis, they still fight tooth and nail over the price!”

Two days later, Chen Ming received a storage ring from the grateful Xing Ming, “Young friend, here are ingredients worth thirty million spirit stones. I hope you will complete the adjustment swiftly, and of the next batch of pills, half of them will be recovery pills.”

Chen Ming received it and saw the small mountain of ingredients within. This storage ring was far bigger than the one he had, “Uh, I also came to trade for a larger storage ring since the one I have is lacking.”

Xing Ming was straightforward, “Young friend is very upright in this deal, so accept this storage ring as a gift.”

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Many thanks!”

“You’re too kind. It is I who should thank young friend.”

Chen Ming gave his two hundred thousand pills to Xing Ming who, with a swipe, stashed them in his own storage ring.

With the deal done, the two were thrilled with his own gain.

Xing Ming intended to invite Chen Ming for a meal but had to leave since he had pressing matters.

These thirty million spirit stones worth of ingredients were akin to a Grand Archfiend’s wealth, yet those ancient immortal sects were more than happy to fork it.

With this wealth, Chen Ming was now ready for a great undertaking!

Like, say, accepting three thousand disciples!

No Spirit Vein? No matter, just take pills!

If there’s one thing our Yan Mountain has plenty of, are pills!

Back at Yan Mountain, Chen Ming put Old Turtle in charge of watching over the disciples’ refining process. Chen Ming then gave each of these disciples a hundred spirit stones, any more and he wouldn’t have enough to initiate the three thousand disciples.

By the time Yan Mountain’s three thousand and six hundred disciples settle in, each of them would get a thousand spirit stones a month. An Archfiend’s salary!

The disciples stared blankly at the pile of spirit stones, Master gave each of us a hundred spirit stones. This is a Fiend General’s salary. “I reckon Master’s head has gone bad. Look! Before, Master let us take pills without a care, what other sect plays around like this? An Archfiend’s wealth gathered throughout hundreds of years, will be gone in just two years. And now, with each of us getting a hundred spirit stones a month, Master’s treasury will struggle to hold for even a few years. We need to quickly refine pills. If we miss this chance, there won’t be another.”

“Right, it’s high time for pill refining!”

“Not to mention, pills are now our meals. Anything else we eat at this point becomes tasteless. Let’s go, to refining!”

“Damn! Master is giving away spirit stones! Isn’t that something we should be doing?”

“Stop thinking about it. A disciple holding his Master’s money will bring him endless anxiety.”

Chen Ming only laughed at their reactions. They have yet to notice their worth. In this day and age, a Master came first and foremost; they were the ones who should be giving gifts to their Master. For Master to just give them spirit stones, was an unprecedented matter.

Li Suyi reached Yan Mountain’s peak, only to see Chen Ming basking in the sun’s glory in his chair, as usual, Senior brother and senior sister were right. I’ll never get to see Master cultivate for as long as I live.

“Master, did you ask for me?”

“You have seen Medicine King Valley’s state, and you should know of the treacherous Ghost Immortal, poking his nose all over the land. He must have corrupted many sects already. Yet the opposition only consists of some ancient immortal sects. Do you believe they have any chance of winning?”

Of course, there was a reason behind Chen Ming’s question. With Li Suyi reliving his life, he might find something he could use. Li Suyi took a grave expression, “From how disciple saw it, they will fail.”

Chen Ming’s mood turned for the worse, In his past life, the ancient immortal sects lost and the land became a Ghost Domain. “Since they’ll fail, then we’ll find no help with them. In that case, your Master will have to step in.”

Li Suyi was left speechless. If others said this or even Ling Xian, then he would think it impossible. But since it was Chen Ming, he had a sliver of hope, “Master, I believe you. If there’s anything you need of disciple, I will do my very best to accomplish it!”

“From the extent of power you can now control, you can reach Dao Initiation realm. Your current task is to scour Yan Mountain for three thousand disciples. Your Master will take them all in, whatever attribute they might have. When you return, Master will be your Dao protector and help you break through to Dao Initiation realm.”

This step was a huge one for Li Suyi. It was unknown how profound his saber Dao was, but Chen Ming reckoned that it may be well above the Unity stage. If Li Suyi, at his current cultivation, were to forcefully reach this stage, he would blow up in smoke.

Li Suyi was overjoyed, he could finally reach Dao Initiation realm, “Yes, Master. Disciple will begin immediately!”

Theoretically, Li Suyi might overtake Zhuo Qingyao in reaching the King rank. At least he only needed to completely absorb Azure Lion’s Taotie’s Seed, who was an Archfiend.

With Li Suyi’s council, Chen Ming knew it was useless to rely on those ancient immortal sects. He should begin making some preparations of his own. When the time came and Ghost Immortal won, then his land would be dragged into it, with nowhere to run. Yan Mountain had only three thousand Great Fiend, and only if it reached ten thousand would it look a tad better. Yet these troops were the ones guaranteeing the safe development of Yan Mountain. Well, there has never been one to find Yan Mountain’s secret, so far.

As there was still some wealth left, it would pose no problems in keeping this pace for a while longer. Chen Ming called for Commander Black Tiger, Vice-commander Fire Swallow, and Secret Department’s Head, Black Python, to begin preparations.

When all were gathered, Chen Ming went straight to the point, “Yan Mountain is in an accelerated growth period, and we must make sure that no one will find Yan Mountain’s secret. Yan Mountain’s current defense is sorely lacking, thus, I decided to expand the army!”

There was no shred of doubt Black Tiger supported Chen Ming’s decision, “Mountain Lord, how far should this expansion stretch?”

“To withstand a Grand Archfiend’s invasion!”