By the time Chen Ming finished settling in the new disciples, he got to know just how hard was his title challenge mission.

When it said three thousand Dao Initiation realm cultivators, what it meant was just three thousand disciples, not one disciple more.

Chen Ming asked the system lady, who also confirmed that he could have a maximum of three thousand disciples.

The mission was for each of his disciples to reach Dao Initiation realm.

Since he already had three thousand and six hundred disciples, and despite the system no taking all of them into account, he still couldn’t just abandon these young children, and then have them leave. It was just six hundred more, he might as well teach them all together, giving them the same treatment as the three thousand recognized by the system.

When Li Suyi returned, Chen Ming had already made adequate preparation for his breakthrough to Dao Initiation realm. And since Li Suyi relived his life, Chen Ming wasn’t too worried about this process.

Yan Mountain laid in the center of a territory bearing the same name, with the surrounding peaks occupied by its disciples. The area further away fell under Yan Mountain’s fiend army’s jurisdiction. One could even see a team of fiends flying on their clouds as they patrolled.

As Li Suyi climbed Yan Mountain, he began catching words of Chen Ming’s explanation to Zhuo Qingyao regarding the boat they used to travel along the Yellow Sea, “Zhuo Qingyao, the sword intent engraved on this wooden boat is very profound. If you can understand it, then reaching the Unity stage would be but a simple matter!”

Li Suyi only looked at Zhuo Qingyao, as he patiently waited outside the door, not having the gall to barge in.

After Zhuo Qingyao left, he entered the courtyard to look for Chen Ming. He looked around and spotted Ling Xian taking great pains in his gardening of those spiritual herbs; his mouth then perked up into a smile, “Master, disciple arrived.”

Chen Ming nodded, discovering Li Suyi’s demonic energy being calm and steady, without any trace of disturbance. The control of his demonic cultivation wasn’t bad at all.

Chen Ming began, “Try to breakthrough.”

Chen Ming had witnessed Ling Xian’s breakthrough and knew that their strength wasn’t enough to invoke Heavenly Tribulation. He only needed to withstand the spiritual energy of heaven and earth’s baptism.

Reliving his life proved to help Li Suyi once again, by having a tougher body. He must have had a body cultivation manual, and added to that the endless pills he could take, his body cultivation must be quite high.

As Li Suyi began, spiritual energy converged within him, then absorbed by his body. With spiritual energy passing through him, it strengthened his body, helping him withstand spiritual energy’s baptism, all the while removing his impurities. The spiritual energy was quickly refined into demonic energy, and as it grew, it formed a vortex in his Dao Palace, then compressed rapidly. The compression then resulted in spiritual power, prof of a successful breakthrough to Dao Initiation realm.

But just as he entered Dao Initiation realm, inside his Dao Palace, his Saber Heart took shape. Saber energy surrounded him, and Chen Ming waved his hand, covering it, and preventing any harm from coming onto his courtyard.

Moments later, the saber energy settled, the Saber Heart formed, and Li Suyi’s power had explosive growth.

Ling Xian might not even be his match, right now. He did live once after all, having many many magical arts and techniques from his previous life, and even broke through immediately.

After Li Suyi’s breakthrough, Chen Ming eyed Ling Xian for twenty breaths, noticing the disturbance in his heart, then spoke within his mind, “Draw the lottery!”

“Ding! You have won the Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art. Please inspect it.”

Eh? What kind of thing is this?

From what he knew of this advanced system, was that it couldn’t materialize anything belonging to this world. Could this book be used by cultivators?

Meanwhile, Zhuo Qingyao darted back, carrying a metal scroll, “Master, I found this between the planks in the wooden boat. Does it have any use?”

Chen Ming took it and saw how Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art were written on it.

But what contained in these words, was a type of cultivation art. When cultivators practiced this art, a resonance formed among them. When they gathered, it would then condense into a kind of bloody aura, aiding them in attacks and retreat!

It was a kind of war formation for cultivators. With this in his hand, his subordinates would have a greater power after training in it.

All the soldiers would form one body, not something any other disorganized armies could contend against.

Chen Ming comprehended it straight to Dao Seed stage, then called for Black Tiger and Fire Swallow. He was prepared to hand it over to the entire fiend army so that all soldiers would switch over to this cultivation method. This wasn’t a rare practice among cultivators. Take the Dragon Form Art for instance. If you’d cultivate it to the Dao Seed stage, well that was as far as it could get you. Even if you would be using it for your whole life, you’d still be unable to reach the Grand Sovereign rank.

And this Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art was a cultivation method that allowed one to reach that precise rank. Chen Ming couldn’t raise so many Grand Sovereigns, for now at least, but changing to this cultivation method wouldn’t cause any problems.

Just that this change didn’t happen at a flip of a switch, it needed a month to finish, and not to forget spirit stones.

For each Great Fiend, a hundred spirit stones were more than enough. And since he had eight thousand Great Fiends, that meant eight hundred thousand spirit stones. With Chen Ming not needing to buy ingredients, he could handle this expense.

Just that if this came to pass, the leftover spirit stones would only be able to support Chen Ming’s crazy spending for a month, tops. It seemed unlikely that this change to Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art would happen any time soon.

Chen Ming said, “Distribute this cultivation method, let all our troops change to it. This is our top priority as of now. I will allow the fiend army to station on Prodigious Fruit Mountain, to quicken their transformation of spiritual power.”

Black Tiger eyed the art, “Can I also cultivate it? The one I had before only lasted until the Dao Seed stage?”

Chen Ming pondered a bit, “I find no problem with this. You, Archfiends, are in charge of the army and need to be prepared. Perhaps a day will come when I will even relate to you the Bones of the Taotie. ”

When it came to speedy growth, Bones of the Taotie came to mind. Despite its evil nature, when one had enough strength, there was nothing he couldn’t devour.

But before that, Chen Ming wanted to make sure that when he initiated Bones of the Taotie to them, there won’t be any chance of a strong Archfiend appearing and then start undermining his control.

Black Tiger stood in a daze. Chen Ming was even willing to give away the Bones of the Taotie?

Just what was the extent of Chen Ming’s power?