When Ye Xuan walked out of the snake-beauty's room, Xia Nan stood at the entrance of the elevator and looked at him with a smile, as if teasing him.

"Brother Ye Xuan, I didn't think you'd been working for such a long time. How is it? How do you feel?"

Hearing Xia Nan's words, a smile that both you and I understand appeared on Ye Xuan's handsome face. He teased, "Exquisite items like the snake beauty are indeed rare. It feels extremely good …"

"Come on, you, is that woman dead?"

Xia Nan couldn't help but shake his head. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit up two, and tossed one over to Ye Xuan.

"Dead …."

Ye Xuan received the cigarette, took a long drag of it, and shook his head.

"What did you get out of it?" Summer Nan asked curiously.

"There is a stronghold of the Shadow Snakes' Association on the Cloudsea Mist Mountain. We can go take a look …"

Ye Xuan held Xia Nan's shoulder as he walked into the elevator …

When Ye Xuan and Xia Nan returned to the bar downstairs, what appeared before Ye Xuan was a chaotic scene.

The originally bustling and noisy Snake Dance Inn that was filled with countless people was now in a mess. Many people who had come here to play had already left, leaving behind a large number of security personnel and guards in black suits lying on the ground howling in pain …

At this moment, the entire bar seemed to have become hell on earth, a stark contrast to before they came in.

"You did this, didn't you?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but turn his head and gaze onto Xia Nan as he teasingly asked.

"I'll leave you the best snake beauty, so I'll have to take care of these small fry …"

Xia Nan could not help but smile as she lightly replied.

This fellow's strength was indeed extraordinary. One must know that the fighting strength and members of the Snake Dance Bar that were stationed here were not the slightest bit inferior to the Wolf Young Master's Bar.

Ye Xuan was very satisfied with how this guy was able to deal with him so quickly and with strength that ordinary people couldn't compare to.

"Kid, aren't you afraid that the Shadow Snakes will take revenge by doing this?"

Ye Xuan turned around and his gaze fell onto Xia Nan.

"Is my relationship with Brother Ye Xuan something that a mere Shadow Snake Society can compare to?"

"Let alone a mere Shadow Snake Guild, even all of the gangs and families in Star Sea City can't stop me, this Xia, from getting to know Brother Ye Xuan!"

Xia Nan's gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as he replied in an extremely serious and solemn manner!

Ye Xuan extended his hand to pat Xia Nan's shoulder. He didn't say anything more, but he understood Xia Nan's feelings.

Cloudy Mountain was located outside of the outskirts of Star Sea City. It was surrounded by clouds all year round, so the visibility was very low. Coupled with the rugged and steep mountain road, very few people were willing to go up.

Of course, there were exceptions.

For example, Ye Xuan and Xia Nan were currently on their way to the peak of Misty Cloud Mountain.

However, even with Nan's driving skills in the summer, the car was only able to stop halfway up the mountain. The road up the mountain was blocked by the debris flow and rocks that had collapsed a long time ago, making it impossible for the car to continue moving forward.

Helpless, Ye Xuan and Xia Nan had no choice but to abandon the mountain on the chariot and madly sprint away.

When they arrived at the peak of Cloudy Ocean Mist Mountain, what appeared before them amidst the drifting mist was a faintly discernible ancient villa.

Under the drifting clouds, it was filled with a cold and gloomy aura.

There were two stone statues at the front gate of the villa. They were not ordinary stone lions, but rather pythons that coiled around a giant tree.

Two crows were coiled on top of the python statue, cawing, making this place even more eerie and strange.

"Let's go..."

"Hold on..."

Xia Nan walked forward, but was pulled back by Ye Xuan.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

"Hiss, hiss, hiss..."

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the sound of rustling footsteps and hissing snakes quietly came from the distance.

Under Ye Xuan and Xia Nan's icy gazes, three figures that were wrapped in black robes and had poisonous snakes wrapped around their arms slowly walked over.

They looked around vigilantly for a while, and after nothing abnormal happened, they started to walk towards the ancient villa.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss..."

Seeing that they were about to enter the ancient villa, the poisonous snake that was wrapped around their arms began to hiss violently. A dark glow flickered within their diamond-shaped eyes, causing them to pause in their footsteps!

"Who is it?"

He turned around and looked in the direction of Ye Xuan and Xia Nan as he let out a stern shout.

"Swish …"

However, they didn't see Ye Xuan's and Xia Nan's figures; only three silver needles that flickered with a cold light that enlarged in their eyes.

In the instant before they could react, it had accurately pierced through their foreheads, causing their bodies to solidify and quietly fall down, completely dying.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss..."

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Even though the three guards were already dead, the poisonous snakes coiling around their arms swiftly attempted to bite at Ye Xuan without covering their ears. Their speed was extremely fast and their attacks were extremely powerful!

"Swish …"

At this moment, three diamond-shaped darts flew out from Xia Nan's hands, accurately piercing through the three vipers' heads and ending their lives.

Only then did Ye Xuan and Xia Nan's figures slowly appear from the side.

"Let's go!"

The two of them looked at each other before pushing open the villa's door.

"Creak …"

After entering the villa, what appeared before them was a large, dark hall. There were all sorts of people bustling about, carrying goods.

As Ye Xuan and Xia Nan pushed open the villa's door and walked in, the people that were originally bustling in the hall stopped at the same time and looked at Xia Nan and Ye Xuan.

"Who are you people?"

A man wearing a leather jacket and a cowboy hat, with a Mauser pistol at his waist, slightly frowned as he looked at Ye Xuan and Xia Nan. His eyes flickered with an intense fierceness as he coldly spoke.

He was the person in charge of this hall, nicknamed Hunting Light!

"Of course... The person who wants your lives! "

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he coldly replied!

"Swish …"

As his words fell, he rushed towards the light like a cheetah. Two rays of light flew out from his hands, heading straight for the light, bringing with them a fierce killing intent!


Seeing this, Hunchback Meng snorted coldly. He moved his body to the side and dodged the silver needles that were shooting at him. His hand had already pulled out the Mauser pistol at his waist and was about to fire at Ye Xuan.

"Swish …"

However, the saber in Ye Xuan's sleeve quietly flew out at this moment, aiming straight for the light.

"Da Da Da …"

Ye Guang's face was pale. His body nimbly rolled on the ground as he pulled the trigger of his Mauser pistol. A string of bullets shot towards Ye Xuan.

"Chi! Chi!"

However, a streak of cold light blossomed in front of his eyes, and the sound of a military knife slicing through flesh rang out.

Just as he was about to open his mouth, a thin, long, bloody line appeared at his throat, causing him to be unable to make a sound. His eyes were wide open as he quietly fell to the ground and died!

"Kill him..."

All of this happened in the time it takes a spark to fly off a flint, and by the time the surrounding Shadow Snake members came to their senses, the light was already dead.

In the next moment, roars of rage and killing intent came out from their mouths.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As soon as the words left their mouths, they grabbed their weapons and rushed towards Ye Xuan and Xia Nan with extreme speed, fiercely slaughtering them!


Seeing this, Ye Xuan and Xia Nan coldly snorted. They were like two raging dragons that dashed fiercely into the crowd, mercilessly slaughtering the members of the Shadow Snakes.

Although these members of the Shadow Snakes were people that licked blood off their blades year round and had blood and lives on their bodies, how could they be a match for experts like Ye Xuan and Xia Nan?

Every swing of the saber in Ye Xuan's hand would cause a large amount of blood to spurt out, taking away the lives of the members of the Shadow Snakes. Just like the ruthless killing machine on the battlefield, no one could stop his advance!

Because these small fries of the Shadow Snakes weren't his match at all!

The weapon used by South Summer was a military knife with a unique shape.

Not only were there sharp cuts on the military knife, there was also a vertical groove.

The unique military knife in his hand was like a high-speed rotating electric drill. Once it stabbed into the human body, it would end their lives.

In less than a moment, all of the members of the Shadow Snakes Association were knocked down by Ye Xuan and Xia Nan.

Without exception, all of them died.

After all, what these fellows were carrying here was not some good stuff. It was highly toxic industrial products.

After finishing these guys, Ye Xuan and Xia Nan glanced at each other and were about to head up the stairs when a sinister voice quietly sounded out.

"I thought that someone dared to trespass into my Shadow Snake Society's branch, it turns out to be Xia Nan of the Zhui Ming Valley!"

"Visiting late at night? Is something the matter?"