Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Whether it was the death of the wolf or the death of Mr. Yu, the news spread in the underground world of Xinghai City, causing an uproar and shock.

Whether it was the wolf or Mr. Yu, both had a very high status and prestige in the city. The deaths of two big figures at the same time was no less than the earthquake that was set off in the city.

However, while people were still in shock over the deaths of Lilang and Mr. Yu, the Berserk Dragon Council announced a heavyweight piece of news to the public:

From today onwards, Ye Xuan will be the leader of the Raging Dragon Association, and the entire Raging Dragon Guild will follow him.

As the news spread, the entire underground world of the sea of stars boiled over.

No one would have imagined that the Raging Dragon would actually make such a decision, allowing the trash of the Ye Family, Ye Xuan, to take the position of the Raging Dragon Guild's leader.

In the eyes of many who didn't understand the situation, Master Long was simply confused to the extreme.

Even so, Ye Xuan's name still spread far and wide. His name quietly spread throughout the entire underground world of Star Sea City.

However, Ye Xuan didn't pay attention to any of this. These days, he could be said to be exceptionally comfortable and leisurely.

Drinking and drinking with Xia Nan when there was nothing to do, chatting and strolling with Liang Xiaoxiao when there was nothing to do, all of that came without mentioning how carefree they were.

During this period of time, Su Xiaomeng called several times to ask what Ye Xuan was doing, but Ye Xuan had only fooled her with his calls.

Ye Xuan was currently sitting in the presidential suite, looking at the nervous Little Doctor Liang. He smiled as he spoke, "Don't worry. Although the injuries on your body were indeed very serious at the time, after my unique secret formula, the ancestral treatment method has already completely recovered. There won't be any scars left on your body. You can remove these bandages now …"

"Will there really be no scars?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Liang Xiaoxiao tightly clenched her small hands as she asked in a low voice.

As a nurse, she was well aware of how serious the injuries on her body were. Many wounds could not have left a scar even if the most authoritative surgical expert of Xinghai Hospital had used the thinnest thread to sew them up.

Faced with the situation of removing the bandages, how could Liang Xiaoxiao not be worried?

After all, there was nothing that a woman didn't like to be beautiful!

"Absolutely not! "Trust me!"

Ye Xuan replied with certainty.

"Um... "Then I'll go, I'll remove the bandage …"

Perhaps Ye Xuan's words had given her courage, she lightly nodded her head before turning around and striding into the bedroom.

Entering the bedroom, Liang Xiaoxiao gently unbuttoned her clothes and took them off. Seeing herself wrapped in a bandage in the mirror, Liang Xiaoxiao was slightly surprised. A look of astonishment flashed across her face.

This was the first time she looked in a mirror in these few days. She thought that the bandages on her body would be particularly ugly, but she didn't expect that the bandages on her body would actually wrap around her body like a unique piece of clothing. Not only did it completely cover her wounds, but it also exposed her perfect figure's curves.

It was filled with the unique beauty of a doomsday beauty.

This was definitely the most perfect bandage she had ever seen in her life as a nurse.

"Swish …"

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Liang Xiaoxiao let out a light breath. She extended her pure white hand and placed it on the bandage on her shoulder, then slowly untied it …

Liang Xiaoxiao clearly remembered that a lacerated wound had appeared on her shoulder by the blood python's snake pattern belt. However, when she removed the bandage on that part of her body, she was shocked to discover that the wound had long since disappeared, as if it had never existed.

Not a single scar remained.

With a nervous and pleasantly surprised mood, Liang Xiaoxiao continued to untie the bandage around her body, revealing her upper body.

"This... How is that possible? "

When she saw the upper half of her perfect skin in the mirror, which was only wearing a simple undergarment, her eyes widened and she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Inside the mirror, there was not a single scar on his upper body.

"This is impossible!"

"I clearly suffered so many whips from that terrifying man. My body was torn in so many places, my skin was torn open, and I bled so much. How can I not have a single scar?"

At this moment, the shock and astonishment in Liang Xiaoxiao's heart could not be described with words.

"Swish …"

She fiercely bit down, and completely released the rest of her jumping muscles.

However, what appeared in her line of sight was a perfect body that was only wearing a set of underwear. Her snow-white skin was as if it had been reborn, and it was filled with gentleness, luster, and elasticity.

Not only was there not a single scar left on her body, but she was astonished to find that her skin was even better in color and elasticity than before.

More importantly, her figure was even more sexy and fiery than before. It was fine if she had curves and curves, but there was also an indescribable temperament in her, making Liang Xiaoxiao feel as if she had been reborn, as if she had become a completely different person.

Especially her underwear. She clearly felt that the undergarments she wore to fit her body now were extremely tight. It was so soft that they seemed like they were about to jump out and couldn't be wrapped …

Moreover, her waist seemed to have become a little thinner, and her buttocks were even more plump and perky …

He had been reborn, and his body had been reborn!

"This... Is this still me? "

Liang Xiaoxiao stared blankly at her reflection in the mirror, and words of disbelief escaped her mouth, making it difficult for her to recover from it for a long time.

She originally thought that Ye Xuan saying that he wouldn't leave any scars was just to comfort her, but it turned out to be completely true.

He had suffered such a serious injury, yet there was not a single scar left on his body. Furthermore, his body seemed to have been remodeled, becoming even more perfect.

She was breathtakingly beautiful in the mirror.

"This... Is it really me? I'm not dreaming? "

Liang Xiaoxiao reached out to touch her cheeks and then shook the two straight and soft hands in front of her as she muttered to herself.

Everything that happened before her eyes was too magical, so magical that she found it hard to believe.

She was sure that even the most authoritative plastic surgeon in the world would never be able to do such a thing.

Ye Xuan had brought her too many surprises and surprises.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

"Doctor, how are you? Do you need help? "

Only when there was a knock on the door did Liang Xiaoxiao quickly recover her wits.

"It's already … It's done! "

She quickly put on her clothes and walked out of the room.

"Hmm …"

However, due to Liang Xiaoxiao being too flustered and anxious, she bumped into Ye Xuan the moment she left the room.

Not only did she knock her enraged body into Ye Xuan's embrace, causing Ye Xuan to feel a soft stimulation, she even kissed Ye Xuan's cheek, causing him to stand there in a daze, and his mind went blank for a moment …

The heck, what is going on?

This sudden turn of events caused Little Doctor Liang to be stunned. Looking at Ye Xuan's face that was so close to her own, her exquisite and beautiful face instantly flushed red all the way down to her neck …

"Yes. I'm sorry Ye Xuan, I … I didn't do it on purpose! "

She quickly took two steps back and apologized with a flustered look on her face.

Ye Xuan slowly came back to his senses. Looking at Liang Xiaoxiao who was blushing all the way to her neck, he couldn't help but tease her, "It doesn't matter. I don't mind if you do it twice more …."

"I... "I'm going to the washroom …"

After being teased by Ye Xuan in such a way, Liang Xiaoxiao blushed even more. She threw down her words and hurriedly walked towards the washroom, leaving Ye Xuan with an incomparably beautiful view of her back …

"This girl is even more beautiful and charming than before. "Seems like the effect of the model is quite good …"

Ye Xuan muttered as he watched Liang Xiaoxiao's departing figure.

"Hungry? Come, let's go out for dinner! "

When Little Doctor Liang walked out of the bathroom, Ye Xuan smiled.

"En, but you must let me treat you today. I must thank you for taking good care of me these days!"

Little Doctor Liang lightly nodded as he spoke with a smile.

As she finished her sentence, she walked out of the room with Lan Feng.

Country game was located in the center of Xinghai City. It was a restaurant with Sichuan cuisine as its main dish, and its business was booming.

By the time Ye Xuan and Liang Xiaoxiao arrived, the place was already packed full of people. There were only a few spots left.

Ye Xuan and Little Doctor Liang were lucky enough to get a spot near the window.

Ye Xuan, what do you like to eat? You're welcome.

Little Doctor Liang handed the menu over to Ye Xuan with a smile.

"Don't worry, I won't be polite with you. I'm planning on how I'm going to eat your one month's salary!"

Ye Xuan received the menu, and smiled as he ordered.

In the end, however, he ordered only a few specialties, then two beers.

"How can you give me a month's salary with just that little bit of money?"

Seeing Ye Xuan order dishes, Little Doctor Liang frowned.

"We can't eat that much. It should be enough for the two of us."

Ye Xuan smiled.

"No, I have to add more!"

Liang Xiaoxiao forcefully added a few more dishes before she was willing to give up.

Very soon, a table full of dishes was served, such as fried squid, stewed pork intestines, spicy chicken feet, fried chicken meat with oil, and red braised carp. It really made one envious …


Ye Xuan and Liang Xiaoxiao looked at each other and smiled before taking their chopsticks and starting to eat.

"Ye Xuan, this Red Braised Carp and the fragrant stewed sausage taste is extremely good. Come here, you have to try a bit more …"

As Liang Xiaowu helped Ye Xuan mix things up, she teased him.

"Come on, you just recovered, so you have to eat more …"

Ye Xuan helped Little Doctor Liang carry the dishes as well …

Neither Ye Xuan nor Little Doctor Liang noticed that in a rather quiet seat far away, there sat a cute and adorable little loli. At this moment, she was glaring at them with incomparable rage.

Opposite the soft loli was a beautiful lady with a cold demeanor who was eating an elegant meal with her head lowered!

They were none other than Ye Xuan's sister-in-law, Su Xiaomeng, and his wife, Leng Qingcheng!