The Snake Dance Bar was located in the western region of Star Sea City. It was one of the most popular bars in the western region and was managed by the Shadow Snakes. It was one of the most important sources of income for the Shadow Snakes.

There was not only extraordinary alcohol here, there were also sexy and seductive snake beauties. It could be said that there was an endless stream of people who came here to play.

When Nan and Ye Xuan arrived in the summer, the entire bar was already filled to the brim with men and women of all shapes and sizes. It was extremely difficult to even find a place to sit.

"Looks like we've come to the right place. It's even more explosive than I thought!"

Xia Nan brought Ye Xuan to the bar's main hall and looked around, teasing him.

"However, there doesn't seem to be any seats available for us."

Ye Xuan frowned slightly as he slowly spoke.

"That is easy..."

Xia Nan smiled lightly and waved to the waitress beside him, who then walked over.

"Find a more comfortable position for me and my brother …"

Summer Nan threw a large stack of tickets to the woman in uniform and answered flatly.

"Sir, this way please …"

Dense joy appeared on the face of the female uniformed officer as she quickly brought Ye Xuan along with her and walked up the stairs to the bar.

When they walked up the stairs, what appeared before them wasn't the various rooms, but an even more exquisite and high-class hall.

There were all sorts of men and women in the hall, but no matter if it was their clothes or demeanor, they were obviously much better than those downstairs, and were of an even higher quality.

There were more beauties here, and they were even more alluring.

"Esteemed guests, please have a seat! May I know what you two would like to drink? "

Under the lead of the female uniformed officer, Ye Xuan and Xia Nan sat down in a corner near the window.

"Two cups of Snake Wine, one bottle of 80 year old Wooden Tree, two bottles of the 90 year old Romanee-Conti, and five bottles of the 90 year old whiskey..."

Xia Nan slightly smiled, appearing to be unperturbed as he called out a bunch of famous wines.

"Gentlemen, please wait!"

The female attendant was stunned for a moment. A look of ecstasy appeared on her face as she quickly turned around to get some wine for the two of them …

Not long later, a large pile of famous wine was placed before Ye Xuan and Xia Nan …

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. Then, they started to drink and carefully savored the fine wine.

"Heh heh... How do you think those guys will react? "

Xia Nan carefully tasted the wood, letting its taste of antiquity spread in his mouth before he smiled and spoke.

"Who knows? I hope he won't be disappointed. "

Ye Xuan indifferently replied without raising his head and savoring the wine.

The two of them had a tacit understanding. From the beginning, they had never planned to pay for this wine!

After all, the two of them weren't here just for a drink. They were here for fun, for example, to ruin the place.

It had to be said that the wine here was rather delicious, and both Ye Xuan and Xia Nan drank it with satisfaction.

Furthermore, this place was indeed very unique. There was a rather sexy and bold snake beauty performance, and when it was combined with good wine to drink, it gave one a whole new experience.

"I wonder if you two are satisfied with the wine from my Snake-Dance Bar?"

Just as the two of them were about to order a few more bottles of fine wine, a sexy and teasing voice rang out.

Following the sound of this voice, under the gazes of Ye Xuan and Xia Nan, an extremely sexy and fiery figure was slowly led by a female uniformed officer.

Her black hair was tied up by a silver scarf, and her beautiful cheeks were covered by a translucent veil. She was wearing a silver halter top, and a pair of shorts that reached to her thighs, exposing her snow-white waist and long straight legs to the air.

As she moved, her mature and well-developed figure twisted like a water snake. It was filled with a unique charm that made one's breathing unconsciously quicken.

She was Ying Xuan, the boss of the Snake Dance Bar. She loved to dance and was known as the Snake Beauty. The name Snake Dance Bar was based on her origins.

"My brother is already satisfied with the wine. I wonder if this famous snake beauty will be able to satisfy my brother. He is rather interested in you …"

As he looked at the Snake Beauty, Xia Nan's handsome face revealed a slight smile as he said some meaningful words.

The beautiful snake beauty frowned as she heard this. Her gaze fell onto Ye Xuan, and a moving smile appeared on her beautiful face. She teasingly said, "Since you're Young Master Xia's brother, I will naturally do my best to satisfy this young master …"

"Just that, I wonder what kind of wind blew the young master Xia of the Zhui Ming Valley over to me?"

"What else can there be? Of course it's my brother who wants to borrow my Easterly Wind! "

With his identity seen through, Xia Nan didn't mind. Laughing out loud, he said: "Snake Beauty, I, Xia Chen, know that you never receive guests, but this brother of mine loves you at first sight. Tonight, this brother of mine will not serve you?"

Young Master Xia, how could I dare not to! Furthermore, this Young Master is extremely wise and is clearly an extraordinary person.

The snake beauty stretched out her pure white hands, stroking her bangs with a smile.

"Then... I'll leave him to you tonight! "

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Xia Nan replied with a teasing smile.

"Young master Xia, don't worry. I will definitely use all of my skills to make young master satisfied …"

The beautiful snake girl's eyes contained the ripples of autumn. She extended her pure white hands to wrap around Ye Xuan's neck and pressed the towering softness on his back. She blew into his ear and let out an alluring breath.

"Young master, how about going to my room?"

Ye Xuan raised his head to look at Xia Nan, who was sitting opposite of him, then turned around to chat with a chick, completely throwing him to the side.

He really didn't know what this fellow's intentions were.

Ye Xuan nodded his head coldly.

"Then, Young Master, this way please!"

Seeing this, the snake beauty smiled. Under the envious and astonished gazes of the surrounding people, she took Ye Xuan's arm and pulled him toward the private elevator.

Ye Xuan took the elevator up to the eighth floor and was quickly led by the beauty snake to her room.

The room was decorated in a very classical way. The room was filled with the fragrance of sandalwood, and a guqin was placed on the desk beside her. The large comfortable bed was covered with a pink cover, and there was a soft boat hanging in the air.

On the balcony, there were all sorts of flowers and plants. A blood-red Mandala bloomed beautifully …

With the allure of the snake-like beauty beside her, it was undoubtedly filled with a pink scent that was sufficient to make any man unable to suppress their biological needs and impulses …

However, Ye Xuan's expression remained the same. Even though the snake-beauty's soft and arrogant aura would rub against his wrist and give him an extraordinary experience, his heart was calm and unmoved by external factors.

How could a mere beauty tempt him?

"Young master, please take a seat!" I'll take a bath first before coming to accompany you! "

The Snake Beauty lightly smiled at Ye Xuan as she spoke in a spoiled manner.

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he nodded. He walked to a nearby desk and sat down.

As for the snake-beauty, she grabbed an extremely long white shirt and looked deeply at Ye Xuan before entering the bathroom.

The Snake Beauty walked into the bathroom and slowly took off her clothes. Looking at her sexy figure in the mirror, she slightly frowned, then lightly exhaled as she muttered, "Didn't Master Snake send that guy, the Blood Python, to deal with that brat Ye Xuan?" But, why would this kid come to my place with Xia Nan? "

"Could it be that the Blood Python fellow was lazy and had not attacked yet? Since that's the case, then I'll have to do it on his behalf! "It's not that easy to deal with Xia Nan, after all, he's the one who fought his way through the whole thing and controlled all the resources in the suburbs and counties of Xinghai City..."

"However, we can't care so much anymore! No matter what, Ye Xuan has to die today! "

Not only did she recognize Xia Nan, she even recognized Ye Xuan's identity. With a flash of her mind, she walked into the pool of water on the side, causing the suburb, which countless people drooled over, to soak in the warm water …

When the snake-like beauty walked out of the bathroom, she had long, wet hair and was wearing only a large white shirt …

The hem of the white shirt covered the area above the middle of her thighs, revealing her straight and slender legs. Along with the slight blush on her cheeks, it was filled with a unique allure.

"Sorry, young master. I have made you wait for a long time! "

The snake-like beauty caressed her hair as she carried a unique fragrance with her body. She walked over to Ye Xuan and stuck her shirt-wrapped body on top of his body while saying apologetic words.

"No worries!"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless. He reached out his hand and took the opportunity to embrace the snake beauty's soft body. At the same time, he placed his other hand on her soft body, ignoring the feeling that came from her hand that was separated by a layer of cloth.

"Young master, don't be impatient …" How about I give you a dance song to cheer you up? "

The snake-beauty's body trembled as she extended her hand to take Ye Xuan's hand away and teased him.

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he lightly nodded.

The snake-beauty smiled faintly and left Ye Xuan's embrace. She then took her zither and walked up to the bed that was covered in pink covers. While playing the zither, she twisted her fiery figure and started performing a captivating dance …

The enchanting scene and radiance of spring was faintly discernible, causing one to be unable to see what was happening. Even Ye Xuan slightly nodded his head.

"Damn it? Smelling sandalwood, you've been poisoned by my Snake Desire. How come that guy still hasn't fallen yet? "

The snake-beauty continuously played her zither and danced about with her alluring figure. As she looked at Ye Xuan, who was sitting at the side with a satisfied expression, her heart was filled with anxiety.

Seeing this, the corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he teased.

"Beautiful girl, I see that your dance is quite tiring. Do you need to stop and rest for a bit?"