Clouds, barren hills, and the distance from Xinghai City to it was more than 300 km. It was no longer part of the urban area of Xinghai City.

It was a mysterious and ancient forest. Wild beasts covered the land, making it extremely dangerous. Very few people dared to enter this mountain range, and even some of the ancient hunters did not dare to lightly step in.

The fact that weapons master Mo Lin's successor, Yun Lan, was able to live in seclusion in such a dangerous forest was indeed surprising, and it was enough to prove that this weapons master's successor was extraordinary.

The mountain roads here were rugged and extremely bumpy. Even though Ye Xuan was driving through the wilderness with a valiant speed, his speed was still extremely slow.

However, in order to forge a suitable weapon, Ye Xuan thought that everything was worth it.

They travelled through the night. The sun had just risen when Ye Xuan arrived at the base of Cloud Sea's Desolate Mountain.

Ye Xuan frowned as he raised his head to look at the mountain range ahead that pierced through the clouds and was filled with danger.

Where could he go to find someone in such a large mountain range?

"Sigh, I'll slowly search for it!"

Ye Xuan sighed lightly. He stopped his car at the foot of the mountain and fled into the forest like a cheetah.

Although this fellow spoke slowly, his movements were not slow at all.

This mountain was indeed ancient and barren. Ye Xuan didn't find any traces of pedestrians along the way. Most of them were the footprints of jackals, tigers, and leopards.

They had no idea how large this mountain was. Even with Ye Xuan's agility, he still hadn't reached the peak even after several hours.

After finding a location with a better environment, Ye Xuan cooked two wild chickens to fill his stomach.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

After the two roasted chickens were consumed, Ye Xuan only felt unsatisfied. He prepared to go up the mountain again, but a rustling sound came from afar, causing him to slightly frown.


Without a second thought, he climbed up the tree like a nimble ape.

A moment later, an enormous lion appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

It was unknown how long this lion had lived in this forest. Its body size was much larger than an ordinary lion, it was a total of four meters long and one meter and six meters tall, its claws shining with a cold and glaring brilliance under the sunlight shining through the gaps between the leaves.

It walked over to where Ye Xuan was roasting the chicken and sniffed at it. Then, it suddenly raised its head and looked in Ye Xuan's direction.


In the next moment, it let out a roar from its mouth and took a step back. Its enormous body actually flew out and pounced towards Ye Xuan to bite him.


Ye Xuan was already prepared. The instant the lion pounced towards him, he leaped off the tree and smashed his right leg fiercely towards the lion's head!

Thousand Jin Pendant!

"Aooo …"

The male lion's head was struck by Ye Xuan's whip kick, causing it to let out a miserable shriek and howl. Its enormous body heavily smashed into the ground, emitting a muffled sound.


It was just about to struggle to stand up when Ye Xuan swung his fist and fiercely smashed it on its head.

A sound like muffled thunder rang out. No one knew how powerful Ye Xuan's fist was, causing the lion's head to explode on the spot.

Its body trembled twice, and it died.

"With my current strength, if I were to face that assassin Feng Xin again, he would lose without a doubt!"

Ye Xuan clenched his fists as he looked at the dead lion in the pool of blood, and muttered some words.

When fighting against the assassin Feng Xin, although he was injured, he had become stronger after recovering from his injuries.

"My top priority right now is to find the successor of the weapons master, Yun Lan, and forge a suitable weapon for me!" I need to move quickly, and try my best to reach the top of the mountain before it gets dark to find the mist … "

Ye Xuan raised his head and looked at the towering mountain peak before him as he muttered to himself.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Without hesitation, he turned into a cheetah and dashed towards the peak of the mountain after his words echoed in the air.

Deep in the desolate mountains of the sea, within the frozen spring!

In the icy cold spring, a handsome figure sat cross-legged.

His handsome face was filled with intense pain. His strong body was submerged in the spring water. It was unknown if it was because the spring water was too cold or if it was because his body was suffering from too much pain, but his body kept on trembling. Drops of cold sweat flowed down his face …

On his left shoulder and lower abdomen, there were deep wounds that could be seen from the bone.

If Ye Xuan was here, he would definitely be able to recognize the young man sitting cross-legged in the cold spring. This young man was none other than the killer that tried to assassinate Ye Xuan last night, Feng Xin.

Although he'd used his sniper rifle to protect his vitals in times of crisis, the blade energy from Ye Xuan's Absolute Saber had still penetrated his body through the wounds on his left shoulder and abdomen, causing him unprecedented pain.

When the saber energy entered the body, it was better to die than to live!

Helpless, Feng Xin could only return to the barren clouds and mountains in the frozen spring. He borrowed the extreme cold of the frozen spring to help suppress Ye Xuan's Vanishing Shadow Saber Qi and heal his injuries.

Although this process was painful, it did have a great effect.

With the help of the gelid qi from the Ice Spring Water, more than half of the Illusion Swordmaster's Qi had been forced out of his body.

The assassin formed a seal with both of his hands as a fierce light flashed in his eyes. He gritted his teeth and a large amount of cold air emerged from the top of his head.

The rustling footsteps came from afar, causing the killer Feng Xin's eyes to flash. A trace of doubt flashed in his heart.

All the beasts in the surrounding area had been wiped clean by him. How could there be people's footsteps in this desolate mountain and wilderness?

Could it be Mistress?

That's not right!

Let's not talk about the fact that it was impossible for Mistress to come here at this time of day.

The footsteps clearly did not belong to her!

Then who was it?

He could not care so much. He had to first force the saber Qi out of his body!

The killer's expression turned fierce. He gritted his teeth and the power in his body started to circulate, rushing straight to his Dantian!

"Who do I think is bathing here? So it's you! "

Just as the killer was about to expel the last bit of saber Qi from his body, a mocking voice rang out.

This caused the expression of the killer, Feng Xin, to change abruptly. He raised his head to look at the source of the voice and a slender figure appeared in his line of sight.

This moment of absent-mindedness caused all his efforts to be in vain. A stream of black blood sprayed out from his mouth …

"Ye Xuan, why did you chase us here?"

The assassin Feng Xin endured the pain from his body and instantly put his jacket over his body. He raised his head to look at Ye Xuan, who was slowly walking over, and coldly said those words.

"Tsk tsk … "It's fate. I can't believe I could meet you in this wilderness …"

"Don't worry, don't worry. I've always had a normal sexual orientation. I would never be interested in a man like you …"

Ye Xuan was slightly stunned as he looked at the anxious killer Feng Xin standing in the frozen spring. He started teasing him.

To be honest, he never would have thought that he would encounter an assassination attempt in such a desolate place. It was beyond his imagination.

"I didn't leave any trace along the way. How did you come here?"

The assassin Feng Xin coldly gazed at Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

"Chase after you?" Sorry, you are not a beauty, why should I chase you? A guy like you, don't f * cking think that you're romantic! "

He coldly swept a glance at the assassin and teased, "But you... Why is it here? "

"It seems like you are healing. How about it? The taste of the Vanishing Blade must be terrible, right? "

After hearing Ye Xuan's playful words, the assassin's expression became extremely unsightly. He clenched his fists until they creaked, but didn't reply.

At this moment, he was injured, and he wasn't a match for the guy in front of him.

"Forget it, I still have things to do …" I don't have the mood to play with you! Goodbye! "

However, Ye Xuan didn't attack him, which caused the killer to be stunned. Instead, he left after leaving those words behind.

Ye Xuan's performance undoubtedly caused him to be extremely shocked.

"Hey, aren't you going to make a move on me to avenge yesterday's assassination?"

The assassin Feng Xin gritted his teeth as he watched Ye Xuan leave.

"With this small body of yours, even if the blade qi enters your body, will you still have any fighting strength?"

"This Sovereign appreciates you quite a lot. We'll settle our debt another day!"

Ye Xuan indifferently replied without turning his head.

Ye Xuan rather admired this assassin's heart. He intended to take him in as a subordinate and naturally wouldn't kill him at this moment.

"I have never needed the pity of others for my heart to be sealed. Ye Xuan …. Let's fight! I can still fight! "

However, Ye Xuan replied with a determined tone.


The instant his words left his mouth, he suddenly grabbed his sniper rifle and rushed towards Ye Xuan.

Even though he was injured, his speed wasn't slow. In an instant, he arrived in front of Ye Xuan, and swung his sniper rifle as he angrily smashed it towards Ye Xuan.


Feeling the gale from behind him, a cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. He suddenly turned around and firmly grabbed onto the sniper rifle that was smashing towards him.

"Swish …"

But Feng Xin only sneered. He gripped the handle of the sniper rifle and abruptly slashed it towards Ye Xuan's throat. A sharp sword was pulled out from the handle of the sniper rifle, causing his move to be extremely lethal.



Ye Xuan lightly smiled. The moment the slender sword slashed over, his body leaned back to dodge Zhan Feng's attack. His right leg carried a powerful force as it kicked out, descending onto the chest of the killer Feng Xin.

A powerful force burst forth and rushed into the body of the killer Feng Xin, causing his face to turn pale. A mouthful of bright red blood sprayed out from his mouth, and he heavily smashed into the frozen spring.


Just as he was about to move, a sharp thin sword was placed on his neck, causing his body to quietly freeze.

An ice-cold, indifferent voice came out of Ye Xuan's mouth.

"You lost!"