The sword energy wave swept hundreds of zhangs, leaving mournful cries in its wake, as dozens of Great Fiends turned to dust from this move alone.

Chen Ming closed his eyes, feeling for the Archfiend’s location inside the array. He was One With the World as long as he stood inside it, grasping each minute change that occurred in this domain. And in the next moment, Chen Ming’s eyes flashed open, “Found you!”

He rode his fiend cloud while bashing and smashing with the broadsword, then soon arrived at the hole where the Archfiend was hiding. With but a thought, the ice spears scattered, making way for the firestorm, turning the ground into lava.

And yet the Archfiend was still alive. Chen Ming didn’t feel like wasting any more time and charged among the lava, slashing down with his huge broadsword.

After mere moments, there was only a corpse left underground. Chen Ming pulled his broadsword out, leaving the rest of the enemy troops for the array to deal with.

A quarter of an hour later, the mountain top was a complete mess, but Chen Ming didn’t seem to care much. He took to his crow form and landed on Black Python’s shoulder, “Let’s go to the next place.”

“Which is the next target?”

“Mark them on the map.”

Chen Ming then indicated towards a large camp quite a distance from here, “We’ll go here.”

Black Python scurried in the night, and in less than four hours they reached it, all thanks to the power of Archfiends. Chen Ming looked around, finding this camp hidden in the forest. When it came to a battle among cultivators, the terrain didn’t matter much. They all used spiritual power, with common water and fire having little effect on them.

This camp also fell at his hands following the same strategy. Chen Ming flew on his fiend cloud above all the destruction, Since we’re on the subject of wrecking, I will make sure to let them know how it’s done. This is the kind of person I, Immortal Master Chen, am, sincere.

If not, why would he even bother, bother wasting time outside Yan Mountain?

Laying back on his cloud, Chen Ming was suddenly seized by a tad feeling of regret. I should’ve brought that little lass Zhuo Qingyao over, to enjoy some of this chaos.

It was impossible for Silver Wing not to catch wind of the two camps’ destruction. Overseeing the army, and with the news from the front, he had a new understanding of this creature called Chen Ming. He wasn’t a run of the mill Divine Palace Archfiend, but an array master. All crowd tactics fell through with him as the enemy.

Chen Ming was the best example of a one-man army. No wonder Prodigious Fruit Mountain fell so swiftly.

Yet Archfiend Silver Wing wasn’t kind enough to share such a trifling matter to the other three. Only one Yan Mountain existed, and the same could be said about the free spots in Moon King Hall. We are all competing, and since I suffered, why should I help them hold an even bigger advantage over me?

“Gather all soldiers, we’ll advance as a whole. If we remain scattered, by the time we reached Yan Mountain, there would be nothing left of us to fight.”

After several days of regrouping his forces, Archfiend Silver Wing resumed his marched towards Yan Mountain.

On this day, one of his Fiend Generals, the one clearing a path for the army, looked up at the sky, only to see a fiend cloud, “Eh? What’s with this situation? Why is there an Archfiend here?”

The general flew above it and found a black-feathered robed guy, slouched in his chair, basking carefree in the sun’s rays, “Hey, get up! Sir Silver Wing’s army is crossing through here, don’t block the way!”

Chen Ming looked at the Fiend General, his thoughts filled with doubt, Am I having a midair battle of wits and power now? “Don’t you know who I am?”

The general couldn’t care less, “I don’t have time for this, get lost from here. Our army is passing through, so don’t block our way!”

Chen Ming retracted his fiend cloud then fell on the ground. He then gazed at the marching Silver Wing’s army towards him, Didn’t you come here to beat me? I’m right here, in front of you!

It can’t be that they don’t even know how I look. Can it?Then again, it is entirely possible. I am a new Archfiend, and when I fought Prodigious Fruit Mountain, it was a too swift battle. Not many must have seen how I look.

Chen Ming waved at the incoming Archfiend, “Brother, are you by chance attacking Yan Mountain?”

That Archfiend nodded, “Yes. What, you also want to come with? Sorry, but we can’t take you with us.”

Chen Ming shook his head, “That’s not it, I’m from Yan Mountain. That Chen Ming from Yan Mountain is me.”

That Archfiend stared confused for a while, then laughed harder than ever before, “Brother, are you afraid no one will know you’re crazy? Chen Ming has a stocky built and mean-looking, with a ferocious appetite to boot. How can he be a frail and delicate twig like you? That’s a great joke.”

Then followed with, “I don’t blame you. Let me tell you a little secret, on our way here we already met with six Chen Ming pretenders. And with you, makes it seven!”

Chen Ming: …

No biggie, when trouble comes knocking, you knock right through it.

Chen Ming flicked his hand, letting loose eight flying swords, with the Archfiend in the middle. He flew at the black cloud above, pulled Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword from it, then came crashing down on the poor Archfiend.

After the blow, he looked down upon the majestic army, and bellowed, “Listen here, I am Chen Ming, Lord of Yan Mountain!”

That got the fiends’ attention. Archfiend Silver Wing stepped out of his chariot then eyed him, ‘Rumors of Yan Mountain’s Lord has grown rampant it seems. He isn’t at all ferocious. He doesn’t even have fangs. Then waved his hand, “Everyone attack! Kill him at all costs!”

Chen Ming gave a wicked smile, jumped on his cloud, and bolted.

Since Silver Wing brought his army out here for him, how could he let Chen Ming go? He spread his large silver wings and after a fierce gale, disregarding his own fiend cloud, he flew after him.

In mere ten breaths, Silver Wing already caught up to his prey, and let lose an astral wind from his hand, “Well well, Chen Ming, you couldn’t wait for death in Yan Mountain and came out. And since you provoked me, die!”

The five fingers of his claw ripped across the sky, tearing at the clouds and flying straight at Chen Ming. He defended with the Eight Extremes Array and as the edge collided with the claw attacks, it swayed.

Chen Ming smiled, “Somewhat skillful.”

Seeing Chen Ming unharmed, Silver Wing flew into a rage, “Wah-ha-ha-ha, such gall on you! You’ve gone too far!”

Each flap of his silver wings caused storms behind him, chasing after Chen Ming, and overtaking him not long after. Chen Ming’s take on this, He definitely knows how to run, chasing me to no end.

How could the army ever match their speeds? Chen Ming peeked behind and saw how they ditched the troops, and while he was at it, he also checked Silver Wing’s danger value, 680.

He was a full hundred points higher than him, seemingly impossible to beat. With the three thousand merits and thirty thousand spiritual knowledge he currently had, Chen Ming spoke in his mind, “Fully comprehend the Dragon Form Art, Nirvana Astral Wind, and Jade Water Core Sutra. And also upgrade them to the same stage as Fire Crow Art, the peak of Dao Initiation realm!”

“Ding! Used one thousand five hundred merits and ten thousand spiritual knowledge. Comprehension complete.”