When Qian Xingchen excitedly drove the luxurious car back to his private villa, what appeared before his eyes was a scene that made him especially astonished.

His luxurious villa was in a mess. There was a large amount of blood and broken glass on the ground. All sorts of expensive furniture and appliances were scattered on the ground. It could be said that it was a mess, like a rubbish dump.

The villa had been renovated into a pile of garbage, which filled Qian Xingchen's heart with too many questions and too much anger.

Didn't that bastard Black Wolf say that he had already captured Leng Qingcheng and brought her to his villa?

But, where was Leng Qingcheng?

Where are those damn Black Wolf bastards?

Why did his luxurious villa become such a dilapidated rubbish dump?

What was going on here?

Black Wolf, you damned bastard!

A strong sense of anger ignited in Qian Xing's heart. Without thinking, he took out his phone and dialed Black Wolf's number.

After a while, the call connected. Before Black Wolf could say anything, Qian Xingchen angrily roared, "Black Wolf, what the f * ck did you do in my villa? Where is Leng Qingcheng? Get the hell over here and clarify this! "

"Qian Xing, damn you, who do you think you are to dare to talk to me like that?"

In a hospital ward, Black Wolf was lying on his bed with bandages wrapped around his body as he listened to Qian Xing's roars. From his mouth came a furious voice, "I'm telling you, if you don't bring 10 million yuan of medical fees to the XX hospital today, then you can have someone collect your corpse tomorrow."

Without waiting for Qian Xing to respond, Black Wolf hung up.

If it wasn't for that damnable bastard Qian Xing, why would he kidnap Leng Qingcheng and offend that fiend Ye Xuan?

This guy completely forgot that he still wanted to take revenge on Ye Xuan, so he blamed all of his anger and responsibility on Qian Xing.

"This damned bastard!"

Staring dumbfoundedly at the phone being hung up, Qian Xingchen's heart was filled with an incomparable rage. He slammed his phone down onto the ground, cursing angrily as he turned and left.

Looking at the river bank, in a warm and comfortable room.

Ye Xuan sat at the dining table and enjoyed the feast he cooked while drinking cold beer.

All kinds of delicious dishes were placed on the dining table, giving off an alluring fragrance. It filled the room, making Su Xiaomeng and Leng Qingcheng, who were sitting on the sofa, to swallow their saliva with difficulty.

It was a comfortable supper, not to mention the table full of food in front of Ye Xuan. Even if they didn't taste it, they could imagine how delicious it would be.

On the dining table, not only were there homemade dishes such as the spicy white sliced chicken, the cold cut goose liver, the fried sausages, the sharp pepper beef, the wild steak, and the spicy boiled fish that Ye Xuan cooked. There were also dishes that they couldn't call names at all.

This level was comparable to the luxurious dining in the Star Restaurant outside. Moreover, it was clearly more tasty here, and could even whet people's appetite.

"Goo …"

Su Xiaomeng's stomach couldn't help but growl. She subconsciously swallowed her saliva. It could even be said that she was extremely greedy.

As for Leng Qingcheng, she had an expressionless face as she tried her best to maintain her composure.

This bastard actually didn't even open his mouth to invite them to have a taste, so they naturally wouldn't take the initiative to taste it. After all, they didn't take Ye Xuan with them when they went out to eat, especially since Su Xiaomeng didn't want him to go with them!

"Ye …" Ye Xuan, how did you get these dishes? "

Su Xiaomeng couldn't hold it in anymore and asked.

"What else can they do? Of course they made it themselves." Ye Xuan picked up a piece of steamed bun and placed it into his mouth, allowing its unique taste to blossom on his tongue. He didn't even raise his head as he spoke.

"I cooked it myself. Are you saying that all of these dishes were cooked by you?"

Hearing this, Su Xiaomeng was dumbfounded.

"Of course!"

Ye Xuan nodded in satisfaction.

"Hmph, you can cook? Deceiving ghosts! "I'm tired, I'll go to sleep first!"

Leng Qingcheng gave a disdainful snort as she walked into her bedroom.

She didn't believe that Ye Xuan would cook. Not only that, the food he cooked would be of such high quality and would have a perfect taste!

One had to know that even a top chef might not be able to make these things.

On the other hand, Su Xiaomeng's face was still filled with eagerness as she looked at the dishes on the table. She doubtfully asked, "Ye Xuan, did you really make these dishes?"

"Believe it or not!" Ye Xuan replied indifferently. He picked up a piece of cold cut goose liver and elegantly dipped it in juice, causing Su Xiaomeng to crave for it ….

However, this fella didn't even invite Su Xiaomeng to have a taste. This made Su Xiaomeng extremely angry.

"Ye Xuan …."

Su Xiaomeng couldn't help asking again.

"What's the matter?"

Ye Xuan didn't even raise his head as he picked up a piece of spicy boiled fish and put it into his mouth.

"I'm hungry." Su Xiaomeng looked wronged and pitiful.

"You want to eat it?" Ye Xuan drank a mouthful of beer.

Su Xiaomeng nodded like a chick pecking rice.

"Say it earlier if you want to eat it, look … …" I'm almost done eating. " Ye Xuan pointed to a table full of dishes as he indifferently said.

Su Xiaomeng couldn't resist anymore and sat down at the dining table. She picked up her chopsticks and was about to start cooking when Ye Xuan stopped her, "Wait!"

"What?" Su Xiaomeng asked with a look of dissatisfaction.

"Of course it's to give money. This meal is worth nine hundred thousand, I will give you a discount and give you ninety thousand lines on account of you being an acquaintance!" Ye Xuan said calmly.

"You want me to pay you, and it's ninety thousand?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Su Xiaomeng nearly jumped up in shock with disbelief written all over her face.

The heck, isn't it just a simple meal, that's all? Yet, you want to collect money from me, and it's even at a price of 90,000 yuan?

Are you f * cking mad with poverty?

"Whether you like it or not, you wouldn't be able to eat it even if you gave it away for a million."

Ye Xuan snatched the chopsticks from Su Xiaomeng's hands as he spoke with a face full of displeasure.

He was not only the Demon Lord whose name shocked the Asura World of the West, he was also the medical saint of the medicine world and a famous gourmet in the gourmet world. His culinary skills were incomparable to that of the top chefs in the world …

Not to mention 90,000 yuan, even if it was outside, with his fame as the Demon Lord, there would still be people willing to spend money to eat it, and they would still have to queue up to eat it.

Don't ask why, because he used to be so awesome!

After he finished speaking, Ye Xuan completely ignored Su Xiaomeng and continued to eat!

"Ye Xuan, you bastard! Stingy!"

Su Xiaomeng cursed and stormed into her room.

Ye Xuan originally thought that the little fellow went to sleep, but didn't expect that the little girl would come out of her room with a phone in hand. She meekly said, "Hey, there's no cash … …" Can I transfer money? "

This simple sentence caused Ye Xuan to immediately become interested. After all, he's been lacking in money recently.

Furthermore, this little girl was quite rich. She was a rich little woman.

"No problem!"

At that moment, Ye Xuan straightforwardly agreed to take out his phone.

"Hey, isn't your meal a bit too expensive?"

Su Xiaomeng checked her code and was about to transfer the funds when she spoke.

"Is there a mistake? And this was even more expensive! "Alright, I'll give you some preferential treatment. If you're not satisfied, then return. OK?" Ye Xuan had an impatient expression.

"Good!" You said it yourself. If you're not satisfied, you can leave! "

With a sly smile, Su Xiaomeng completed her transfer.

In her heart, she'd already decided to wait until she'd eaten enough and then return the money from Ye Xuan ….

"Here, try it …"

Ye Xuan handed the chopsticks to Su Xiaomeng.

"Squeak, squeak …"

Su Xiaomeng could not hold it in any longer. She picked up a piece of Boiled Fish with her chopsticks and put it in her mouth …

The Boiled Fish piece melted immediately and didn't pierce into her mouth. Instantly, an endless, soft and spicy flavor bloomed on Su Xiaomeng's tongue, causing her to freeze and widen her eyes … …

At this moment, she felt as if she was in a soft ocean, carefully tasting the spicy delicacies, causing her entire body to feel incomparably comfortable …

Then, she picked up a piece of steamed bun and put it into her mouth …

"Hmm …"

As she chewed, the unique fat and fragrance bloomed in her mouth like a pimple. The unique taste brought along an unprecedented stimulation, causing her to uncontrollably moan in pleasure. The mountain ranges rose and fell on her chest, and her two legs subconsciously clamped together.

"Um... Good... Good... "Delicious!"

A sound came from her mouth …

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng couldn't take it anymore. She picked up her chopsticks and swung them across the table.

The taste of each dish was very unique …

The thrill of every dish was so intense.

The experience of every dish was unprecedented.

Su Xiaomeng was completely immersed in the endless enjoyment, unable to extricate herself from it.

"Um... Ah... Delicious... Hmm... "It's really delicious..."

One soft voice after another sounded out from her mouth. Coupled with her blushing face that was filled with pleasure, it caused Ye Xuan, who was at the side, to feel helpless and driven mad ….

Wasn't it just a meal?

Do you have to be so exaggerated!

Can you not be like this and intentionally hook people to commit a crime?

Looking at Su Xiaomeng's cute face and the mountain peak in front of her, Ye Xuan found it difficult to maintain his composure. He couldn't help but cough, "Cough, cough …." "Comrade Su Xiaomeng, please take note of how you look when you eat!"

"Form... Image? "What image?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Su Xiaomeng was dumbfounded.

"Cough cough …" "Hmm, the buttons on the front of your nightgown have been stretched open..."

Ye Xuan swept a glance at the bottomless snow-white, and solemnly said.

"Ahh …"

Only then did Su Xiaomeng regain her senses. She let out a scream and quickly crossed her arms in front of her chest …

"Don't worry, I didn't see anything. I didn't even know it was black …"

Ye Xuan helplessly shrugged and comforted her.

"Ye Xuan, you scoundrel, bastard, pervert …"

Su Xiaomeng's angry roar resounded in the hall …

"Hey, hey, hey, who is the one who is acting like a hooligan when not paying attention to his image?" I'm just reminding you out of goodwill! "

"Ye Xuan, you're a bastard. Your table of food is too terrible. Hurry up and repay me …"

"Sorry, I recorded something while you were eating. I don't know who said it was delicious, but it's delicious … …" "Um, do you want me to show it to you?"

"You … You. You are shameless! "

Su Xiaomeng was speechless. She was angry...

"I'm sorry, but the word 'shameless' does not exist in my dictionary. What kind of thing is' shameless'? Can you eat it?" Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he teased.

"Also, remember to wash the bowl and plate. This sovereign has never washed the dishes when cooking …"

Ye Xuan stood up, lazily stretched his body, and walked towards his bedroom.

"Of course, you can also choose not to wash. In the future, don't even think about eating meals made by this sovereign …"

"You … "You're going too far, getting someone to wash the dishes after receiving the money, is there anyone like you?"

Su Xiaomeng said angrily.

"Then do you want to eat again next time?" Ye Xuan turned around and smiled.


Su Xiaomeng nodded subconsciously...

"Then that's it!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he threw down the words and entered the room.

Su Xiaomeng looked at Ye Xuan's departing back, then at the dishes on the table that hadn't been eaten at all. She clenched her teeth and obediently cleaned up the mess …

In her heart, however, her impression of Ye Xuan quietly changed.

Not only could this bastard fight, he could even show his domineering side occasionally. He could even cook such delicious dishes. Was it really as unbearable as the legends said?

Unknowingly, Su Xiaomeng became slightly more interested in Ye Xuan ….

Ye Xuan's meal was a success. At the very least, it caught Su Xiaomeng's interest!

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